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OFSAA Girls' Basketball Results 2014

Friday, November, 28, 2014

OFSAA Girls' Basketball
November 20-22, 2014 


Gold Medalist: St. Edmund Campion   
Silver Medalist: Pickering High   
Bronze Medalist: St. Ignatius of Loyola   
Bronze Medalist: St. John Paul II 


Gold Medalist: St. Mary's Crusaders
Silver Medalist: St. John's College
Bronze Medalist: Sarnia Northern
Antique Medalist: Oakwood CI


Gold Medalist: St. Matthew's S.S. (Orleans)
Silver Medalist: LaSalle S.S. (Sudbury)
Bronze Medalist: E.S.C. Theriault (Timmins)
Antique Medalist: Centennial (Welland)


Gold Medalist: La Citadelle
Silver Medalist: Nouvelle-Alliance
Bronze Medalist: Villanova
Antique Medalist: Algonquin

OFSAA Boys' Volleyball Results 2014

Friday, November, 28, 2014

OFSAA Boys' Volleyball 2014
November 20-22, 2014 


Gold Medalist: Bill Crothers SS
Silver Medalist: Saunders SS
Bronze Medalist: Bishop Allen Academy
Antique Medalist: Sinclair SS



Gold Medalist: Regiopolis Notre-Dame
Silver Medalist: Oakridge
Bronze Medalist: Jacob Hespeler
Antique Medalist: Chatham-Kent 



Gold Medalist: ESC Franco-Cite
Silver Medalist: Eden HS
Bronze Medalist: ESC L'Escale
Antique Medalist: St. Michael CSS 



Gold Medalist: Woodland Christian HS
Silver Medalist: Toronto Dsitrict Christian HS
Bronze Medalist: Quinte Christian HS
Antique Medalist: Smithville Christian HS 


Watch OFSAA Football Bowls!

Wednesday, November, 26, 2014

From November 26-28 OFSAA Football is taking Hamilton by storm. 

If you're not able to make it to the games at McMaster University please check out OFSAA's TV coverage of some games and live streaming of all games.

Just head to the OFSAA Football website to keep up with the Bowl Series



Game # 1 @ 10:00 -  Sir Allan MacNab (SOSSA) VS Chaminade College (TDCAA)
 webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 2 @ 12:45 - A.N. Myer (SOSSA) VS Adam Scott CVI (COSSA)
webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 3 @ 3:30 - Richview (TDSSAA) VS Frontenac SS (EOSSAA)
 webcast on the ofsaa football website



Game # 1 @ 10:00 - Superior Heights (NOSSA) VS St. Joan of Arc (GBSSA)
webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 2 @ 12:45 - Holy Trinity (GHAC) VS St. Peter CSS (NCSSAA) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide

Game # 3 @ 3:30 - A.B. Lucas (WOSSAA) VS Paul Dwyer CHS (LOSSA) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide



Game # 1 @ 10:00 - Lorne Park (ROPSSAA) VS St. Ignatius (NWOSSAA)
webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 2 @ 12:45 - Assumption (CWOSSA) VS Assumption (GHAC) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide

Game # 3 @ 3:30 -  W.F. Herman (SWOSSAA) VS Bill Crothers (YRAA) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide

March to OFSAA Football

Tuesday, November, 18, 2014

OFSAA Football is coming to Hamilton November 26-28, 2014. 

Get caught up on all the high school football qualifiers leading up to OFSAA!

Visit the OFSAA Football website


Association Results

Game #1 - TDCAA vs SOSSA (2nd Entry)
Semi Final Games

Senator O’Connor - 


Chaminade College - 38

-- --
Don Bosco - 23  
Father Henry Carr - 31  
TDCAA Championship Game SOSSA Championship Game

Thursday November 13
York University @ 1:00

Father Henry Carr - 0

 A.N. Meyer - 35
Chaminade College - 32  Sir Allan MacNab - 12
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Wednesday November 26 @ 10:00 AM 
 Chaminade College -   Sir Allan MacNab - 


