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OFSAA Gymnastics Championship Results 2014

Wednesday, April, 9, 2014

The 2014 OFSAA Gymnastics Championships took place in Peterborough, April 7-8 and brought close to 400 student-athletes together to compete in Vault, Beam, Bars, and Floor routines as well as Sport Aerobics. Congrats to all who participated in the OFSAA experience!

Visit the OFSAA Gymnastics website

DATE: April 7th - 8th, 2014



Level 1 - Emily McCluskey, Banting (GBSSA) - 11.35
Level 2 - 
Aima Ohiwerei, Ridley College (CISAA) - 11.45
Level 3 - 
Jamie Pardo, General Amherst (SWOSSAA) - 11.3
Level 4 - 
Bailey Meraw, Bayside (COSSA) - 11.4
Level 5 - Jena Li, Napanee (EOSSAA) - 12
Level 6 - Jennifer Drane, Lockerby (NOSSA) - 13.15 


Level 1 - Taylor-Lynn Ross, WHSS (CWOSSA) - 11.5
Level 2 - 
Kailyn Maracle, Moira (COSSA) - 11.4
Level 3 - Isabelle Wilson, KDSS (CWOSSA) - 11.325
Level 4 - Chantal Labelle, College Notre Dame (NOSSA) - 11.275
Level 5 - Jena Li, Napanee (EOSSAA) - 11.875
Level 6 - Sara Carlton, 
Nottawasaga Pines (GBSSA) - 13.1


Level 1 - Crystal MacDonald, Moira (COSSA) - 10.85
Level 2 - Victoria Armstrong, Moira (COSSA) - 11.3
Level 3 - Carly White, Marymount (NOSSA) - 11.3
Level 4 - Hannah Daniel, St. Anne's (SWOSSA) - 11.4
Level 5 - Lindsey Marck, SMHS Owen Sounde (CWOSSA) - 12.125
Level 6 - 
Lauren Kesseler, Jean Vanier (SOSSA) - 13.5


Level 1 - Ariel McDonald, Toronto French School (CISAA) - 11.6
Level 2 - Kailyn Maracle, Moira (COSSA) - 11.7
Level 3 - Ashleigh Sternberg, Ridley College (CISAA) - 11.55
Level 4 - Forest Maracle, Napanee (EOSSA) - 11.675
Level 5 - Allanah Waller, SMHS Owen Sounde (CWOSSA) - 12.475
Level 6 - Abby Bolton, Ridgeway (SOSSA) - 13.55

Sport Aerobics

Novice - Toronto French School (CISAA) - 21.7
Open - College Notre Dame (NOSSA) - 22.7 


Kathy Garvey kathrynegarvey@gmail.com 705-742-3781
Liz Kuipers ekuipers@pvnccdsb.on.ca 705-745-1358

OFSAA Curling Championship Results

Saturday, March, 22, 2014

Girls' Curling
Wed-Sat, March 19-22

Visit the Championship Website
  • GOLD MEDALLISTS - Marymount Academy (NOSSA)


Boys' Curling
Wed-Sat, March 19-22
North Bay

Visit the Championship Website
  • GOLD MEDALLISTS - Central Huron S.S. (WOSSAA)
  • BRONZE MEDALLISTS - St. Maximilian Kolbe C.S.S. (YRAA)


Congratulations to all student-athletes who competed in OFSAA Championships!

OFSAA Hockey Championship Results

Friday, March, 21, 2014

Girls' Hockey
Tues-Fri, March 18-21

AAA/AAAA Championship Website
A/AA Championship Website
  • BRONZE MEDALLISTS - Appleby College (CISAA)


Boys' Hockey
Tues-Fri, March 18-21

AAA/AAAA Championship Website
  • GOLD MEDALLISTS - St Michael's College (CISAA)
A/AA Championship Website
  • SILVER MEDALLISTS - Appleby College (CISAA)
  • BRONZE MEDALLISTS - Haliburton Highlands SS (COSSA)

Lincoln M. Alexander Award available

Wednesday, March, 19, 2014

Nominate young Ontarians contributing to the elimination of racial discrimination by going to the Government of Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration website and completing the application form. 

