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Coaching Students with a Disability

Thursday, August, 13, 2015

OFSAA has been working to incorporate divisions for PARA athletes into Swimming, Track & Field and Nordic Skiing championships with opportunities for even more student-athletes to participate in school sport at the highest level.

For coaches across Ontario this means working with a wide range of ability, and thankfully coaching resources are available to help. Below is a link to the full PDF document as well as a Top 10 tips summary of some of the methods and FAQs.

From Coach.ca

Coaching Athletes with a Disability is a manual designed to provide grassroots coaches who have never worked with athletes with a disability with basic information, guidelines, and tips that will assist in creating conditions for effective participation and inclusion. Check out the #CoachTop10 highlights of this great resource.

10. Athletes with a disability often travel with additional equipment, which can include tapper sticks and guide dogs for the visually impaired, wheelchairs for quadriplegics and paraplegics, and additional prosthetics for amputees. In airports, for example, a wheelchair repair kit may not be popular with security officials these days.

9. When interacting with persons with intellectual impairment, treat individuals as such. Address the person directly, not his or her assistant or guardian. Ask questions that can be answered by YES or NO. Give clear and simple information, and repeat as necessary. Be patient.

8. Coaches who encounter overprotective parents may communicate that their child has the same rights as anybody else to participate in sport and enjoy its challenges and risks. Once the child is on the playing field, the goal is for the parents to discover the values of sport in social development — the increased discipline, teamwork, self-esteem, social interaction, and social responsibility of the child.

7. “You’re not there to be a nurse or a helper,” says Peter Eriksson, the first Canadian wheelchair athletics coach to reach Level 4 certification in the National Coaching Certification Program in track and field. “It’s important to do what you would with any other athlete at first.”

6. Sit down when talking to a person in a wheelchair. It can give the impression of an air of superiority if you are standing while in conversation with a person in a wheelchair.

5. Whether adaptation occurs on a recreational or a competitive level, a key principle to keep in mind is to adapt only if necessary. Needless to say, it must always be the sport or the activity that is adapted, not the person with a disability.

4. “It must be athlete and sport first,” says Patrick Jarvis, former president of the Canadian Paralympic Committee. “For example, the mindset should be that this person is a sprinter who happens to be an amputee.”

3. Find out more about the disability. Coaches should aim to develop a reasonably good understanding of the disability or disabilities of the athletes that they coach. This information should include specific safety considerations.

2. Rather than speculating about the athlete’s sport capabilities, coaches should engage in a frank dialogue with the athlete.

1. "Look at coaching athletes with a disability as an opportunity for you as a coach to enhance your coaching abilities and knowledge of your sport,” says Chris Bourne.

Click here to access the Coaching Athletes with a Disability manual.

Donna Howard welcomed as OFSAA Executive Director

Monday, July, 13, 2015

OFSAA is pleased to welcome Donna Howard to the Executive Director position, bringing Ontario’s school sport landscape a wealth of experience in physical education, public health, and advocacy for youth activity. 

Donna will begin her position with OFSAA August 10, 2015 replacing former Executive Director Doug Gellatly.

“I am thrilled to be joining OFSAA and being part of a dedicated group of people focused on enhancing school sport across the Province,” Donna said. “Athletic competition is an integral part of the high school experience and the personal development of our future leaders.”

Her career in physical education began in Perth, Australia before moving to Toronto in 1996. She conducted research for the Ministry of Health and later for the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) as a project coordinator. She’s worked as senior coordinator and policy advisor with the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport. Before working with the Provincial Government, she worked in Planning and Policy at Toronto Public Health for 10 years, as a Physical Activity Consultant.

Donna is Co-chair of the Ontario Society of Physical Activity Promoters in Public Health where she advocates for physical activity as a public health priority in Ontario through education, engagement, advocacy, and partnerships.

