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Report Card from Active Healthy Kids Canada

Thursday, July, 10, 2014

Healthy Active Kids Canada has released their 2014 Report Card on the Physical Activity of Children and Youth.

This is the 10th annual assessment of the physical activity of children and youth in Canada, and for the first time the Report Card compares Canada's physical activity against 14 other countries.

See where Canada is leading and lagging by reading the short version of the 2014 Report Card, or have a more in-depth look at the research and methods behind the study with the long version of the Report Card.

Canada is among the leaders in our relatively sophisticated policies, places and programs, with a B+ in Community & the Built Environment, a C+ in School and a C+ in Organized Sport Participation.

Canada’s Overall Physical Activity levels, however, are at a D-, clustered near the back of the pack with Australia (D-), Ireland (D-), the United States (D-) and Scotland (F). Even though 84% of Canadian kids aged 3-4 are active enough to meet guidelines, this falls to only 7% of kids meeting guidelines at ages 5-11, and only 4% meeting guidelines at ages 12-17.

Find out more at the Healthy Active Kids Canada website.

OFSAA Spring Championship Results 2014

Thursday, July, 3, 2014

OFSAA's spring championship season took place June 2-7 with 17 championships across Ontario.

Student-athletes across the province showed their best talent, skill, character, leadership and commitment through competition.

Best of luck to students with final exams and the very best to those graduating and moving on!



High School results

Open results


Boys' A/AA results

Boys' AAA/AAAA results


Girls' A/AA results

Girls' AAA/AAAA results

Boys' A/AA results

Boys' AAA/AAAA results

Track & Field

Windsor Timing results


Boys' A results

Boys' AA results

Boys' AAA results

Boys' AAAA results

Girls' A results

Girls' AA results

Girls' AAA results

Girls' AAAA results


Regional finals results

OFSAA Try Day 2014-15

Friday, June, 27, 2014

Funding of the OFSAA Try Day program for this school year has been approved. The Try Day grant this year is provided by the Ministry of Education, Government of Ontario. 93 publicly-funded schools may receive up to $700 to introduce a new sport or physical activity to their current programAs a new component to the grant, schools must include students in the planning and implementation of the program. Try Day programs must be completed by March 31st, 2015. Read the following criteria for Try Day funding and submit your application form online. Take this opportunity to enhance your physical activity and athletic programs with new and exciting activities for students in all gradesGet your application in quickly!

Click this link for more details and registration form

2014-15 Transfer Appeal Dates

Thursday, June, 19, 2014

To appeal to an Association, please call the OFSAA office and give the name of the student and school as well as the name of the principal. Please see the deadline dates posted below.

A letter will be sent to the student, c/o the principal, stating the date, time and location of the appeal hearing. The letter will outline what information the student must provide prior to the meeting date.

Meeting Date Deadline for Applications
Thurs., Oct. 2, 2014 Mon., Sept. 22, 2014
Fri., Oct. 31, 2014 Thurs., Oct. 16, 2014
Tues., Dec. 9, 2014 Mon., Nov. 24, 2014
Thurs., Feb. 19, 2015 Wed., Feb. 4, 2015
Thurs., Apr. 23, 2015 Wed., Apr. 8, 2015

Temporary OFSAA position available

Tuesday, June, 17, 2014

OFSAA is seeking an interim Assistant Director to fill in as a sick leave replacement from August 2014 until approximately February 2015.

The Assistant Director plays an integral role in the management and delivery of the Federation’s programs.  Working closely with volunteer councils and committees he/she ensures high quality programs are developed and implemented that respond to the needs of students, teacher-coaches, schools, and eighteen member athletic associations.

