June 7-9, 2018 Pain Court

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 2, 2018

Please note the following from the playing regulations regarding uniforms:

(i)  All players shall wear identical socks and shirts.  Shorts must be of the same colour and style. Any discrepancy will be ruled on by the members of the Protest Committee      

(ii) Teams must provide a second set of uniforms or a set of legally numbered markers of a different colour in case two (2) opposing teams have uniforms of a similar colour. A coin toss shall decide which team changes.    

(iii)  All competitors must wear shin guards.  Any competitor who does not have shin guards will not be permitted to play.    

(iv)  Any braces or casts will follow the CSA cast policy and all casts/braces should be approved by the Head Referee at the coaches’ meeting. However, decisions on the eligibility of casts/braces will be at the discretion of the on field referee.


Mike Schinkelshoek, ESC Pain Court, 519-352-1614



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