For more information please contact:

Devin Gray          
OFSAA Communications Coordinator          
Phone: 416-426-7437          
Email: devin@ofsaa.on.ca

OFSAA Football Bowl 2015 Matchups

Thursday, June, 25, 2015

A draw today made at the OFSAA office determined the matchups for the 2015 OFSAA Football Bowl series.

The OFSAA Football Bowl Games series has decided on a new Festival format. For the next two years (2015 & 2016) the following nine games will be played, with one of two associations drawn to compete in 2015, and the other automatically competing in that bowl game in 2016. The remaining nine associations will be drawn to determine their pairing.

Bowl Games
Western Bowl – SWOSSAA/ WOSSAA
Golden Horseshoe Bowl – GHAC/ SOSSA
Metro Bowl – TDCAA/ TDSSAA
Central Bowl – CWOSSA/ ROPSSAA
Simcoe Bowl – GBSSA/ YRAA
National Capital Bowl – NCSSAA/ EOSSAA
Northern Bowl – NOSSA/ NWOSSAA
Eastern Bowl – LOSSA/ COSSA
Independent Bowl – CISAA/ 2nd Entry

so for 2015 the matchups ARE...

Western Bowl – WOSSAA vs TDCAA
Golden Horseshoe Bowl – GHAC vs NCSSAA
Metro Bowl – TDSSAA vs CWOSSA
Central Bowl – ROPSSAA vs COSSA
Simcoe Bowl – YRAA vs NOSSA
National Capital Bowl – EOSSAA vs SWOSSAA
Northern Bowl – NWOSSAA vs SOSSA
Eastern Bowl – LOSSA vs GBSSA
Independent Bowl – CISAA vs GHAC2 or SOSSA2

Timmins Sports Heritage Hall of Fame

Thursday, June, 25, 2015

The long-awaited Timmins Sports Heritage Hall of Fame opened recently with 60 honorees entering the Hall.

A full list of those inducted is available HERE

As part of the special exhibit, Timmins is honouring those local high school teams who have won OFSAA medals.

Gold - 57

Silver - 66

Bronze - 49

Antique Bronze - 20

TOTAL - 192

OFSAA provided one gold, silver, bronze, and antique bronze medal to the Hall for the display.

Congrats to all Timmins-area teams represented on this wall and to the many more medals to come!

Hydration Myths

Thursday, June, 25, 2015

Don't stay thirsty my friends!

Now that the summer is hot and here, please make sure when you're exercising you drink enough water to keep hydrated. Water does account for about 60% of your body weight after all.

The golden rule is supposed to be eight cups of water per day, but is that right?

Here's a couple mythbusting facts from MapMyFitness about hydration:

Myth One: You Need To Drink Eight Cups A Day

This most well-known but laughably arbitrary rule of thumb has been hammered into us since who knows when. In fact, Dartmouth physician Professor Heinz Valtin went as far as to pen a paper published by the American Physiological Society on the lack of scientific evidence behind the popular axiom.

The truth is, your actual needs can be more than 8 glasses, or less than 8 glasses. There’s no magic number, and the amount changes every day, depending on your size, weight, ambient temperature, daily activities, and, more significantly, your food.

So how do you know how much water you should drink? Before all this science, people relied on a pretty fine-tuned, reliable mechanism to make sure they were getting enough water. It’s called thirst, and you may have heard of it. Drink enough to satisfy your thirst, and that’s good enough.

Myth Two: If You’re Thirsty, You’re Already Dehydrated

Strictly speaking, it’s true. Thirst is normally triggered by a decrease in your body’s water content. But it’s not as dire as it’s usually made out to seem.

Normal levels of thirst usually come about with a 2-4% reduction in body water. As long as you don’t have kidney problems, this is generally tolerable, and acts as a perfectly sound guide to let you know when you need a glass of H2O.

Dehydration becomes a problem when you exceed an 5-8% reduction in body water. By this stage, however, you would be experiencing dizziness and fatigue–far more severe than a slightly dry mouth.