Game #2 - SOSSA vs COSSA
Semi Final Games

Sir Allan MacNab - 18

 Adam Scott - 15

Westmount - 17

 Crestwood - 0
-- --
St. Paul - 10  Centennial - 10
A.N. Meyer - 17  Moira - 7
SOSSA Seeding Game COSSA Championship Game



Sir Allan MacNab - 12

 Adam Scott - 53
A.N. Meyer - 35  Moira - 0 
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Wednesday November 26 @ 12:45 PM 
 A.N. Meyer -   Adam Scott - 


Game #3 - EOSSAA vs TDSSAA
Semi Final Games


Northern - 


Richview - 
-- --
  Sir Wilfrid Laurier - 
Etobicoke CI - 
EOSSAA Championship Game TDSSAA Championship Game


 Thursday November 20
 Esther Shiner 

Frontenac SS - 20

 Richview - 15
Regiopolis Notre Dame - 9  Etobicoke CI - 0
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Wednesday November 26 @ 3:30 PM 
 Frontenac SS -   Richview - 


Game #4 - NOSSA vs GBSSA
Semi Final Games


St. Joan of Arc - 39


Bear Creek - 6
-- --
  Innisdale - 46
Collingwood CI - 0
NOSSA Championship Game GBSSA Championship Game


Saturday November 8
Rotary Complex @ 2:00

Lo-Ellen (Sudbury) - 0

 St. Joan of Arc - 25
Superior Heights (Sault) - 14  Innisdale - 3
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Thursday November 27 @ 10:00 AM
 Superior Heights -  St. Joan of Arc - 


Game #5 - GHAC vs NCSSAA
Semi Final Games


St. Peter - 38


Mother Teresa - 7
-- --
  St. Patrick - 21
Sir Wilfrid Laurier - 17
GHAC Championship Game NCSSAA Championship Game

Monday November 24
Holy Trinity @ 1:00 

Saturday November 8
TD Place @ 1:15

Cardinal Newman - 17

St. Peter - 20
Holy Trinity - 42 St. Patrick - 0
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Thursday November 27 @ 12:45 PM
 Holy Trinity -  St. Peter - 


Game #6 - WOSSAA vs LOSSA
Semi Final Games

A.B. Lucas - 

Holy Trinity - 0

London Central - 

Pickering - 27
-- --
 St Thomas Aquinas - 

Donald A Wilson - 23

 Catholic Central -  Paul Dwyer - 35
WOSSAA Championship Game LOSSA Championship Game

Friday November 21

Saturday November 15
Oshawa Civic Centre @ 7:30 PM

A.B. Lucas - 17

Pickering - 7
St Thomas Aquinas - 0 Paul Dwyer - 14
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Thursday November 27 @ 3:30 PM
 A.B. Lucas -  Paul Dwyer CHS - 


Semi Final Games

 Our Lady of Mount Carmel

St. Ignatius - 49

 St. Marcellinus

Hammarkjold - 0
-- --
 Lorne Park

Churchill - 24

 St. Roch St. Patrick - 28
ROPSSAA Championship Game NWOSSAA Championship Game

Monday November 24
Ching Park @ 1:00 

Saturday November 15
Thunder Bay @ 1:00 

St. Marcellinus - 

St. Ignatius - 
Lorne Park -  St. Patrick - 
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Friday November 28 @ 10:00 AM
 Lorne Park -  St. Ignatius - 


Game #8 - CWOSSAA vs GHAC (2nd Entry)
Semi Final Games

Jacob Hespeler - 

Our Lady of Lourdes - 

-- --
 Assumption - 


St. Benedict’s - 
CWOSSAA Championship Game GHAC Championship Game

Saturday November 22
Jacob Hespeler @ 2:00 

Monday November 24

Assumption - 28

Assumption - 18
Our Lady of Lourdes - 14 St. Thomas More - 2
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Friday November 28 @ 12:45 PM
 Assumption -  Assumption - 


