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Executive Director Doug Gellatly Departing OFSAA

Wednesday, May, 13, 2015

The Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) has announced that Doug Gellatly is moving on after more than a decade as Executive Director.

Doug will depart high school and head off to college at the end of the current school year, when he becomes Executive Director of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA).

“I consider it an incredible privilege to have served as OFSAA’s executive director for the past 11 years and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of such an important organization,” said Gellatly. “OFSAA plays a critical role in Ontario’s education system, thanks to the efforts of volunteers throughout the province.  I’d like to thank all of the volunteers, and my fellow staff members, for their efforts on behalf of student-athletes and for their support over my time with OFSAA.”

During his tenure he has provided outstanding leadership in ensuring that OFSAA is a forward-looking sport organization that always stays focused on ensuring a level playing field for all student-athletes, with many new initiatives being introduced such as Try Day, Bridging The Gap, and the KidSport partnership.

“On behalf of OFSAA, I would like to wish Doug success in his new role at the OCAA,” said OFSAA President Jim Woolley. “Doug, we wish you the very best.  May you continue to share your love of sport with a new generation of college athletes and administrators.”

Doug will remain with OFSAA until June 19, at which time OFSAA will begin the search for a new Executive Director.

OFSAA Gymnastics Results 2015

Wednesday, May, 6, 2015

OFSAA Gymnastics 

May 3 - May 5, 2015

Sudbury, ON

Full results available on OFSAA Gymnastics website



Aerobic Gymnastics

Open Division

School Association Score
Toronto French (Fireball) CISAA 20.85
Bayside COSSA 20.20
Toronto French (Skrillex) CISAA 20.05
Bear Creek GBSSA 19.95

Novice Division

School Association Score
Centennial COSSA 21.45
Troonto French CISAA 20.75
Manitoulin NOSSA 20.20
St. Peters COSSA 20.05



Artistic Gymnastics

Level 6


Name Association School Score
Julia Pearce SWOSSAA Cardinal Carter 9.375
Jennifer Drane NOSSA Lockerby 9.300
Cora Geiger COSSA St. Peter's 9.300
Clare Stafford EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.250


Name Association School Score
Alyssa Teno COSSA St. Theresa 9.700
Cora Geiger COSSA St. Peter's 9.625
Jennifer Drane NOSSA Lockerby 9.450
Tatum Hurley NOSSA Lively 9.400


Name Association School Score
Jennifer Drane NOSSA Lockerby 9.300
Brooklyn Lavallee NOSSA Confederation 9.250
Cora Geiger COSSA St. Peter's 9.225
Kiiana Valentim NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.200


Name Association School Score
Leah Panek SWOSSAA Sandwich 9.600
Katherine Herron COSSA Bayside 9.534
Alyssa Teno COSSA St. Theresa 9.467
Nikka Valentim NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.450
Level 5


Name Association School Score
Melissa Roussel NOSSA Champlain 9.450
Alexandra Jubenville SWOSSAA L'Essor 9.300
Shannon Burke EOSSAA Napanee 9.200
Alannah Waller CWOSSA St. Mary's HS 9.200


Name Association School Score
Mackenzie McAllister EOSSAA Holy Trinity 9.400
Shannon Burke EOSSAA Napanee 9.200
Lauren Norris COSSA Lindsay 9.150
Taylor Emery NOSSA St. Benedict 9.100


Name Association School Score
Alannah Waller CWOSSA St. Mary's HS 9.575
Thalia Hoxford EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.250
Taylor Emery NOSSA St. Benedict 9.100
Mikayla Girdler CWOSSA Owen Sound 9.100


Name Association School Score
Lauren Norris COSSA Lindsay 9.675
Alannah Waller CWOSSA St. Mary's HS 9.650
Mikayla Girdler CWOSSA Owen Sound 9.350
Mackenzie McAllister EOSSAA Holy Trinity 9.350


Level 4


Name Association School Score
Emily Wood COSSA St. Peter's 9.500
Lauren Davidson CWOSSA West Hill 9.350
Sydney Hasson CWOSSA Kincardine 9.200
Logan Williams EOSSAA Napanee 9.200


Name Association School Score
Mia Baptiste EOSSAA Holy Trinity 9.275
Jenna Scott EOSSAA Holy Trinity 9.125
Danika Blais NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.025
Sydney Hasson CWOSSA Kincardine 8.975


