Competition Schedules

Competition Schedules

Click here for the game schedule. Please note there are two tabs: one with the schedule in bracket format and one in a chart format. Both will be updated throughout the championship.
All Games with be played at either St Francis Secondary School or Streetsville Secondary School.





OFSAA Championships do provide university and college coaches with an excellent opportunity to see the top high school athletes across the province in action. Many student-athletes participating in these events are indeed interested in pursuing their sport at an institute of higher learning and welcome information about programs at these different schools. To accommodate the needs of both coaches and athletes with the least disturbance to the convenor and the Championship, OFSAA has the following guidelines with which it is hoped all college and university coaches will comply.


1. Please register with the OFSAA Championship convenor upon arrival.

2. You are expected to pay at the gate just as any other spectator.

3. Discuss specific competitors with their teacher-coaches and only with their permission should you talk to the student-athlete. Please do not approach student-athletes directly until after their involvement in all Championship competition is complete, and only with permission of the teacher-coach. (Student-athletes interested in talking to university/college coaches should also make arrangements through their teacher-coaches.)

Breaches of the above mentioned guidelines would be reported to both the affiliated Athletic Association and Institution.

OFSAA Championships are high school events, run by high school personnel for the benefit of high school student-athletes. The culmination of the athletic season places sufficient stress on the student-athlete to perform. Any additional pressure on a student-athlete created by promises of future athletic opportunities in higher education could prove detrimental to the athlete’s performance.

All colleges and universities receive copies of our OFSAA Bulletin (September, January and June) which outline details of the upcoming Championships and OFSAA – approved invitational events. Should you wish further details on any event, contact the convenor. At all Championships, a coaches’ room is set up and this area will hopefully provide an informal setting for you to talk to high school coaches.

These guidelines have been drawn up for all university and college coaches and it is hoped that you and the high school coaches can work together to provide the best opportunities for the future for our student-athletes.