Interested applicants are asked to submit a resume and cover letter via email by June 26 to:

Beth Hubbard - beth@ofsaa.on.ca

More information on principal duties and qualifications required listed here - AD leave job posting

OFSAA Track & Field on Rogers TV

Friday, June, 13, 2014

The 2014 OFSAA Track and Field Championships, hosted by ROPSSAA, took place from Thursday, June 5th to Saturday, June 7th at St. Marcellinus Secondary School in Mississauga. Student-athletes from across the province of Ontario came to represent their school and compete to win an OFSAA championship.

Rogers TV was on hand to record the student-athletes in action with commentators Dana McKiel and Milt Ottey providing perspective on high school sports. See 2300 student-athletes participate in high school sports at the highest level starting Saturday, June 14th and continuing in Rogers TV broadcast rotation until the beginning of July.

“We are pleased to partner with Rogers TV to provide coverage of the OFSAA Track and Field Championship,” said Doug Gellatly, OFSAA Executive Director. “School sport provides a very unique experience for student athletes and we are committed to enhancing their education through events such as this.” 

“Rogers TV is dedicated to showcasing the accomplishments of our local athletes and pleased to broadcast the 2014 OFSAA Track and Field Championship,” said Jake Dheer, Station Manager.

PART 1 Opening ceremonies, 100m heats,
pole vault, girls' steeplechase

Saturday, June 14 at 7PM
Monday, June 23 at 7PM
Tuesday, June 24 at 2AM
Tuesday, July 1 at 7PM 

PART 2 Boys' steeplechase, high jump,
sprint hurdles, and 100m finals
Saturday, June 14 at 8PM
Monday, June 23 at 8PM
Tuesday, June 24 at 3AM
Tuesday, July 1 at 8PM 
PART 3 100m finals, 400m finals,
and field event finals
Saturday, June 14 at 9PM
Tuesday, June 24 at 7PM
Wednesday, June 25 at 2AM 
Tuesday, July 1 at 9PM 
PART 4 1,500m finals and field event finals Saturday, June 14 at 10PM
Tuesday, June 24 at 8PM
Wednesday, June 25 at 3AM 
Tuesday, July 1 at 10PM 
PART 5 4x100m finals, 4x400m heats,
and field event finals
Saturday, June 14 at 11PM
Tuesday, June 24 at 9PM
Wednesday, June 25 at 4AM 
Tuesday, July 1 at 11PM 

The overall men’s team OFSAA title was awarded to Fr. Henry Carr CSS in Rexdale and the overall women’s team OFSAA title was awarded to Bill Crothers SS in Unionville. New records were set in the men’s midget 400 metre dash, women’s midget shot put, men’s junior 300 metre hurdles, women’s senior 400 metre hurdles, women’s visually impaired 100 metre dash, men’s visually impaired 100 metre dash, men’s visually impaired 800 metre run and men’s ambulatory 800 metre run. 

Full results from the event are posted at: www.windsortiming.com <http://www.windsortiming.com/> . 

For more information please download the full release by Rogers.

OFSAA partners with Golf Association of Ontario

Friday, June, 13, 2014

News from the greens!

OFSAA and the Golf Association of Ontario have reached an agreement to enhance the student-athlete experience at the OFSAA Boys' Golf Championships.

As part of the agreement (spanning July 1, 2014 - May 31, 2016) the GAO will provide official starters, and four officials to OFSAA Golf Championships to help enforce and interpret rules of golf and pace of play, and organize pairings on day 2 of competition. Officials will work with the host committee to mark the course prior to the OFSAA tournament and will be present at the coaches' meeting to answer questions.

GAO officials will also be responsible for tournament scoring and work alongside the Championship convenor to record and post the scores on the OFSAA website. Officials will also assist OFSAA to determine par, course yardage, hole locations, course markings, and other local rules.

OFSAA is pleased to welcome GAO officials to our Championship and look forward to working together in promoting high school golf.

2014 OFSAA Golf takes place October 15-16. Check back for more details soon!

June 2014 OFSAA Bulletin magazine available

Wednesday, June, 11, 2014

OFSAA's Bulletin magazine is on its way to a school near you!