The form can be downloaded or completed online at the link above and is due before the May 31st deadline.

Schools and especially sports in schools foster an inclusive environment of education and achievement on and off the field of play with a diverse collection of peers. Organize a nomination if somebody you know has been especially inclusive.

The Lincoln M. Alexander Award honours youth who have demonstrated leadership in eliminating racial discrimination in Ontario. The award was first given in 1993.

Three awards are given each year: two student awards and one community award.

Recipients receive a personalized certificate as well as a $5,000 cash award.

The award is named after the late Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander, who was the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, serving from 1985 – 1991. He was the first member of a minority group to serve as a Lieutenant Governor in any province in Canada.


Email: ontariohonoursandawards@ontario.ca

Phone: 416-314-7526
Toll-free: 1-877-832-8622
TTY: 416-327-2391

Mail:    Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
400 University Avenue, 4th Floor 
Toronto, ON
M7A 2R9

Updates to Rugby Protocols

Tuesday, March, 18, 2014

Updates come from Rugby Ontario and apply to rugby competition in the province. Links to specifics available in official release.

Please download the official release memo from Rugby Ontario here - Rugby Protocols Update PDF 

OFSAA Rugby Championships 2014

Mon-Wed June 2-4, Belleville & Hamilton

Thurs-Sat June 5-7, Pickering

Please be advised of updated protocols surrounding the scrum and acceptable player equipment. 

Scrum:   The   International   Rugby   Board   (herein   referred   to   as   IRB) has   recently   changed   the   scrum   laws   to   create   a   safer   scrummaging   environment   for   all   players.   The   cadence   has   once   again   been   changed   to   “Crouch-­‐Bind-­‐Set”.   It   is   important   that   scrummaging is   instructed   safely   and   effectively   at   each   level.   Resultantly, the   IRB   has   released   a   training   module   for   safe   scrummaging.

As   an   addition   to   this, the   IRB   has   also   released   a   directive   that   referees   may   now   indicate   that   the   ball   can   be   introduced   using   non-­‐verbal   communication.   Follow   this   link   for   the   IRB   Clarification.   While   the   IRB   memo   does   not   indicate   how   this   will   be   communicated, we   have   seen   that   the   top-­‐level   referees   have   adopted   a   system   whereby   they tap   the   scrumhalf   on   the   shoulder   or   back.   It   is   Rugby   Canada/Rugby   Ontario’s   position   that   referees   should   not   touch   players, at   any   level.   As   such, Rugby   Canada   is   implementing   the   following   protocol   for   referees   to   follow:  

1) When   on   the   non-­‐put   in   side   of   the   scrum, referees   are   to   initiate   eye   contact   and   point   to   the   scrum   half   as   an indication   to   put   the   ball   in   the   scrum.  

2) When   on   the   put-­‐in   side   of   the   scrum, referees   are   to   initiate   eye   contact   and   point   towards   the   tunnel   as   an   indication   to   put   the   ball   in   the   scrum.  

Additionally, referees   may   also   continue   to   use   “Yes   9” to   introduce   the   ball   to   the   scrum, dependent   on   the   needs   of the   athletes   in   the   game.   Rugby   Ontario   recommends   adopting   the   non-­verbal   introduction, although   this   may   not   be   feasible/ideal   for   all   levels   of   athletes.   Also   be   reminded   that   current   scrum   laws   are   to   be   enforced   strictly.

Goggles:   The   IRB   has   recently   also   announced   the   trial   of   a   corrective   eyewear   alternative, previously   unavailable   for   participants.  It   is   important   to   note   that   these are   not intended to be purchased   as   eye   protection, but   are   designed   to   serve   as   corrective   vision   alternatives   for   athletes   who   require   them.   Athletes   interested   in   the   trial   will   need   to   demonstrate   the   need   for   these   goggles.    

Boots:   A   reminder   to   all   participants   that   as   of   last   year, boots   with   a   toe   stud   are   now   legal   under   a   current   IRB   trial   provided   the   studs   meet   the   requirements   in   Law   4   and   in   Regulation   12.   

