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Ophea Concussion Guidelines

Wednesday, June, 5, 2013

Ophea is pleased to release new and revised concussion protocol appendices based on the most recent research and the guidelines outlined in the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport, Zurich, November 2012. These new and revised concussion appendices replace the September 2012 concussion appendices in each of the 6 modules, and are effective immediately.

Developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the
ThinkFirst Concussion Education and Awareness Committee and the Recognition and Awareness Working Group of the mTBI/Concussion Strategy there are now 4 concussion appendices:

Concussion Management Procedures: Return to Learn and Return to Physical Activity

Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion

Documentation of Medical Examination

Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion – Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan

For more information, and to access the concussion appendices, please visit: http://safety.ophea.net/release-of-new-and-revised-concussion-protocols <http://safety.ophea.net/release-of-new-and-revised-concussion-protocols