Coaches Meeting

Coaches Meeting

Mandatory Coaches Meeting:  Tuesday, October 10th at 5:15pm at North Bay Golf and Country Club dining room (see directions page)

New 2-day Format

Please note that there will be a new format (see below) for the Girls' Golf Festival for 2017. 

(a) The Festival will operate as a two-day competition over thirty-six (36) holes.

(b) On day 1 all competitors will play as one division over 18 holes with a shot-gun start on day 1. On day 2, the field will be split up into two flights and will play eighteen (18) holes with a shot-gun start. All Student-athletes in the field will contribute to the total association score, no matter which flight they end up in.

(c) Flight A will constitute the top 50% - including ties – of the field. Flight B will constitute the remaining student-athletes in the field.

(d) Where possible, no one from the same school shall be paired together in a foursome.

Uniform Policy

Competitors must dress in appropriate golf attire as follows:

  1. Golf shirts must have collars. Mock neck, V-neck, turtleneck and sleeveless are permitted. Tops may be worn tucked in or untucked, but no midriff or cleavage can be shown. Tank tops and halter tops are not permitted.

  2. Golfers are permitted to wear pants, capris, golf dresses, skorts, or shorts. The hem of shorts or skorts must extend below the golfer’s fingertips when the person’s arm is straight at their side in standing position. No denim, rugger/cargo pants (external packets or cut-offs are allowed.

  3. Shoes with metal or traditionally designed spikes are not permitted.

  4. If the host club has additional rules for dress code, they will be communicated in the coach’s package.

  5. Golfers not dressed in appropriate attire at the start of the Festival will not be allowed to play.