It   is   recommended   that   all   stakeholders   (players, coaches, referees) take   the   free   online   IRB   RugbyReady   program   annually, as   this   is   the   best   resource   for   maintaining   currency   in   safety   and   Law.   Rugby   Ready   is   available   through   the IRB   Passport, which   offers   a   number   of   other   safeties, educational, development   resources.  

Any   coaches   looking   for   education   and   development   opportunities   should   contact Fran Mason

Please   direct   any   law, regulation, safety,  IRB   Passport, or   refereeing   related   enquiries   to Tyler Coad

OFSAA Boys' Basketball, Girls' Volleyball, Swimming, Wrestling results

Monday, March, 17, 2014

OFSAA Winter Championships opened the month of March with student-athletes getting vertical on the courts, wrestling up a storm on the mat, and cutting the waves in the pool. 

Boys' AAAA Basketball
March 3-5, Mississauga 
Tournament website
Gold - Oakwood CI (TDSSAA)
Silver - Father Henry Carr (TDCAA)
Bronze - Notre Dame (ROPSSAA)
Antique Bronze - Ste. Margerite D'Youville (ROPSSAA)
Consolation Champs - Sir Allan MacNab (SOSSA)

Boys' AAA Basketball
March 3-5, Welland
Tournament website
Gold - Saltfleet (SOSSA)
Silver - Windsor Catholic (SWOSSAA)
Bronze - St. Theresa (GBSSA)
Antique Bronze - St. Patrick (NCSSA)
Consolation Champs - St. James (CWOSSA)

Boys' AA Basketball
March 3-5, Perth
Tournament website
Gold - Ascension (ROPSSAA)
Silver - St. Andrew's (CISAA)
Bronze - Merivale (NCSSAA)
Antique Bronze - St. Francis (SOSSA)
Consolation Champs - Bishop MacDonell (CWOSSA)

Boys' A Basketball
March 3-5, Timmins
Tournament website
Gold - J.L. Forster (SWOSSAA)
Silver - O'Gorman (NEOAA)
Bronze - St. Basil's (NOSSA)
Antique Bronze - King's Christian (GHAC)
Consolation Champs - Walkerton (CWOSSAA)

Girls' AAAA Volleyball
March 3-5, Barrie
Tournament website
Gold - Bishop Allen (TDCAA)
Silver - Glebe CI (NCSSAA)
Bronze - Sinclair SS (LOSSA)
Antique Bronze - Oakville Trafalgar (GHAC)
Consolation Champs - Innisdale (GBSSA) 

Girls' AAA Volleyball
March 3-5, Kingsville
Tournament website
Gold - Abbey Park (GHAC)
Silver - Oakridge SS (WOSSA)
Bronze - Widdifield SS (NOSSA)
Antique Bronze - Sir Winston Churchill (SOSSA)
Consolation Champs - ESC Franco-Cité (NCSSAA)

Girls' AA Volleyball
March 3-5, Thunder Bay
Tournament website
Gold - ESP Gisele Lalonde (NCSSAA)
Silver - Stratford Central SS (WOSSAA)
Bronze - CC Samuel-Genest (NCSSAA)
Antique Bronze - Eden HS (SOSSA)
Consolation Champs - Lo-Ellen Park (NOSSA)

Girls' A Volleyball
March 3-5, Richmond Hill
Tournament website
Gold - West Elgin (WOSSAA)
Silver - Louis Riel (NCSSAA)
Bronze - EC St. Charles Garnier (LOSSA)
Antique Bronze - Quinte CHS (COSSA)
Consolation Champs - Seaway DHS (EOSSAA)

March 4-5, Brantford
Junior Girls' Team - Georgetown District HS
Junior Boys' Team - Georgetown District HS
Senior Girls' Team - Georgetown District HS
Senior Boys' Team - Georgetown District HS
Open Girls' Team - Centennial CVI
Open Boys' Team - Michael Power-St Joseph
Mixed Para Team - St Francis CSS
Combined Team Champions - Georgetown District HS
Full individual results available on the Championship website

March 5-6, Brampton 
Overall Team Champions - Turner Fenton Secondary School (ROPSSAA)
Overall Girls' Champions - Turner Fenton Secondary School (ROPSSAA)
Overall Boys' Champions - Vincent Massey Secondary School (SWOSSA)
Full individual results available on the Championship website

Congratulations to all student-athletes who competed on behalf of their schools and their regions!