Issues have been sent to each school in Ontario, but if you'd like a copy for yourself please download the PDF version by clicking the image below;

The Spring 2014 OFSAA Bulletin includes;

  • News and updates from the OFSAA office
  • Articles for coaches and coaching education opportunities
  • Scholarships and awards
  • OFSAA Twitter accounts update
  • Results from Winter OFSAA Championships
  • 2014-15 OFSAA Championship calendar
  • ...and more!

Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship Available

Wednesday, May, 28, 2014

The Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to two student athletes that will be continuing their post secondary education at a Canadian College or University. One male and one female are awarded separate scholarships in the amounts of $5,000 each.

Preference shall be given to a student whose character is reflective of qualities that Brian Maxwell demonstrated in his life: honesty, integrity, compassion and an unwavering quest to accomplish the best he could academically and athletically while supporting his fellow team members.

Please visit the scholarships section of the OFSAA website to read more about Brian Maxwell, review the application process, and download the application form.

  • Applications are submitted to the OFSAA office for distribution to committee. 
  • Application deadline is June 16, 2014.

OFSAA Character Athlete Award Winners Spring 2014

Friday, May, 23, 2014

OFSAA’s Character Athlete Award celebrates the efforts of the exceptional student-athletes in Ontario who best exemplify the characteristics upon which OFSAA is founded.

Nominations come to the OFSAA office detailing the exceptional character of student-athletes across Ontario, inspiring those around them with their participation in school sports, involvement in school and community activities, and demonstration of OFSAA’s values.

Selecting just one boy and one girl recipient of the OFSAA Character Athlete Award is never easy, but the following two individuals stood out for their commitment to OFSAA’s values of leadership, equity, respect, growth, and commitment.

Gagnants du prix d'esprit sportif OFSAA printemps 2014

Le prix d'esprit sportif de l'OFSAA célèbre les efforts d'élèves-athlètes exceptionnels en Ontario qui personnalisent le mieux les caractéristiques fondamentales de l'OFSAA.

Le bureau de l'OFSAA reçoit les nominations détaillant la personnalité exceptionnelle d'élèves-athlètes de partout en Ontario, inspirant leur entourage par leur participation aux sports scolaires, leur implication dans les activités de l'école et de leur communauté, et leur incarnation des valeurs de l'OFSAA.

Choisir un seul récipiendaire masculin et une seule récipiendaire féminine du prix d'esprit sportif OFSAA n'est jamais facile, mais les deux personnes suivantes se sont démarquées en promouvant les valeurs de l'OFSAA telles que le leadership, l'équité, le respect, la croissance et l'engagement.  


Elsa Lalonde

École : E.S.P. Gisele-Lalonde, Orléans
Candidature proposée par : Marcel Antoine Martin

Elsa a démontré un esprit sportif remarquable durant son passage à Gisele-Lalonde en tant que membre inspirante de l'équipe de volleyball féminine AA ayant reçu la médaille d'or OFSAA.

Son entraîneur la qualifie de chef de file et de motivatrice. Elle a surmonté l'adversité en retournant sur le terrain après un accident de ski qui l'a laissée paraplégique.

Sans utiliser son fauteuil roulant durant les parties de volleyball, Elsa s'assoit sur le terrain pour servir, puis occupe la position défensive arrière six, glissant sur le sol pour atteindre le ballon.

« Elsa a démontré dès le premier jour qu'elle avait sa place dans l'équipe », affirme Marcel Antoine Martin. « Elle est un excellent exemple de la détermination d'une athlète à faire partie de l'équipe et à la soutenir du mieux qu'elle peut. »

Elsa a inspiré les autres en organisant le premier tournoi de volleyball assis à son école d'Ottawa, invitant des équipes de Toronto et de Montréal à y participer. Elle est aussi devenue une conférencière engagée et motivante qui a visité plusieurs endroits au Canada, et est impliquée dans un groupe de soutien qui se concentre sur la santé mentale des jeunes.

