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Championship Registration -

Online AELS Registration Due October 27th, 2018. 11:59pm.


Online Registration: AELS

Entry Deadline:

The OFSAA Athletic Eligibility List System (AELS) will also allow schools who have qualified for an OFSAA team championship to easily register their team online. In order to register for the championship, your school must have previously logged on to the AELS system.

Please ensure you have the following information available to complete your online registration:

  • School and team name
  • Coach name(s)
  • Uniform jersey colour(s)
  • Player names, jersey number (both jersey colours), position, birth date, year of entry to grade 9, transfer information (if applicable)
  • Media contact(s)
  • Seeding information
  • Season game results

Each school has been given their own unique login. Please check with your program leader or athletic director, or call the OFSAA office, for your password. Please see below for further information. For more assistance with the AELS program, please contact the OFSAA office at any time: 416-426-7391.

Before you can register for an OFSAA championship, you must create an eligibility list. If your team already has an eligibility list in AELS, skip to Step 4.

Create a team eligibility list - To log in click here (or go to and click on "AELS Login"

  • Use your user name and password to access school site.

Creating a Team in AELS (Schools with their team in AELS please see “Registering for OFSAA” below)

1)  If your coaches are not already registered in the system, click the ADD COACH button, complete the information and click SAVE.  You will need to do this for all of your team’s coaches

2)  If your students are not already registered in the system, click the ADD STUDENT* button, complete the required information and click SAVE.  This will need to be done for any students not already in the system.

*If the student has transferred to your school, you may need to use the TRANSFER STUDENT button. 

3) Click the ADD TEAM button, once you complete the team information, click SAVE.  The next page will allow you to add coaches to the team.  Simply start typing the name of the coach, wait for their name to appear and click on the name. Once all coaches are entered click SAVE. The next page will allow you to add students to your team.  Simply start typing the name of the student, wait for their name to appear, and click on the name.  Once all names are entered, click the SAVE button.  We also recommend you saving after every 10 students.

Editing Your Team

- If you need to add, delete, or modify coach or athlete information once the team has been created.  Click on the TEAMS link and click on the name of the team you would like to edit.

Registering for OFSAA

4) Click on the REGISTER FOR OFSAA button.  From here you will select the event you are registering for, team attending, and complete all the other required fields and click the SAVE button.

5) You will now have a summary of your registration.  If all the information is correct, you can choose to SUBMIT REGISTRATION TO CONVENOR or if you would like to submit at a later time, you can return to your schools homepage by clicking the HOME button at the top of the page.

6)  On the HOME page, by clicking on the REGISTRATIONS link, you can view the status of your schools registrations. Click on the name of the event if you would like to view your registration or to submit or print it.  Click on the EDIT button next to the event name if you would like to edit your registration before submitting.


Hard-Copy Registration

The following hard-copy forms MUST be submitted at registration. Teams that fail to submit these forms will not be permitted to play until the forms have been received.

* OFSAA photo policy now within Rules of Behaviour

    Please bring a hard copy of all registration documents (see below) as well as three (3) separate cheques (team entry fee, banquet fee, OFSAA participation fee).


    Championship Fees Amount Cheque Made Payable To:
    Entry Fee (Per Team) $ 425  Nelson High School
    Banquet Fee (Per Individual) Max 25 people/team (includes coaches) $ 30  Nelson High School
    OFSAA Participant Fee (Per Student-Athlete) $3/athlete  OFSAA

    Other Forms