Ten reasons to go to OFSAA Girls Hockey

Sunday, March, 16, 2014

Story written by OFSAA Girls' Hockey Convener Dave Makela as a special to the Sudbury Star


By now, I hope a good number of Sudburians are aware that Greater Sudbury will play host to the OFSAA Girls Hockey championships for the first time ever beginning Tuesday of next week and culminating with the last group of finals Friday.

Here's the Top 10 reasons, a la David Letterman, why we should all be excited about this event.

10. Gratis campus visits. Gold sponsor Laurentian University is swinging open its doors to all accredited participants registered in the championship, offering free use of athletic facilities like the Olympic gold pool, climbing walls and gymnasium during their stay in Sudbury.

9. Teen Sports Night at Science North. In conjunction with the hosting of OFSAA, Science North will be hosting a special Teen Sports Night on Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m. Among the special features of this event: slapshot speed testing, accuracy shooting, NHL2014 PS3, shootout and a whole lot more. Great fun for all involved!

8. The big girls are coming to play. Past champions like St Theresa of Belleville (2012 A/AA champs), Appleby College of Oakville (2011 A/AA champs), Bill Crothers SS of Unionville (2012 AAA champs) and St Aloysius Gonzaga of Mississauga (No. 1 seed and defending AAA champs) have all confirmed their participation and will keep the level of play extremely high.

7. Two is better than one. This event is actually two championships hosted side-by-side, providing plenty of action for all to see. Two classifications of play will be offered, including one for A or AA schools (16 teams) and the other for AAA or 4A schools (16 teams), rendering a total of 78 games over four competition days.

6. Quality of play = high, cost = low. The organizing committee was firm in its commitment to keep admission prices as low as humanly possible. To this end, all access passes are just $10 per adult, $5 per student or senior. Daily admission rates will be offered as well. When was the last time you were able to get into a provincial hockey championship for as little as that?

5. We're doin' it up right. Some nice little perks, thanks largely to the generosity of sponsors, like coaches gifts, player gift bags, photo accreditation and arena hospitality, will put a unique Sudbury stamp on this event and make it a positive and memorable experience for all those concerned.

4. The locals will compete. Four local teams have qualified to compete. St Charles College (seeded fifth in A/AA), College Notre-Dame (11th seed in AAA), Es Macdonald Cartier (15th seed in AAA) and Marymount Academy (16th seed in A/AA) will provide plenty of opportunities to cheer on our local players as they compete against the best that the province has to offer.

3. Have gold, will travel. Local gold sponsors like Skater's Edge, VALE, Day Group, City of Sudbury and Laurentian University have stepped up and provided cash contributions or services in kind that will enable Sudbury to host the best championship possible.

2. Legacy of success. Both St Charles and Notre-Dame managed to reach the quarter-final round at their respective OFSAA championships last year. Hopes are high that they'll manage the same feat this year. Notre-Dame brought home a gold medal in 2008, will 2014 be the year for another? Sure will be interesting to find out.

And the No. 1 reason to get excited about hosting OFSAA Girls Hockey 2014? Two-time Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Johnston will be in attendance as a keynote speaker at Tuesday night's banquet. Coming off one of most dramatic gold medal performances in Canadian history, it will be very interesting to hear what stories Rebecca will have to tell about this experience. For any aspiring hockey player, this will be priceless.

Four venues - Carmichael, McClelland and the two pads at McCrory-Countryside – will host the games beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Make sure you're there to cheer on our local teams at this prestigious event.

Girls' Hockey Championship Details
Tuesday-Friday, March 18-21
Visit the Championship Website - A/AA and AAA/AAAA
Dave Makela 
Kim Chezzi-MacLennan 

Scholarships Available

Sunday, March, 16, 2014


OFSAA has scholarship opportunities for students moving on to post-secondary education next year. 