The thirst principle also applies to when you’re exercising. But if you notice that you forget to hydrate or finish parched, take heed of the American Council on Exercise’s guidelines: about 7-10 oz (about a glass) for every 10 to 20 minutes of heavy activity should be enough.

Myth Three: Sports Drinks Are the Best Option After Exercise

This depends. Sports drinks are full of electrolytes (salt ions) that help your body replace those lost from sweat. These electrolytes are important: they’re crucial for nerve functioning, and help to maintain blood pH levels, among other things. But Gatorade? Less important. Good marketing may try convince you otherwise, but such drinks are really only necessary if you’ve been exercising hard for a long time, like long distance running, or hours of hiking in the hot sun.

No matter how hard you killed your leg workout, you’re probably better off sticking to plain water.

Myth Four: Water Flushes Out Toxins From Your Body

Not really. There’s a popular misconception that drinking copious amounts of water will help magically cleanse your innards.

Drinking adequate amounts of water ensures your body’s metabolism works correctly, part of which is the natural detoxification process your liver and kidneys conduct. But they work fine as long as they’re getting enough H2O. Any additional water intake isn’t going to help. In fact, drinking too much water can actually prevent your body’s detoxification process. It reduces the concentration of salt in your blood, which can damage your kidneys and liver and prevent their normal functioning.

OFSAA Track & Field Records 2015

Thursday, June, 25, 2015

OFSAA Track and Field took place in Toronto June 4th to 6th at the University of Toronto's Varsity Stadium with numerous OFSAA records falling.

* If you're looking for photos please visit - First N' Goal Productions

For full results from OFSAA Track & Field 2015 please click HERE


The following OFSAA records were broken during the meet:

Midget Girls 100m

New Record - Alyssa Marsh, Notre Dame CSS - 12.00s

Former Record - Cassandra Pascal, St. Marcellinus SS - 12.20s (2008)

Junior Boys 400m

New Record - Nathan Friginette, St. John Paul II - 48.46s

Former Record - Brandon McBride, W.F. Herman SS - 48.58s (2010)

Midget Boys 3000m

New Record - Thomas Witkowicz, All Saints CSS - 8:47.94

Former Record - Mike Woods, Hillcrest SS - 8:53.09 (2002)

Junior Girls Discus

New Record - Grace Tennant, South Lincoln HS - 45.12m

Former Record - Sarah Moss, Notre Dame College - 41.42m (2010)

Midget Girls Discus

New Record - Trinity Tutti, Eastdale SS - 43.40m

Former Record - Liz Polyak, North Park CVS - 40.78 (1979)

Midget Girls Shot Put

New Record - Trinity Tutti, Eastdale SS - 15.92m

Former Record - Grace Tennant, South Lincoln HS - 12.10m (2014)

Midget Girls Javelin

New Record - Trinity Tutti, Eastdale SS - 41.52m

Former Record - Meredith Popp, Holy Names HS - 41.24m (1995)

Midget Boys 100m Hurdles

New Record - Liam Mather, London Central - 13.41s

Former Record - Gabriel Tesfaye, Oakridge SS - 13.50s (2007)

Junior Girls 80m Hurdles

New Record - Keira Christie-Gallaway, St Matthew - 11.24s

Former Record - Chanice Taylor-Chase, Notre Dame CSS - 11.44s (2009)

Girls 1500m Steeplechase

New Record - Charlotte Prouse, London Central - 4:53.15

Former Record - Renee Maisonneuve, ESC Theriault - 4:57.06 (2013)


Girls 100m Visually Impaired

New Record - Larissa Brown, St Mark CHS - 14.01s

Former Record - Larissa Brown, St Mark CHS - 14.20s (2014)

Boys 100m Visually Impaired

New Record - Dylan Hermans, Bear Creek SS - 12.24s

Former Record - Nick Neri, Cardinal Leger - 13.52s (2014)

