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Josten's Sponsors Character Athlete Award

Thursday, November, 5, 2015

In partnership with OFSAA's official ring provider Josten's, OFSAA is happy to announce our Character Athlete Award is now offering financial support of $1000 to deserving student-athletes who display OFSAA's characteristics of leadership, commitment, respect, equity, growth and development.

OFSAA has awarded one girl and one boy twice per year since 2013 to recognize student-athletes with exceptional character in their school and their community. The award will now be offered once per year to one boy and one girl with nominations due to the OFSAA office by Monday, May 2nd.

Character Athlete Award Nomination

The Character Athletes will be profiled in our Bulletin magazine, on our website, and in our Enewsletter. They will also receive a $1000 scholarship from Josten's, and a plaque from OFSAA commemorating this accomplishment.

View All OFSAA Awards

High School Smash - Badminton Contest Winners

Tuesday, November, 3, 2015

OFSAA and our official Badminton partners Yonex have teamed up for the second year to present the High School Smash program to get more students involved in a school sport they could end up playing the rest of their lives. 

Applicants were asked to submit a plan for an intramural badminton program in their school that would be sustainable, use student leaders, involve students who were new to badminton, and students of all grade levels. 

After applications were sorted the successful applicants were entered in a random draw with the following four schools winning:

  • Sir John A. Macdonald (Hamilton)
  • Great Lakes Christian HS (Beamsville)
  • École secondaire catholique Nouvelle-Alliance (Barrie)
  • Rainy River HS (Rainy River)

Congratulations to the schools that were selected for the prize and we at OFSAA and Yonex look forward to seeing the results of your badminton programming!

Each school has won:

  • 16 Yonex Nanospeed (or equivalent) racquets
  • 5 dozen (60) Mavis 350 shuttles
  • A badminton instructional DVD
  • Potential for your school to host a showcase match between National Team members (dependent on availability of athletes)

The High School Smash contest will run again next fall with applications and further information available HERE

OFSAA Golf Results

Thursday, October, 29, 2015

OFSAA Boys' Golf Championship

October 14-15, Windsor


Sam Meek wins OFSAA Gold with birdie on fourth playoff hole



OFSAA Girls' Golf Festival

October 15, Windsor


Association Player School Score
WOSSAA  Isabella Potokalis Oakridge 72
WOSSAA  Haley Barclay Strathroy 75
YRAA    Elice Hong St. Elizabeth 76
SWOSSAA   Megan Schauer Sandwich 76
ROPSSAA  Delana Basanisi St. Marcellinus 76
SWOSSAA   H. Katona Tilbury District 76
NCSSAA   Julia Malone Ashbury 78
EOSSAA Abby Anghelescu Regiopolis 78
SWOSSAA   Brooke. Mackinnon Chatham Kent 79
SOSSA  Sukriti Harjal St. Michaels 79

Try Day funding for your school!

Thursday, October, 29, 2015

Pickleball rackets click and clack, show shoes crunch, tchoukballs spring, kin-balls bounce, rock walls belay on, and yogis pose silently in gyms across Ontario. These are the sounds of Try Day.

This popular and successful program provided by OFSAA and the Ministry of Education, Government of Ontario, has been embraced by schools and teachers across the province in past years and created a legacy of new favourite sports to be played for years to come. It’s a great way to promote athletic leadership in schools and introduce an activity that gets students active in non-traditional ways.

Funding up to $700 will again be provided to 110 publicly-funded secondary schools to introduce a new sport or physical activity. APPLY NOW - the program fills up quickly!!

WHAT are the Criteria to qualifying for funding?

  • The Try Day activity must introduce a new sport or physical activity to their current physical education program and be offered to students in multiple grade levels 
  • Priority will be given to new applicants to the Try Day program, rural and small schools, and schools conducting sustainable programs.
  • Schools must include a minimum of 60 participants (30 in schools with a student population under 500) in the Try Day program, and six student leaders in the planning and implementation of the event 
  • Try Day programs must be completed by April 15, 2016


HOW do we apply and receive funding? 

  • All applications must be submitted online http://www.ofsaa.on.ca/programs/try-day.
  • Funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, provided that the request fits the parameters of the program.
  • Your school will receive their acceptance for funding by email if all criteria are in place, and a reporting package will be emailed within 2 weeks of your submission. Posters will follow by mail.
  • To receive reimbursement, schools must submit online the final report, receipts, photos, student evaluations, and any media articles of their Try Day event, no later than April 30th, 2016.