The Toronto Maple Leaf Alumni Scholarship and the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship both have application deadlines of April 1st.  The Leaf Alumni Scholarship is open to students in all schools in the province, while the OFSAA Alumni scholarship this year is open to students in ROPSSAA, SOSSA, and EOSSAA. 

Please encourage your students to apply. Information can be found on the scholarships page of the OFSAA website:


OFSAA Snow Sports Results

Tuesday, March, 11, 2014
Alpine Skiing Championships
February 24-25
Blue Mountain, Collingwood
Level One Girls Slalom Individual Results
Place Bib Name Team Run 1 Run 2 Total
1 3 Alexis Young JVCHS 41.00 42.41 83.41
2 34 Saree Sasson HHS 43.91 42.89 86.80
3 56 Emily Butler SCHS 45.48 42.55 88.03
4 24 Jessi McKenzie HSC 43.97 44.24 88.21
Level One Girls Slalom Team Results
1   South Carleton HS SCHS     32
2   Huntsville High School HHS     39
3   Northern Secondary NSS     43
4   Aurora High School AUR     50
Level One Girls Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 3 Alexis Young JVCHS 35.93 35.58 71.51
2 34 Saree Sasson HHS 36.34 35.33 71.67
3 11 Brett Gorski NSS 36.27 35.78 72.05
4 24 Jessi McKenzie HSC 37.31 36.07 73.38
Level One Girls Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Aurora High School AUR     63
2   Northern Secondary NSS     66
3   Abbey Park HS APHS     68
4   Greenwood College School GCS     71
Level One Boys Slalom Individual Results
1 7 Ward Kyle LKBYCS 36.10 35.93 72.03
2 11 Michael Jenkins NPN 36.57 38.18 74.75
3 8 Ian Wellman NTCI 37.96 37.60 75.56
4 34 Charlie Elliot SAC 39.08 38.68 77.76
Level One Boys Slalom Team Results
1   Saint Andrew's College SAC     18
2   South Carleton HS SCHS     44
3   North Toronto CI NTCI     50
4   Lockerby CS LKBYCS     64
Level One Boys Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 16 Will Pidduck SAC 33.38 32.81 66.19
2 31 David McCready SJAM 35.03 34.73 69.76
3 7 Ward Kyle LKBYCS 36.56 33.28 69.84
4 34 Charlie Elliot SAC 35.47 34.54 70.01
Level One Boys Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Saint Andrew's College SAC     15
2   South Carleton HS SCHS     30
3   Aurora HS AUR     66
4   Lawrence Park CI LPCI     78
Level Two Girls Slalom Individual Results
1 57 Brianna MacDonald GCS 52.80 53.27 106.07
2 5 Monica Slobozianau IMM 54.95 57.60 112.55
3 17 Samantha Boughner LPCI 55.26 57.82 113.08
4 1 Miranda Hobbs WOSS 55.76 57.70 113.46
Level Two Girls Slalom Team Results
1   Collingwood Collegiate Institute CCI     26
2   Greenwood College School GCS     40
3   Bishop Strachan School BSS   355.51 53
4   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI   357.85 53
Level Two Girls Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 6 Kristina Popadich DMCI 36.45 41.75 78.20
2 57  Brianna MacDonald GCS 37.20 41.43 78.63
3 17 Samantha Boughner LPCI 36.84 42.24 79.08
4 1 Miranda Hobbs WOSS 36.64 42.62 79.26
Level Two Girls Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI     28
2   Greenwood College School GCS     31
3   Collingwood Collegiate School CCI     49
4   Bishop Strachan School BSS     59
Level Two Boys Slalom Individual Results
1 6 Cole Rosenberg CS 50.00 50.58 100.58
2 10 Will Stone SMCS 50.77 51.92 102.69
3 8 Will Stewart CCI 51.95 51.35 103.30
4 16 Jack Mackle JVCHS 51.96 53.28 105.24
Level Two Boys Slalom Team Results
1   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI     32
2   Royal St Georges College RSGC     37
3   Collingwood Collegiate School CCI     49
4   North Toronto CI NTCI     51
Level Two Boys Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 13 Sean Locke LNPK 34.28 39.83 74.11
2 6 Cole Rosenberg CS 34.49 39.90 74.39
3 10 Will Stone SMCS 34.87 40.01 74.88
4 7 Justin Hurteau LRSS 35.46 39.80 75.26
Level Two Boys Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Collingwood Collegiate School CCI     38
2   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI     56
3   Crescent School CS     56
4   Royal St Georges College RSGC     61

