Results Day 1

Monday May 29, 2017

Day 1: Pool Play


Kiwanis Field

Mohawk Park

9:00 am

Holy Cross vs Osgoode Township (W - Holy Cross)

Holy Trinity (Courtice) vs Franco Cite (W - Holy Trinity)

10:30 am

McKinnon Park vs Lakeshore C.I. (W - McKinnon Park)

Abbey Park vs St Mary’s (W - St. Mary's)


Paul Dwyer vs Osgoode Township (W - Paul Dwyer)

Crestwood vs Franco Cite (W - Crestwood)

1:30 pm

Abbey Park vs Lakeshore C.I. (W - Abbey Park)

McKinnon Park vs St Mary’s (W - MccKinnon Park)

3:00 pm

Holy Trinity (Courtice) vs Crestwood (W - Holy Trinity)

Holy Cross vs Paul Dwyer (W - Paul Dwyer)

Pool A will have the top two teams in the pool move through to the semi-final. A1 & A2 will not play one another in pool play. The top team in Pool A after the first day will play the top team from Pool C. The second highest team remaining in Pool A will place the top team in Pool B. Everyone will play the teams in their own pool once except A1 & A2. The top teams from each pool including 2 from Pool A will move into the semi-final bracket on day 2. If A1 (McKinnon Park) and A2 (Abbey Park) both finish with the same record after pool play, McKinnon Park will maintain the A1 position and play the top seed in Pool C and Abbey Park will maintain A2 and play the top seed in Pool B.

All pool play games will follow the following format:

  • 4 x 15 minute quarters with the last two minutes of the 4th quarter being stop time. 2 minutes of rest between 1st and 2nd quarters, 10 minutes of rest at half and 3 minutes of rest between the 3rd and 4th quarters.
  • Stopped time in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.
  • 2 x 1 minute timeouts per half
  • Overtime is successive 4 minute, sudden death periods with no rest until a winner is determined.