Fill out the Registration Form ONLINE now and submit it to OFSAA



**If you do not receive a reply within 2 weeks of submitting your application, please contact me. 

Diana Ranken, ‘Try Day’ Program Coordinator, diana@ofsaa.on.ca

OFSAA Bulletin Magazine Fall 2015

Friday, October, 16, 2015

OFSAA's Bulletin Magazine hits schools across Ontario three times per year. The Fall 2015 issue is headed to a school near you!

Can't wait for the print edition to reach your school? Download your own copy of the Bulletin by clicking HERE

In this issue;

  • Full 2015-16 schedule of OFSAA Championships
  • Results and photos from OFSAA's Spring 2015 Championships (congrats!)
  • An introduction to Donna Howard, OFSAA's new Executive Director
  • Information on OFSAA's 2016 Women's Sport School Conference
  • Important updates to sport playing regulations, and participant limits for team sports
  • Badminton and Football contests with OFSAA's partners
  • Resources for coaches
  • Awards and scholarship info
  • News, articles, and more!

Host an OFSAA sanctioned Ultimate tournament

Thursday, October, 15, 2015

As you are aware Ultimate has become an increasingly popular sport in Ontario.  In 2015 OFSAA, the Ontario Disc Sports Association (ODSA) and the Ontario Trillium Foundation teamed up to offer an opportunity for students and teachers to participate in Ultimate tournaments across the province. 

Five regions comprised of three Associations hosted OFSAA Sanctioned Ultimate Invitational Tournaments in 2015.  Over 1500 student-athletes and teacher-coaches participated.  The hard work from volunteer teachers proved to be an astounding success and helped build the framework for growth of Ultimate in Ontario Secondary Schools.

The ODSA and OFSAA are pleased to announce continued support for 2016.  Currently we are looking for tournament convenors in your region to host an OFSAA Ultimate sanctioned event this spring.  If your school is interested please contact Shamus Bourdon for more details: shamus@ofsaa.on.ca or 416-426-7440.     

Brian Maxwell Scholarship Expanded

Thursday, October, 8, 2015

Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship award expansion

Since the founding of the Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship in 2007, the number of applicants has increased every year. In response to the success of this award, OFSAA is pleased to announce that the award will be expanded thanks to a very generous donation by Jennifer Maxwell, the widow of the late Brian Maxwell.

This scholarship is awarded to middle-distance runners with impressive OFSAA results, high academic achievement, extra-curricular participation and significant community involvement.

There will now be first, second and third place scholarships awarded to each a male and female annually as follows:

  • First place:   $8,000
  • Second place:  $4,000
  • Third place: $2,000

This expanded program will commence with the 2015 – 2016 school year and allows a greater opportunity for high school middle distance runners to benefit from this prestigious award. In addition to providing funding and recognition to students entering a Canadian post-secondary educational institutions, it is a valuable credential on their resume.

For more information, please refer to Scholarships on the OFSAA website

Coaches Helping Coaches Program

Monday, September, 28, 2015

Coaches Helping Coaches is a funded grassroots mentorship/ recruitment program from the Coaches Association of Ontario where long-time coaches are tasked with sharing their knowledge and experience with young coaches.

How it works:
A coach that is active and trained in the NCCP nominates a new coach to be mentored for one year. The new coach must be 16 years or older and have not already taken NCCP training. The experienced coach takes on the responsibility of mentoring the new coach.

Mentor Coach Benefits:

  • A $250 honorarium for their role as a mentor
  • FREE CAO Blue membership
  • Free admittance to the Ontario Coaches Conference’s Professional Development sessions
  • Professional Development points towards their Maintenance of Certification
New Coach Benefits:
  • $250 towards their coaching education (course fees, travel, coaching expenses, etc.)
  • FREE CAO Blue membership
  • Free admittance to the Ontario Coaches Conference’s Professional Development sessions
  • Guidance from their mentor and CAO

Coaches Week in Ontario

Monday, September, 28, 2015

This September 19th - 27th is your chance to celebrate all the great coaches in Ontario with National Coaches Week in Canada. After nine years of hosting the Ontario Coaches Week, the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) partnered with the 12 other privinces and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to develop National Coaches Week 2015.

Engage coaches by saying thank you when you see them walking in the halls, opening the gym, or out behind the school by the track. You can join the movement by officially thanking them through the CAO website, or by hashtagging #ThanksCoach on social media like Twitter or Instagram.