Name Association School Score
Chantal Labelle NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.250
Jamie Pardo SWOSSAA General Amherst 9.200
Sydney Hasson CWOSSA Kincardine 9.150
Molly Kaiser EOSSAA Napanee 9.125


Name Association School Score
Emily Wood COSSA St. Peter's 9.650
Maissie Gionest NOSSA Champlain 9.350
Sage Aulthouse CWOSSA St. Mary's HS 9.300
Molly Kaiser EOSSAA Napanee 9.250
Level 3


Name Association School Score
Zoe Hoxford EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.650
Rebecca Ripley COSSA St. Peters 9.600
Tia Svoboda COSSA Centennial 9.550
Katie Dufresne SWOSSAA St. Anne's 9.450


Name Association School Score
Rylee Evans CWOSSA Kincardine 9.200
Alexandra Tanner NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.150
Serena Luttrel NOSSA Marymount 8.900
Holly Pettypiece SWOSSAA Lajeunesse 8.875


Name Association School Score
Abbie Radborne CWOSSA Owen Sound 9.450
Alexandra Tanner NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.300
Zoe Hoxford EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.225
Aima Ohiwerei CISAA Ridley College 9.200


Name Association School Score
Taylor Bodson NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.650
Marie-Michelle Croteau NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.600
Sarah Bonin NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.550
Alexandra Tanner NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.400


Level 2


Name Association School Score
Sara Hubbard EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.500
Alycia Koopman CWOSSA Georgian Bay 9.325
Katie Davidson SWOSSAA Lajeunesse 9.300
Mackenzie Gratton NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.250


Name Association School Score
Mackenzie Gratton NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.400
Sara Hubbard EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.300
Natalie Starr COSSA Lindsay 9.300
Maddy MacVicar EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.250


Name Association School Score
Natalie Starr COSSA Lindsay 9.650
Sara Hubbard EOSSAA Regiopolis 9.525
Rhéa Hodgins SWOSSAA Lajeunesse 9.450
Mackenzie Gratton NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.450


Name Association School Score
Sydnee Condon COSSA St. Peter's 9.500
Ariel MacDonald CISAA Toronto French 9.475
Christine Cousineau NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.450
Morgan Elliott COSSA Centennial 9.300



Level 1


Name Association School Score
Mikaela Ethier NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.375
Victoria Tardif NOSSA Manitoulin 9.250
Madeline Henderson SWOSSAA Holy Names 9.225
Mikayla Aubin NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.200


Name Association School Score
Rebecca Alain CISAA Toronto French 9.750
Elia Pichl COSSA Centennial 9.250
Mistelle Laurin NOSSA Horizon 9.200
Laurène Pietri CISAA Toronto French 9.125


Name Association School Score
Marika Palkovits NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.550
Julie Kanda-Kovac CISAA Toronto French 9.500
Mistelle Laurin NOSSA Horizon 9.475
Ariane Pietri CISAA Toronto French 9.425


Name Association School Score
Jenn Canizaro COSSA Prince Edward 9.575
Gabrielle McGuire NOSSA College Notre-Dame  9.500
Mikaela Ethier NOSSA College Notre-Dame 9.250
Pilar Lumbreras Castro COSSA Centennial 9.225


Badminton Results 2015

Tuesday, May, 5, 2015

OFSAA Badminton Championship Website

April 30 - May 2, 2015

Full Results available here 

Women’s Singles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Karissa Chan (Seed #4) (YRAA)

 Chyna Liu (NOSSAA)

 Hayley Arpin (NWOSSAA)


Shirley Yang (YRAA)

 Luna Yang (TDSSAA)

Kestrel McNeill (SWOSSAA)


 Sommer Chou (Seed #3) (GHAC)

Victoria Duong (CWOSSA)

Hannah Huxter (LOSSA)


Caitlin Sherry (Seed #1) (ROPSSAA)

Cathy Zhang (YRAA)

Madison St-Onge Laprise (NEOAA)
Men’s Singles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Poy Lo (Seed #1) (YRAA)

Randy Hu (TDCAA)

AyubTouray (TDSSAA)  


Andre Chan (Seed #2) (CISAA)

Jonathan Chang                (TDSSAA)          

Joseph Choi (SOSSA)    


Minh Pham (Seed #3) (NCSSAA)

Wil Hausenblas (NOSSA)

Chris Bechard (SWOSSAA)         


Brandon Chau (TDSSAA)

