We have reserved 3 hotels in the Waterloo Region for your team to choose from.

All reservations are good up to Sunday November 19th.


Host Hotel

Courtyard Marriott St. Jacobs (40 rooms are in reserve for this event. Using the online link will allow you to book three rooms. Making multiple bookings will still book rooms together.)


Other Participating Hotels

Best Western Plus Waterloo (40 rooms in reserve for this event)

  • The reservation is held to the 19th not 17th as stated in the linked PDF. The toll-free number on the attached PDF is incorrect. Corrected phone number: 1-866-222-4175.

Holiday Inn Kitchener (100 rooms in reserve for this event)

  • Call:Jessica Earp 
    Sales Coordinator 
    Holiday Inn Kitchener 
    We have a block set up for 100 traditional rooms. >> 90 are 2 doubles, and 10 are single Kings, and can have a pull-out couch in if required.
    -Rate-$139.99 per night plus taxes.
    -Breakfast is included in rates.