Game #9 - SWOSSAA vs YRAA
Semi Final Games



-- --


SWOSSAA Championship Game YRAA Championship Game

Friday November 21


W.F. Herman (Windsor) - 32

Bill Crothers - 
Sarnia Northern - 0 Huron Heights - 
OFSAA Bowl Championship Game
 Friday November 28 @ 3:30 PM
 W.F. Herman  -  Bill Crothers SS - 





Game # 1 @ 10:00 -  Sir Allan MacNab (SOSSA) VS Chaminade College (TDCAA)
 webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 2 @ 12:45 - A.N. Myer (SOSSA) VS Adam Scott CVI (COSSA)
webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 3 @ 3:30 - Richview (TDSSAA) VS Frontenac SS (EOSSAA)
 webcast on the ofsaa football website



Game # 1 @ 10:00 - Superior Heights (NOSSA) VS St. Joan of Arc (GBSSA)
webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 2 @ 12:45 - Holy Trinity (GHAC) VS St. Peter CSS (NCSSAA) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide

Game # 3 @ 3:30 - A.B. Lucas (WOSSAA) VS Paul Dwyer CHS (LOSSA) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide



Game # 1 @ 10:00 - Lorne Park (ROPSSAA) VS St. Ignatius (NWOSSAA)
webcast on the ofsaa football website

Game # 2 @ 12:45 - Assumption (CWOSSA) VS Assumption (GHAC) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide

Game # 3 @ 3:30 -  W.F. Herman (SWOSSAA) VS Bill Crothers (YRAA) 
Cable 14 - Hamilton, Cogeco, Source and Rogers community channels province-wide

OFSAA Character Athlete Nominations Due Nov.17!

Thursday, November, 13, 2014

Character Athlete Award

Twice a year, OFSAA awards the Character Athlete Award to two recipients (one male, one female) who embody OFSAA’s values of leadership, commitment, equity, respect and sportsmanship. 

The Character Athletes will be profiled in our Bulletin magazine, on our website, and in our Enewsletter. They will also receive a plaque from OFSAA, commemorating this accomplishment.

Fall OFSAA Character Athlete nominations are due Monday, November 17

To nominate one of your student-athletes for the Character Athlete Award, please fill out the application form and submit it online.

Direct any questions to;

Devin Gray, OFSAA Communications Coordinator
Fax: 416-426-7317

Please include as much information as possible about your student-athlete.  Specifically their school and community involvement, and how they exemplify OFSAA’s values.

Past Recipients

Link - More OFSAA Awards

OFSAA Girls' Field Hockey

Monday, November, 10, 2014

2014 Field Hockey Championship Details



Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gold Medal

Resurrection CSS 4
Bluevale CI 0

Bronze Medal

Nelson HS 2
Saltfleet DHS 0


Resurrection CSS 1
Nelson HS 0


Bluevale CI 2
Saltfleet DHS 1
Photos added to OFSAA Facebook page!

Thursday November 6th - Saturday November 8th, Burlington 
Convenors: Andrew Brennan & Geoff Sheppard
P: 905-878-0575 F: 905-878-7500

Follow us on Twitter @OFSAAFH2014

Click here for up-to-the-minute scores!

Cross Country Results 2014

Saturday, November, 1, 2014

OFSAA Cross Country Running Championship

view the event website here

If you have photos of these events you'd like to share, please send them to devin@ofsaa.on.ca!

