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For Coaches

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OFSAA regulations state that music for routines must be provided on CD. However, we recognize that this is becoming increasingly difficult.

We will continue to accept floor music on CD as well as submitted as a digital file PROVIDED it is in the following format:

  • music MUST be an mp3 file
  • files MUST be provided on a USB key
  • each file MUST be named as the athlete's name and school (i.e. HeatherScott_Centennial.mp3)
  • USB key MUST be submitted to the music table in a clearly-labelled Ziploc bag (labelled with school, association)

You MAY choose to put all athletes PER LEVEL PER SCHOOL on the same USB key (i.e. if you have three girls competing level 2 floor, all three of their files may go on the same USB key). Please remember to label the files as per rules above.

Submitting music in the above format is done so at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for being unable to play incompatible files.