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1, AELS registration submitted online - May 31 at 11:59pm is the registration deadline - Get the password for registration from your Athletic Director.

2. AELS registration eligibility list must be pronted, and signed by the head coach, principal and association representative and brought to Championship.

3 Hotel is booked - Residence & Conference Centre - 32 Commencement Drive, Oshawa, ON  L1G 8G3

4. Rules of Behaviour form has been signed by all players, managers, supervisors and coaching staff.

5 Cheques are drawn up for:  1. Entry fee of $475 made out to Sinclair Secondary

                                           2. Banquet fee of $30 per person made out to Sinclair Secondary

                                           3. OFSAA participation fee of $3 per athlete made out to OFSAA

6. Record time, date and location, and arrange to be present at the coaches' meeting. (This event is manditory)

7. Have ready and for onsite registration an emergency contact name and cell phone number that can be used to contact you during the championship.  This information must also be emailled to championship convenor at the following address: geoffwhent13@rogers.comThis must be done by May 31 at 11:59pm.

8. Record time, date and location, and arrange to be present at the banquet(This event is manditory)

9. Our banquet meal will meet all dietary restrictions with the exception of vegan.  Please email by May 31st at 11:59pm with SCHOOL NAME, NUMBERS ATTENDING THE BANQUET and any PARTICIPANT NAME for any vegitarian requests.

10. Check that all players have appropriate clothing for banquet.  It is a semi-formal event.  No jeans.

11. Make sure all players have their required uniform.

12. Make sure all clothing, bags or accessories with club, provincial or national logos on it are left at home.  Our committee will check.

13. Make sure that AELS registration does not exceed participation limits set out in playing regulations.