For all OFSAA Alpine Skiing results please visit the official website
To order your high-quality photos of Alpine Skiing please visit spectrophotography.ca by Gerry Angus

Nordic Skiing Championships
Feb 25-26
Porcupine Ski Runners, Timmins
Junior Girls 4km Free Individual
Place Bib Name Team Association Time Difference
1 23 Alison Pouw Glebe Collegiate Institute NCSSAA 0:12:14.04  
2 116 Heidi Ohrling Collingwood Collegiate GBSSA 0:12:35.08 +21.4
3 17 Alia Sanger Lisgar Collegiate Institute NCSSAA 0:12:38.00 +23.6
4 1 Hannah Story-Korman Timiskiaming DSS NEOAA 0:12.58.08 +44.4
Junior Boys 5km Free Individual
1 314 Alexander Maycock Orangeville DSS CWOSSA 0:13:04.8  
2 231 Aidan Kirkham Earl of March NCSSAA 0:13:06.4 +1.6
3 308 Noah Thompson Parry Sound HS GBSSA 0:13:15.3 +10.5
4 228 Kyle Reinhardt Ecole Secondaire Jeunesse-Nord NOSSA 0:13:38.7 +33.9
Senior Girls 5km Free Individual
1 522 Soren Meeuwisse OD/Park Secondary School GBSSA 0:14:31.3  
2 529 Alex Stukator Collingwood Collegiate GBSSA 0:14:44.0 +12.7
3 531 Madison Fraser Chippewa Secondary School NOSSA 0:15:00.8 +29.5
4 513 Holly Brown West Carleton SS NCSSAA 0:15:01.2 +29.9
Senior Boys 7.5km Free Individual
1 745 Julian Smith West Hill SS CWOSSA 0:18:58.5  
2 699 Colton Labine O'Gorman High School NEOAA 0:19:59.2 +1:00.7
3 712 Isaac Alexander-Cook Lisgar CI NCSSAA 0:20:03.4 +1:04.9
4 679 Christopher Blakeney Lisgar CI NCSSAA 0:20:07.3 +1:08.8

 For team, relay and all full OFSAA Nordic Skiing results please visit the official website


Snowboarding Festival
February 27
Mansfield Ski Club, Mansfield

Full individual and team results for OFSAA Snowboarding Festival available at this link! 

Boys' Level 1 Individual Results
Place Bib Name School Run 1 Run 2 Total
1 28 Logan Stamp Acton 32.87 32.22 65.09
2 5 Alex Dawe Markville 34.04 31.95 65.99
3 41 Will Izzard Oakville Trafalgar 35.05 32.25 67.30
4 36 Thomas Hillyer Royal St Georges College 35.22 33.34 68.56
Girls' Level 1 Individual Results
1 1 Jaimie Figueria FFSS 35.19 35.13 70.32
2 10 Emily Ballon CHAT1 34.92 36.24 71.16
3 3 Paige Tremblay Elmwood 36.07 35.51 71.58
4 8 Laura Jones Northview Heights SS 35.68 37.37 73.05
Boys' Level 2 Indivual Results
1 174 Andrew Hildebrand Forest Hill CI 29.80 29.40 59.21
2 175 Griff Haines Oakville Trafalgar 30.50 29.00 59.45
3 186 Eric VanHees Oakville Trafalgar 30.30 30.36 60.70
4 178 Jacob Beallor CHAT 33.10 31.51 64.63
Girls' Level 2 Individual Results
1 113 Mackenzie Hamilton Hillfield Strathallan College 34.00 34.16 68.16
2 110 Rebecca Anderson Malvern CI 35.56 36.59 72.15
3 112 Jacqueline Thomas HHSS 40.31 39.68 79.99
4 117 Sarah Phillips-Smith North Toronto CI 42.24 39.38 81.62


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