WATERLOO, Ont. (November 1, 2014) – Kingston’s Cameron Linscott and Branna MacDougall boasted the top senior performances at the 2014 OFSAA Cross Country Championship  on campus at the University of Waterloo on Saturday.
Linscott, a grade 11 student from Kingston CVI took the senior boys title winning the 6,957 metre race with a time of 22 minutes and 31.8 seconds.  He was 11 seconds ahead of Miles Matthews of Belle River, Ont. (Bell River DHS) who crossed at 22:42.8 while Linscott’s teammate, Ben Workman took third at 22:44.6.
MacDougall, who competes for Regiopolis-Notre Dame in Kingston, grabbed the senior girls title running the 5,029-metre course in 18:10.3, five seconds ahead of Hannah Woodhouse of Meaford (Georgian Bay SS) Cambridge’s Maddie Ghazarian of Preston HS rounded out the senior podium with a time of 18:20.0
In the overall team category Ottawa’s Glebe CI captured the overall girl’s title with 56 points and narrowly missed the boy’s title finishing just two points behind Sir Winston Churchill SS (St. Catharines, Ont.) who won with 34 points.
MacDougall’s sister, Brogan also took OFSAA gold winning the midget girls 3,100 metre race in a time of 11:12.6.  The midget boy’s 5,029-metre race was won by Thomas Witkowicz of Whitby (All Saints CHS)
Timmins’ Mathieu Plamondon of ESC Theriault grabbed top position in the junior boys 6,000-metre event crossing in 20 minutes flat.  He was 3.7 seconds ahead of Mitch deLange from Unity Christian HS in Barrie, Ont.   Shona McCulloch of Ottawa from Longfields-Davidson Heights SS was the top junior girls runner earning gold with a time of 14:43.5.  Toronto Prep School’s Christi Konstantopolus took silver in the 4,031-metre race at 14:48.1 
Ottawa’s Glebe CI took the senior girls title with 68 points while Valour School in Petawawa claimed the senior boy’s title with 147 points.   Lawrence Park CI won the junior girls team title with Sir Winston Churchill earning the junior boys category.  Midget team titles went to Mississauga’s St. Marcellinus SS (boys) and Windsor’s Vincent Massey (Girls)
For full race results visit: http://www.ofsaa.on.ca/cross-country-running

(Full Results available here provided by Speed River Timing) 