Chris Wu  (SOSSA)

Jeremnie St-Pierre (EOSSAA)


Women’s Doubles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Kathy Li (SEED #1)

Sharon Chung (TDSSAA) 

Tammy Lai

Yi Mel Meng (ROPSSAA)

Caitlin Yee

Miyuki Yamada (YRAA)


Melanie Lau  (SEED #3)

Rochelle Tang (YRAA)

Helen He

Angela Luo (CWOSSA)

Kitty Guo 

Fiona Ly    (TDSSAA)


Carolyn Bowman

Sophie Chamberland (CISSA)

Jayme Carter (SEED #4)

Dana Bennett (GHAC)

Anjali Rao

Maricar Paraiso (WOSSAA)


Dorothy Duck (Seed #2)      

Katie Harris (GBSSA)

Lorraine Hung

Carol Wong (CISAA)

Katja Odegaard

Jelena Vucenovic (SOSSA)


Men’s Doubles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Adwin Lau (Seed #1)

Phillip Choi (YRAA)

Brennan Davis

Brendan Dinsdale (NCSSAA)

Mitchell Jackson

Paul Duquette (COSSA)


Joel Nyenhuis (Seed #2)           

Noah Nyenhuis (WOSSAA)

Griffin Nogas    

Leo Bourgeois (CISAA)

Kenneth Noronha

Amritpal Singh (SWOSSAA)


Steve Lam (Seed #3)      

YiYang Jiang (NCSSAA)

Paul Punsalan   

Jayson Manalang (TDCAA)

Caleb Schmidt  

Curtis Balentyne (COSSA)


Aditya Sikand (Seed #4)     

Justin Wong (ROPSSAA)

Aydon Schat

Wes Schilstra (SOSSA)

Jeremy Newton              

Dylan Fogarty (NWOSSAA)

Mixed Doubles


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight


Samantha Hanrath (Seed #1)

Justin Law (TDSSAA)

Yuming Han

David Park (CWOSSA)

Jianne Li

Max Taylor (CISAA)


Claudia Tai (Seed #2)

Jeffrey Chui (YRAA)

Michelle Mei

Jimmy Zhu (TDSSAA)

Shelly Yin

Vincent Tan (ROPSSAA)


Michelle Pao (Seed #3)

Otto Pang (YRAA)

Helen Ngu          

Allan Pao (WOSSA)

Helen Ng            

Jasper Ho (TDCAA)


Molan Ren

Jameson Weng (NCSSAA)

Lisa Gearing

Danny Gearing (SOSSA)

Shoree Ding

Jin Yue Liu (GHAC)

OFSAA Vice President Nominations

Monday, April, 27, 2015

Nominations being accepted for OFSAA Vice President

The Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) is a provincial federation of Associations encompassing volunteer teacher-coaches, students, and administrators. OFSAA is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the educational value of school sport.  As an advocate for school sport, OFSAA provides leadership in advancing the educational benefits of participation through its services, resources and the conduct of secondary school sport Championships.

OFSAA is currently accepting nominations for the position of vice president.  In this six-year volunteer leadership role, the person chosen to be vice president will serve a two-year term beginning in 2015-16, followed by two years as president, and then two years as past president.  

All nominees must be either a principal or a vice principal and be able to commit 7 - 12 weekdays per year for meetings and functions. A description of duties is attached here for your reference.

An Association Representative may nominate an individual for this position by emailing Doug Gellatly at doug@ofsaa.on.ca.  This should be done after consultation with their Association's principals' representative.  A resume summarizing the nominee's experience and accomplishments in education and school sport must accompany the nomination. In addition to the resume, please include the following information for both the nominator and the nominee:


-name of association
-telephone number
-email address


-telephone number
-email address
-school name and address
The deadline for nominations is May 7, 2015.

Should you require more information about the responsibilities and time commitment involved in this role, please contact OFSAA President Jim Woolley at (519) 570-0003 ext. 4166 or via email at jim_woolley@wrdsb.on.ca.

Lincoln M. Alexander Award available

Sunday, April, 26, 2015

Celebrate young Ontarians contributing to the elimination of racial discrimination by going to the Government of Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration website and completing the nomination form. 

The form can be downloaded or completed online at the link above and is due by May 31st, 2015.

Schools and especially sports in schools foster an inclusive environment of education and achievement on and off the field of play with a diverse collection of peers. Organize a nomination if somebody you know has been especially inclusive.