Boys 800m Visually Impaired

New Record - Nicholas Neri, Cardinal Leger - 2:13.89

Former Record - Nicholas Neri, Cardinal Leger - 2:17.00

Girls 100m Ambulatory

New Record - Madison Wilson-Walker, Lord Dorchester - 14.61s

Former Record - Alicia Tustin, Fellowes HS - 14.93s (2012)

Boys 800m Ambulatory

New Record - Hudson Booth, Almaguin Highlan - 2:43.89

Former Record - Dylan Eisnor, North Lambton SS - 2:57.08 (2013)

Girls 100m Intellectually Impaired

New Record - Kyla Rodrigue, Woodstock CI - 14.39s

Former Record - Alicia Tustin, Fellowes HS - 14.65s (2013)

Boys 100m Intellectually Impaired

New Record - Robert Nipitone, Huron Heights SS - 11.04s

Former Record - Peter Snider, Waterloo CI - 11.98s (2013)

Girls 200m Wheelchair

New Record - Jessica Tinney, Greenwood College - 1:04.18

Former Record - Jeannie Rochon, ESC L'Horizon - 1:17.82 (2013)

Girls 400m Wheelchair

New Record - Jessica Tinney, Greenwood College - 2:12.34

Former Record - Jeannie Rochon, ESC L'Horizon - 2:19.33 (2013)

Boys 200m Wheelchair

New Record - Dylan Ritter, Marshall McLuhan - 33.66s 

Former Record - Dylan Ritter, Marshall McLuhan - 49.16 (2014)

Boys 400m Wheelchair

New Record - Dylan Ritter, Marshall McLuhan - 1:11.09

Former Record - Dylan Ritter, Marshall McLuhan - 1:27.99 (2013)

Soccer Results 2015

Wednesday, June, 24, 2015

OFSAA Soccer Championships 2015


OFSAA Boys' A Soccer

June 4-6, North Bay

Gold - Holy Cross HS, WOSSAA (W 6-1)

Silver - Guido de Bres CHS, SOSSA

Bronze - Port Hope HS, COSSA (W 2-1)

Antique Bronze - Heritage Christian, SOSSA

Full results available HERE


OFSAA Boys' AA Soccer

June 4-6, North Bay

Gold - Holy Trinity HS, GBSSA (W 1-0)

Silver - Holy Cross CSS, SOSSA

Bronze - Ingersoll DCI, WOSSAA (W 1-0 OT)

Antique Bronze - Hon. WC Kennedy SS, SWOSSAA

Full results available HERE


OFSAA Boys' AAA Soccer

June 4-6, Windsor

Gold - St. Joseph, SWOSSAA (W 1-0)

Silver - Bishop Morrocco/ T. Merton, TDCAA

Bronze - St. Martin, ROPSSAA (W 2-1)

Antique Bronze - Holy Cross, EOSSAA

Full results available HERE


Boys' AAAA Soccer

June 4-6, Richmond Hill

Gold - St. Edmund Campion SS, ROPSSAA (W 6-1)

Silver - St. Mary CSS, LOSSA

Bronze - Cardinal Newman CSS, GHAC (W 3-1)

Antique Bronze - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, ROPSSAA

Full results available HERE



OFSAA Girls' A Soccer

June 4-6, Windsor

Gold - Glengarry DHS, EOSSAA (W 2-1)

Silver - ES Jean Vanier, SOSSA

Bronze - Toronto District Christian HS, YRAA (W 2-0)

Antique Bronze - University of Toronto Schools, TDCAA

Full results available HERE


OFSAA Girls' AA Soccer

June 4-6, Windsor

Gold - Louis Riel, NCSSAA (W 2-1 PK)

Silver - Bishop Macdonnell, CWOSSA

Bronze - Bayside, COSSA (W 3-1)

Antique Bronze - St. Michael CHS, EOSSAA 

Full results available HERE


OFSAA Girls' AAA Soccer

June 4-6, Windsor

Gold - Notre Dame, GHAC (W 1-0 PK)

Silver - Humberside, TDSSAA

Bronze - Fr. Leo Austin, LOSSA (W 2-0)

Antique Bronze - St. John's College, CWOSSA

Full results available HERE


OFSAA Girls' AAAA Soccer

June 4-6, Mississauga

Gold - St. Marcellinus, ROPSSAA (W 1-0)

Silver - Bill Crothers SS, YRAA

Bronze - Cardinal Newman, GHAC (W 1-0 OT)

Antique Bronze - St. Edmund Campion, ROPSSAA

Full results available HERE


Congratulations to ALL teams who made it to OFSAA this year!

