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For Coaches

Go to Registraion Page and download 

1) OFSAA Rules of Behaviour

2) OFSAA Badminton Eligibility Form

3) OFSAA Badminton Practice Eligibility Form

4) Supervision Form if necessary

Have all forms signed by the principal and appropriate parties

Please bring three separate cheques

- one payable to FJ Brennan for the entry fee of $25 per participant

- one payable to FJ Brennan for $30 per person attending the banquet

- one payable for $3 per participant payable to OFSAA

Please book your hotel as early as possible.  Some associations book their hotels and then allot them to the participants that qualify.

Registration will be accepted on May 2nd between 6:00 and 7:30 at Holiday Inn Huron Church

Coaches' meeting will follow at 8:00 also at the Holiday Inn Huron Church in the downtstairs ballroom