The Lincoln M. Alexander Award honours youth who have demonstrated leadership in eliminating racial discrimination in Ontario. The award was first given in 1993.

Three awards are given each year: two student awards and one community award.

Recipients receive a personalized certificate as well as a $5,000 cash award.

The award is named after the late Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander, who was the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, serving from 1985 – 1991. He was the first member of a minority group to serve as a Lieutenant Governor in any province in Canada.


Email: ontariohonoursandawards@ontario.ca

Phone: 416-314-7526
Toll-free: 1-877-832-8622
TTY: 416-327-2391

Mail:    Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
400 University Avenue, 4th Floor 
Toronto, ON
M7A 2R9


Wednesday, April, 22, 2015

The OFSAA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held April 16th – 17th with association representatives across the province in attendance.

The assembly voted on a number of motions, a selection of which are detailed below.

At the 2014 AGM, OFSAA’s classification system was changed to have three levels – A, AA, and AAA effective 2015, thus eliminating the AAAA category. 

Effective in the 2015-16 school year associations shall place their schools in classifications for the following school year based on their student full-time equivalent enrolment as of October 31st of the current school year:

A = 1-500
AA = 501-950
AAA = 951+

An all-boys or all-girls school shall have their enrolment doubled for the purposes of determining student population numbers.

Additionally, OFSAA’s Northern associations maintains the adjustment of +100 students for upper cap at the “A” category and +50 for upper cap at the “AA” category.

Events which had been classified A/AA and AAA/AAAA (boys’ and girls’ hockey, boys’ and girls’ rugby, and boys’ field lacrosse) will now be: “A/AA” and “AAA”

OFSAA Championships and Festivals for team sports shall only involve teams that have used OFSAA-eligible student-athletes in all competition during the school year. Any team using an ineligible student-athlete(s) in any competition during the school year forfeits the right to participate in the OFSAA Championship or Festival.

Teams sports shall be considered to be: boys’ golf, field hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, curling, baseball, rugby, field lacrosse, and soccer.

Students who attended an alternative school or alternative program who are returning to the school they attended prior, are not considered transfer students provided they did not play sports while at the alternative school or alternative program.

OFSAA recognizes that recruiting of student-athletes conflicts with the aims and objectives of the organization. As a result, a more detailed section has been added in the OFSAA by-laws, which includes a definition of recruitment, rationale for a recruitment policy, and a list of indicators.

OFSAA has adopted new guidelines to determine which events shall be considered to have OFSAA Championship or Festival status. Each Championship and Festival shall undergo an annual review to determine if it is meeting the criteria. Updated criteria will help OFSAA reflect current participation trends in secondary schools.

Sports that have Championship status, and no longer meet the criteria, shall be moved to Festival status. A sport shall remain a Festival for a maximum of five years if it meets Festival criteria. After five years if the sport does not meet Championship status it will no longer operate under OFSAA jurisdiction. Festivals who do not meet those criteria will have one year to meet the criteria or will no longer operate under OFSAA jurisdiction.

OFSAA has elected to transition from NFHS basketball rules and adopt FIBA playing regulations in September 2016 for both girls’ and boys’ basketball with the following exceptions:

- A 35 second shot clock will be used. Full reset on fouls and shots off the rim
- Federation lines will be used even when FIBA lines are available
- Federation timeout procedure, and game length will be used including overtime
- No dunking in the warm-up will be permitted

The OFSAA Football Bowl Games series has decided on a new Festival format. For the next two years (2015 & 2016) the following nine games will be played, with one of two associations drawn to compete in 2015, and the other automatically competing in that bowl game in 2016. The remaining nine associations will be drawn to determine their pairing.

Bowl Games
Western Bowl – SWOSSAA/ WOSSAA
Golden Horseshoe Bowl – GHAC/ SOSSA
Metro Bowl – TDCAA/ TDSSAA
Central Bowl – CWOSSA/ ROPSSAA
Simcoe Bowl – GBSSA/ YRAA
National Capital Bowl – NCSSAA/ EOSSAA
Northern Bowl – NOSSA/ NWOSSAA
Eastern Bowl – LOSSA/ COSSA
Independent Bowl – CISAA/ 2nd Entry

Celebrate Spring Outside

Tuesday, April, 14, 2015

Healthy active living is what we all strive for and OFSAA promotes to schools across Ontario, and with Spring arriving in most parts of the province it's time to shake off the snow and get out there and get active!