Midget Girls (3100m) - Individual

1.  Brogan MacDougall, Regiopolis-Notre Dame, Kingston

 2.  Jocelyn Chau, De La Salle

3.  Mei Mei Weston, Glebe CI , Ottawa

4.  Aleksa Gold, Bishop Strachan School, Toronto

5.  Beth Rhead – Glebe CI , Ottawa

6.  Delainey Johnson, Chatham Kent SS

Midget Girls Team 

1. Vincent Massey ( Windsor)  152 Points

2. Glebe CI ( Ottawa)  156 Points

3. Sarnia Northern ( Sarnia)  226 Points

4. Lawrence Park CI ( Toronto)  282 Points

5. St. Peter’s CSS ( Barrie)  320 Points

6. Sinclair SS ( Whitby)  388 Points


Midget Boys (5029m) - Individual

1.  Thomas Witkowicz , All Saints CHS, Whitby

2.  Jonathan Desouza, St. Marguerite D’Youville , Brampton

3.  Eric Morris, Centre Wellington DHS, Fergus

4.  Marcus Kemp, St. Mary’s HS, Kitchener

5.  Joshua Desouza, St. Marguerite D’Youville, Brampton

6.  Cameron Dean, Anderson CVI, Whitby

Midget Boys Team 

1. St. Marcellinus ( Mississauga)                    242 Points

2. Centre Wellington DHS ( Fergus)       285 Points

3.  Vincent Massey ( Windsor )                295 Points

4.  E.L. Crossley SS ( Fonthill)                        323 Points

5.  Frontenac ( Kingston)                                 336 Points

6. Birchmount Park CI ( Toronto)                     338 Points



Junior Girls (4031m) - Individual 

1.  Shona McCulloch, Longfields-Davidson Heights, Ottawa

2.  Christi Konstantopoulos, Toronto Prep School

3.  Hanna Johnston, Hammarsjold HS, Hammarsjold

4.  Christine Laurie – Kitchener Waterloo CVI, Kitchener

5.  Kylee Raftis, Bishop Strachan School, Toronto

6.  Emily Cohen, Lawrence Park CI, Toronto

Junior Girls Team

1. Lawrence Park CI ( Toronto )                     146 Points

2. Glebe CI ( Ottawa)                            173 Points

3. Eden HS ( St. Catharines )    249 Points

4. Loretto Abbey  ( Toronto)                            259 Points

5. Donald A. Wilson ( Whitby )                        279 Points

6.  Courtice SS ( Courtice)                              283 Points


Junior Boys (6000m) - Individual

1.  Matieu Plamondon, ESC Theriault , Timmins

2.  Mitch deLange, Unity Christian HS, Barrie

3.  Luke Jaciw-Zuraakowsky, Notre Dame CHS, Ajax

4.  Graham Baird, Dunbarton HS, Pickering

5.  Jonathan Stoppa, Madawaska VDHS, Barry’s Bay 

6.  David Poloni, Frank Hayden SS , Burlington 

Junior Boys Team 

1.  Sir Winston Churchill ( St. Catharines)  102 Points

2.  Neil McNeil HS ( Toronto)                                  170 Points

3.  Glebe CI ( Ottawa)                         225 Points

4.  St. Michael’s College School ( Toronto )            252 Points

5.  Holy Names HS ( Windsor)                                267 Points

6. Dunbarton HS ( Pickering )                                 269 Points                    



Senior Girls (5029m) - Individual

1.  Branna MacDougall, Regiopolis-Notre Dame, Kingston

2.  Hannah Woodhouse , Georgian Bay SS, Meaford

3.  Maddie Ghazarian, Preston HS, Cambridge

4.  Lucia Stafford, Toronto French School, Toronto

5.  Hiley Dobbs, Donald A. Wilson, Whitby

6.  Claire Smith, Glebe CI, Ottawa

Senior Girls Team

1.  Glebe CI ( Ottawa )                                              68 Points

2.  Westdale SS ( Hamilton)                                     275 Points

3.  Centre Wellington DHS ( Fergus)        277 Points     

4.  Canterbury HS ( Ottawa)                                    369 Points                                                    

5.  All Saints CHS ( Whitby)                                     384 Points

6.  Eastview SS  ( Barrie)                                         409 Points                     


Senior Boys (6957m) - Individual 

1.  Cameron Linscott , Kingston CVI, Kingston

2.  Miles Matthews, Belle River DHS, Belle River

3.  Ben Workman, Kingston CVI, Kingston

4.  Riley Tell,  Father Leo Austin, Whitby

5.  Matt Sheeler, Holy Cross SS, Strathroy

6.  Craig Klump, St. Michael CSS, Stratford

Senior Boys Team

1.  Valour ( Petawawa )                                        147 Points

2.  Kingston CVI ( Kingston )                                           152 Points

3.  Glebe CI ( Ottawa)                                                      209 Points

4.  Sir Winston Churchill ( St. Catharines )                      247 Points      

5.  Leaside HS (Toronto)              273 Points

6.  R. S. McLaughlin SS  (Oshawa)                                314 Points


Para Invitational (3K) - Male

1.  Mitchell Chase, Dunbarton , Pickering

2.  Nicholas Neri, Cardinal Leger, Brampton

3.  Michael Hollis, St. Thomas Aquinas, London

4.  Jacob Balan , St. Marcellinus , Mississauga

5.  Nick Heffernen , St. Thomas Aquinas, London

6.  Chris Heaney, St. James CHS, Guelph


Para Invitational (3K) – Female

1. Julianne Miszk, St. Michael , Niagara Falls

 2. Meghan Mahon , WRMS

3. Alicia Trusin, Fellowes HS, Pembroke

4. Emma Colpitts, Fellowes HS, Pembroke 

5. Lacie Cariff, Fellowes HS, Pembroke

 6. Tiffany Hillman , Alexander MacKenzie HS


First - Glebe CI ( Ottawa ) - 56 Points

Second – Lawrence Park CI ( Toronto ) – 34 Points

Third –-Vincent Massey ( Windsor ) – 20 Points

Fourth – Westdale SS ( Hamilton) – 18 Points

Fifth -  Centre Wellington ( Fergus) – 16 Points

Sixth- Eden HS ( St. Catharines) – 16 Points



First – Sir Winston Churchill ( St. Catharines) – 34 Points

Second – Glebe CI ( Ottawa) – 32 Points

Third – Birchmount Park CI ( Toronto) – 27 Points

Fourth  Neil McNeil HS ( Toronto) – 24 Points

Fifth – St. Michael’s College School ( Toronto) – 23 Points

Sixth – Vincent Massey ( Windsor) – 22 Points


For more information contact:
Ian Clancy
Phone: 519 880-9979 ext. 1412
Email: ian_clancy@wrdsb.on.ca 