2015 ParticipACTION Report Card

Tuesday, June, 16, 2015

Details on the current state of physical activity for children and youth in Canada were released in the 2015 ParticipACTION Report Card .

The Grade? A "D-" on overall physical activity levels.

For the first time, the 2015 Report Card includes a position statement on active outdoor play, including the risks, and says the biggest risk is staying indoors.

A tip sheet and fact sheet are available here on the ParticipACTION website.

To download the infographic seen below please click here.

Active Healthy Kids Canada developed the first Report Card in 2005 with the goal to power the movement to get kids moving. Over the last 10 years, more than 80,000 individuals and organizations have used the Report Card to advocate for and devise solutions to enhance physical activity opportunities for children and youth. In 2014, Active Healthy Kids Canada began winding down its operations and the leadership of the Report Card was assumed by ParticipACTION.

OFSAA Baseball Results 2015

Tuesday, June, 9, 2015

OFSAA Baseball 2015

FINALS - London, ON. Wednesday, June 10th

Follow @OFSAABaseball on Twitter

Visit OFSAA Baseball website

Gold - Notre Dame, GHAC (W 4-2)

Silver - St. Anne's, SWOSSAA

Bronze - Bishop Allen, TDCAA (W 6-3)

Antique Bronze - St. Michael's, CISAA


East Teams Advancing to OFSAA Semis

Bishop Allen (TDCAA)

St. Mike's (CISAA)


West Teams Advencing to OFSAA Semis

Notre Dame (GHAC)

St. Anne's (SWOSSAA)


Semi Final 1 @10am - St.Michael's (CISAA) at Notre Dame (GHAC)

Semi Final 2 @10am - St. Anne's (SWOSSAA) at Bishop Allen (TDCAA)

Bronze Medal @1pm at Labatt Park, 25 Wilson Ave

Gold Medal @3pm at Labatt Park, 25 Wilson Ave

Rugby Results 2015

Monday, June, 8, 2015

OFSAA Girls' A/AA Rugby Championship

June 1-3, Brampton/ Mississauga

Gold - Trenton HS, COSSA (W 22-0)

Silver - Barrie Central, GBSSA

Bronze - Ashbury College, NCSSAA (W 25-7)

Antique Bronze - La Salle SS, EOSSAA

Full pool pay and playoff results available HERE


OFSAA Girls' AAA/AAAA Rugby Championship

June 1-3, Mississauga/ Brampton

Gold - Oakville Trafalgar HS, GHAC (W 22-17)

Silver - St. Peter's HS, NCSSAA

Bronze - John F. Ross, CWOSSA (W 22-7)

Antique Bronze - Arnprior HS, EOSSAA

Full pool pay and playoff results available HERE


OFSAA Boys' A/AA Rugby Championship

June 3-5, Barrie

Gold - Barrie Central, GBSSA (W 27-23)

Silver - Trenton HS, COSSA

Bronze - Ashbury College, NCSSAA (W 25-22)

Antique Bronze - JM Denison SS, YRAA

Full pool play and playoff results available HERE


OFSAA Boys' AAA/AAAA Rugby Championship

June 4-6, Hamilton

Gold - Saltfleet DHS, SOSSA (W 32-8)

Silver - Malvern CI, TDSSAA

Bronze - Brantford CI & VS, CWOSSA (W 10-7)

Antique Bronze - Medway HS, WOSSAA

Full pool play and playoff results available HERE


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