There are so many ways to get outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air while exercising, here's just a few:

  • Turn a park or a playground into your personal gym - hang, jump, dip and skip using playground equipment
  • Go for a jog - you don't need a destination. Just get out and go with a good pair of shoes
  • Tune up the bike - hit the trails with your two-wheeler for some cardio. Raise your seat if you grew!
  • Dive in - maybe not in April, but soon you'll be swimming in some very refreshing waters
  • Take a hike - to really explore nature and see green space again to break up routine while conditioning
  • Bounce that ball - shoot some hoops, kick a goal, or play some catch. There are so many great sports

What do you do to celebrate Spring outside?

Hockey Results 2015

Monday, April, 13, 2015


Boys' AAA/AAAA Hockey - St. Catharines

(Full results available on Championship website)

GOLD Medalists - Brother Andre Catholic High School (SO)

Silver Medalists - Abbey Park High School

Bronze Medalists - St Peter’s Catholic Secondary School

Antique Bronze Medalists - Brebeuf College


Girls' AAA/AAAA Hockey - Ottawa

(Full results available on Championship website)

GOLD Medalists - Appleby College

Silver Medalists - St Theresa

Bronze Medalists - Father Leo J Austin

Antique Bronze Medalists - Louis Riel


Boys' A/AA Hockey - Pembroke & Petawawa
(Full results available on Championship website)

GOLD Medalists - London South

Silver Medalists - Robert F. Hall

Bronze Medalists - Patrick Fogarty

Antique Bronze Medalists - St. Michael


Girls' A/AA Hockey - Kenora

(Full results available on Championship website)

GOLD Medalists - St. Michael

Silver Medalists - Fort Frances

Bronze Medalists - Dryden

Antique Bronze Medalists - Timmins HVS



Boys' Basketball Results 2015

Wednesday, April, 8, 2015

OFSAA Boys' Basketball Championships 2015

AAAA Basketball - Windsor

(Full Results on AAAA website)

GOLD MEDALISTS - St. Michael's College School

Silver Medalists - St Edmund Campion

Bronze Medalists - Pine Ridge SS

Antique Bronze Medalists - Father Henry Carr

Consolation Champs - HB Beal


AAA Basketball - Windsor

(full results on AAA website)

GOLD MEDALISTS - Catholic Central High School


Silver Medalists - West Humber CI

Bronze Medalists - Cathedral 

Antique Bronze Medalists - Saltfleet DHS

Consolation Champs - Upper Canada College


AA Basketball - Ottawa

(full results on AA website)


Silver Medalists - Crescent

Bronze Medalists - Merivale

Antique Bronze Medalists - Korah CI

Consolation Champs - Sydenham


A Basketball - Pain Court

(full results on A website)

GOLD MEDALISTS - Ridley College

Silver Medalists - O'Gorman HS

Bronze Medalists - Ashbury College

Antique Bronze Medalists - King's Christian

Consolation Champs - St. Lawrence SS



Girls' Volleyball Results 2015

Wednesday, April, 8, 2015

OFSAA Girls' Volleyball Championships 2015

AAAA Volleyball - Windsor

(Full results available on AAAA Volleyball website)

OFSAA Gold Medalists - Sinclair SS

Silver Medalists - Maxwell Heights

Bronze Medalists - Bishop Allen

Antique Bronze Medalists - Bill Crothers

Consolation Champs - Louis Riel


AAA Volleyball - Ingersoll

(Full Results available on AAA Volleyball site)

OFSAA Gold Medalists - Abbey Park

Silver Medalists - Stouffville

Bronze Medalists - London Central

Antique Bronze Medalists - Ingersoll District CI

Consolation Champs - John McCrae


AA Volleyball - Dryden

(Full results available on AA Volleyball site)

OFSAA Gold Medalists - Eden HS

Silver Medalists - Widdifield SS

Bronze Medalists - Huron Park SS

Antique Bronze Medalists - Francis Libermann

Consolation Champs - General Amherst


A Volleyball - Hamilton

(full results available on A Volleyball site)

Gold Medalists - Toronto District Christian High

Silver Medalists - École Secondaire Catholique Monseigneur-Bruyere

Bronze Medalists - Woodland Christian High

Antique Bronze Medalists - St. Thomas Aquinas HS

Consolation Champs - Notre-Dame


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