OFSAA BOYS' AAA Rugby 2017


June 1-3, 2017, Ottawa

Carrie Bowie, St. Patrick's High School & Rick Mellor, NCSSAA (Co-Convenors)

613-733-0501 (St. Patrick's High School)


Entry Deadline: May 27, 2017


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ATTENTION ALL COACHES: (the following applies for the 2017 Championship)  please read carefully and if you have questions contact OFSAA.
OFSAA Boys' Rugby playing regulations, section 7 (iii):
 "meet the following age requirement: the individual's birth certificate indicates that he has not reached his 19th birthday by January 1st prior to the start of the school year and is a minimum of 16 years of age on the starting date of the championship in which the competition is held".
OFSAA By-Law 5 - Eligibility for Competition, Section 3 (c):
 "OFSAA Championships or Festivals for team sports shall only involve teams which have used OFSAA-eligible student-athletes in all competition during the school year. OFSAA-eligible means the student meets all eligibility requirements as defined in the OFSAA playing regulations and the OFSAA by-laws. Any team using an ineligible student-athlete(s) in any competition during the school year forfeits the right to participate in the OFSAA Championship or Festival. "
If a senior team competes with a 15 year old student-athlete who is not eligible to participate at the OFSAA championship, that team forfeits the right to qualify for OFSAA.

Participant Feedback Survey

Please complete at the conclusion of the Championship. OFSAA values your feedback!

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