Teacher-Coach Research Study

Tuesday, October, 28, 2014

Attention Teacher-Coaches:

Seldom do we have the opportunity of a university level research project being conducted in an effort to support school athletics. OFSAA, as a member of School Sport Canada, is requesting that you and all of your teacher-coaches take the time to complete the survey at the link below… here are some details:

Dr. Martin Camiré from the University of Ottawa is overseeing a research project exploring how teacher-coaches believe they can influence the global development of student-athletes and what they perceive to be the benefits and challenges of being a teacher-coach.

Your participation consists of completing an online survey that takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. The survey consists of questions related to a) your demographic information, b) your experiences as a teacher and coach, c) your influence on the development of student-athletes, d) the benefits of teaching and coaching, and e) the challenges associated with being both a teacher and a coach.

Your participation can help better our understanding of a) how teacher-coaches can best influence student-athletes in the classroom and gymnasium, b) the realities of teacher-coaches, and c) the situational factors that force many teachers out of coaching.

Be informed that the contents related to your participation will only be used by Dr. Martin Camiré’s research team for this research. You are free to withdraw from the study at any time or refuse to answer questions. If you choose to withdraw from the study, the data collected until the time of withdrawal will be destroyed and will not be used. The information you share will remain strictly confidential and anonymous because you do not need to divulge your name and you will never be personally associated with the answers you provide. Furthermore, all information will be kept in a secure database at the University of Ottawa. The information will only be accessed from a password-protected computer in the researcher’s office. Once the project is completed, the data will be stored in a password-protected folder on an external hard drive in a locked cabinet for five (5) years after which they will be destroyed. If you have any questions with regards to the ethical conduct of this research, you may contact the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity, University of Ottawa, Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland Street, Room 154, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, tel.: 613-562-5387, email: ethics@uottawa.ca.

To complete the survey, click on the following link: http://fluidsurveys.com/s/teacher-coach-survey/



Rarement avons-nous l’opportunité de profiter d’un projet de recherche de niveau universitaire sur le sport scolaire. OFSAA, étant membre de Sport Scolaire Canada, vous invite à distribuer le questionnaire et d’inviter tous vos enseignant(e)s-entraîneur(e)s à le compléter en appuyant sur le lien ici-bas. Voici les détails : 

Le Dr. Martin Camiré de l'Université d'Ottawa dirige un projet de recherche qui examine comment les enseignant(e)s-entraîneur(e)s croient pouvoir influencer le développement global des élèves-athlètes et quels sont les bénéfices et les défis rattachés à l’enseignement et à l’entraînement sportif. 

Votre participation consiste à compléter un questionnaire en ligne d’une durée approximative de 12 minutes portant sur a) vos informations démographiques, b) vos expériences en tant qu’enseignant(e) et entraîneur(e) sportif dans le contexte scolaire, c) votre influence sur le développement des élèves-athlètes, d) les bénéfices d’enseigner et entraîneur et e) les défis rattachés aux rôles d’enseignant(e) et d’entraîneur(e) sportif. Votre participation va améliorer notre compréhension de/des a) comment les enseignant(e)s-entraîneur(e)s peuvent maximiser leur influence sur les élèves-athlètes en classe et sur le terrain de jeu, b) la réalité des enseignant(e)s-entraîneur(e)s et c) facteurs qui forcent plusieurs enseignant(e)s à abandonner l’entraînement.