To kick off the week-long celebrations the CAO hosted the Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards in Toronto, where OFSAA selected Mark Lewis and Darlene Denniss as the two recipients of the School Sport Coach award. Their tribute videos can be watched below! Teacher-coaches Mark Yanchus (Good-to-Great Coach) and Stacey Ditchfield (Trailblazer) were also honoured by the CAO with awards for their contributions to coaching.

In celebration of National Coaches Week in Ontario, CAO has partnered with host communities and sport organizations across the province to deliver a week long campaign, including NCCP Free Days, which aims to recruit, develop, educate and celebrate community volunteer coaches around the province. The CAO will recruit and train more than 200 coaches during the week with the help of our many enthusiastic partners! See all the events here.

The program to recruit Ontario’s Coaching Future this past year was a great success.  The Coaches Helping Coaches Program embodies the CAO’s “Coaches Helping Coaches” philosophy by offering encouragement, support and recognition to coaches in the community that actively mentor and develop the newer coaches.  Find out more about the coaches from the program last year and for details on future program opportunities.

Find all the details of Coaches Week in Ontario and resources for new coaches HERE

Coaching captains to be leaders

Thursday, September, 3, 2015

Story by Stephanie Schleuder, from The Art of Coaching


To be successful, teams must have at least one player who can bring out the best in others, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Coaches play a big role in creating good captains by mentoring them along the way.

Almost every coach I have ever known has lamented over the need for more or better leadership on their team. The mystery is why we think it will magically happen. My experience is that it does not happen without a meaningful and thoughtful investment by the coach. Start at the beginning by evaluating the way you organize the process of selecting your captains. Taking some time to lead a discussion with your team related to leadership will give them a better foundation for having a meaningful part in the process of selecting captains. A quick caution — don’t underestimate the importance of this first step.

Definition of leadership

  • A leader assumes responsibility for the performance of others and the outcome of the quest.

Principles of leadership

  • Leaders should move toward influential acts of encouragement, empowerment, support, facilitation and service, avoiding the desire to direct, control and manipulate.
  • Leaders help the team define the vision, help plan the strategy and give effort to create victories. We are all in this together.
  • Leaders assist in communicating the expectation message, mental preparation, delegation of responsibility, and group and personal ethics (integrity). Learning what the team needs is critical.
  • Leaders strive to create a team environment of shared responsibility and accountability.

Selecting captains

There are myriad ways captains can be selected: nomination by the players, election by players, selection by the coach or a combination of methods.


It seems important to have players input so they will feel an investment in the results. Once the players have a better understanding of leadership, they will likely give more valuable input to the process. I personally believe it is an advantage to have more than one captain. If you have a strong core of returning players, it can be a good thing to select captains in the spring or summer. That gives you time to begin coaching them to be effective leaders.

10 keys to training captains

  1. Your players are inexperienced young adults who have little or no training in communication and public speaking. Don’t expect miracles without engaging captains in extensive training and discussion.
  2. Captains will have natural fears about taking on a role where they are expected to communicate individually with a teammate or with a group of teammates. Let them know this is OK.
  3. One of the first sessions should deal with communication. Be sure to emphasize the importance of listening and observing teammates.
  4. Emphasize the role of the captain as one of honor and responsibility.
  5. Captains should form a “team within a team.” Each captain can have different responsibilities that match their individual personality and leadership skills.
  6. The coach should lead extensive discussion of leadership principles such as communicating the expectation message, mental preparation, delegation of responsibility and group and personal ethics (integrity). All of this leads to the overriding principle that a leader assumes responsibility for the performance of others and the outcome of the quest. Learning what the team needs is critical.
  7. Do not impose coaching responsibilities on the captains. Coaches should retain responsibility for personnel or playing time choices, game strategy and training regimens.
  8. There will always be players who are defiant, resentful, distracted or unmotivated. Coaches may or may not be successful in dealing with these players. Captains have a unique capacity to deal with these individuals on a peer-to-peer basis. The principles of duty to the team and the integrity of the captain’s position are critical to being able to deal with these individuals.
  9. A team is a social organization. It has a complex social structure, a chain of command and a variety of skill sets distributed among its participants. There are mood swings from euphoria to bitter deflation. The captains must understand that they should rally the team in times of despair, creating a culture of resilience. With the ability to be resilient comes growing confidence in the ability to succeed.
  10. Before the season, the coach must determine what the team’s biggest obstacles will be and shape the priorities for the captains. For example, will it be overcoming previous lack of success and lack of confidence, or will it be living up to expectations of previous success?



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