Soyez assurés que les informations partagées seront utilisées uniquement par les membres de l’équipe de recherche du Dr. Martin Camiré pour les fins de cette étude. Vous êtes libre de vous retirer de la recherche en tout temps ou de refuser de répondre à certaines questions. Si vous vous retirez de l’étude, les données recueillies jusqu’à votre retrait seront détruites et ne seront pas utilisées. Les informations que vous partagerai resteront strictement confidentielles et anonymes car vous ne devez pas divulguer votre nom et vos réponses ne seront jamais associées à vous personnellement. De plus, toutes les informations seront entreposées dans une base de données sécurisée à l’Université d’Ottawa. L’accès aux informations s’effectuera uniquement à partir d’un ordinateur protégé par un mot de passe dans le bureau du chercheur. Lorsque le projet sera finalisé, les données seront entreposées dans un fichier électronique protégé sur un disque dur externe portatif. Le disque dur sera rangé dans un classeur verrouillé dans le bureau du chercheur pendant (5) ans. Après la période d’entreposage, les données seront détruites. Pour toute question se rapportant à la conduite éthique de cette recherche, vous pouvez vous adresser au Bureau d’éthique et d’intégrité de la recherche, Université d’Ottawa, Pavillon Tabaret, 550 rue Cumberland, pièce 154, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, tél. : 613-562-5387, courriel : ethique@uottawa.ca.


Pour répondre au questionnaire, appuyez sur le lien suivant : http://fluidsurveys.com/s/enseignant-entraineur/


Dairy Farmers of Canada Sponsor Basketball Sportsmanship

Friday, October, 24, 2014

Recharge with Milk wants to enhance the overall experience for the student athlete participants by implementing a recognition award for the 2014/2015 OFSAA Basketball championships.

The Recharge with Milk Most Sportsmanlike Team Program recognizes the school team whose student-athletes, coaches, managers, parents and supporters that best demonstrate commitment to fair play, ethical and positive role model behaviour and respect for others.

OFSAA's Boys' and Girls' Basketball Championship host schools will designate three individuals to act as the RwM Most Sportsmanlike Team Selection Committee for their respective Championship. The award will be selected at all eight of OFSAA's 2014-15 Basketball Championships including Girls' A-AAAA and Boys' A-AAAA and be announced at the conclusion of each of those Championships.


Student Athletes Award:

  • Individual awards recognizing student-athletes for their contribution to the school team will be sent to the school Principal or Athletic Director for distribution within two weeks following the 2014-2015 OFSAA Basketball Provincial Championships. Award may include: Towel, Shoe-bag, other swag items.

School Team Award:

  • A team award will be provided following the OFSAA Basketball Championship to be used by the school team throughout the 2015-2016 season and beyond. The prize items will be delivered to the school Principal or Athletic Director following the naming of the recipient at the conclusion of the OFSAA Basketball Championships. Prize suggestions may include: team warm up gear, team bag, equipment with an estimated value of $500.

OFSAA Golf Results

Friday, October, 17, 2014

Boys' Golf Championship - website


1. Maxwell Sear, Bill Crothers, R1 - 72, R2 - 65, Total - 137 (p)

2. Sam Meek, Crestwood, R1 - 66, R2 - 71, Total - 137

3. Trevor Ranton, Waterloo CI, R1 - 69, R2 - 70, Total - 139


1. Waterloo CI, R1 - 221, R2 - 228, Total - 439 (+13)

2. South, R1 - 225, R2 - 223, Total - 448 (+22)

3. St. Patrick's, R1 - 228, R2 - 226, Total - 454 (+28) (tb)


Rob James

Photos available on OFSAA Facebook page


Girls' Golf Festival - website


1. Julia Malone, Ashbury, Total - 75 (p)

2. Haley Barclay, Strathroy, Total - 75

3. Selena Costabile, Bill Crothers SS, Total - 76


1. EOSSAA - Eastern Ontario: Diana McDonald (78), Sarah Cushing (77), Abby Angelscu (80). Total - 235

T2. YRAA - York Region: Kristen Wong (80), Selena Costabile (76), Sonia Nagindas (83). Total - 239

T2. WOSSAA - Western Ontario: Lora Won (80), Haley Barclay (75), Alex Amos (84). Total - 239


Congratulations to all student-athletes!


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