Elsa joue du violon au sein du groupe musical Arc-En-Song avec lequel elle a participé à une activité de levée de fonds et de sensibilisation pour des groupes communautaires lors d'une série de concerts. Une élève-athlète bien équilibrée, Elsa est la première à faire l'éloge de ses coéquipières, et la force de caractère qui lui est propre mérite d'être reconnue.

School: E.S.P. Gisele-Lalonde, Orléans
Nominated by: Marcel Antoine Martin

Elsa has demonstrated remarkable character during her time at Gisele-Lalonde as an inspiring member of the OFSAA gold medal-winning Girls’ AA volleyball team.

Her coach calls her a leader and motivator, and she has overcome adversity with her return to the court following a skiing accident that left her a paraplegic.

Without the use of her wheelchair during volleyball games, Elsa sits on the court to serve then assumes the six back position on defence, sliding around to get to the ball.

“Elsa demonstrated from day one she had her place on the team,” said Marcel Antoine Martin. “She is a fine example of an athlete’s determination to belong and contribute to her team the best she can.”

Elsa has spread inspiration to others by organizing the first sitting volleyball tournament in her Ottawa school, inviting teams from Toronto to Montreal. She also became an advocate and motivational speaker in many parts of Canada and is involved with a support group focusing on youth and mental health.

A member of the Arc-En-Song music group, Elsa plays violin and has raised money and awareness for community groups in a series of concerts. A well-rounded student-athlete, Elsa is the first to give glowing reviews of her teammates, and has shown character of her own that is deserving of recognition.


Ajeuro Abala

School: Immaculata Catholic High School, Ottawa
Nominated by: Ginette Godmaire

Ajeuro has competed in cross country running, soccer, and track & field all four years of high school. He participated in basketball and volleyball as a junior and has kept up with those sports by volunteering as a scorekeeper for both.

Sport participation aside, Ajeuro has made an impact in his community and his school with his charitable work. As a member of the Immaculata Community Efforts (I.C.E.) team, Ajeuro helped organize the Terry Fox run, blood donor clinics, school craft fairs, and has delivered Christmas baskets. He has also been a lector at school masses and refereed games for elementary schools.

A former recipient of the King Boloko Memorial Award for sportsmanship and leadership, Ajeuro’s dedication to his school has been consistent for years.

“He respects his teammates, his coaches and all officials, being a model of consistency and morality,” said Ginette Godmaire, adding he is “frequently found displaying gestures of gentlemanliness and integrity.”

Ajeuro is an example of a student-athlete with tremendous character and has earned the Character Athlete Award in recognition of his efforts.

École : Immaculata Catholic High School, Ottawa
Candidature proposée par : Ginette Godmaire

Ajeuro a participé aux compétitions de course de fond, de soccer et d'athlétisme à chacune de ses quatre années à l'école secondaire. Il a été joueur junior de basketball et de volleyball, et est demeuré impliqué dans ces deux sports de façon bénévole en tant que pointeur.

En plus de sa participation sportive, Ajeuro a su faire une différence dans sa communauté et dans son milieu scolaire grâce à son action charitable. En tant que membre de l'équipe Immaculata Community Efforts (I.C.E.), Ajeuro a contribué à l'organisation de la course Terry Fox, des collectes de sang, des expositions d'art scolaire, ainsi qu'à la livraison des paniers de Noël. Il a aussi servi comme lecteur durant les messes scolaires et comme arbitre à des joutes du niveau élémentaire.

Récipiendaire du prix King Boloko Memorial pour l'esprit d'équipe et le leadership, Ajeuro a fait preuve d'un engagement continu envers son école au fil des ans.

« Il respecte ses coéquipiers, ses entraîneurs et tous les officiels, et fait preuve de cohérence et de moralité », affirme Ginette Godmaire, ajoutant qu'il est « fréquemment aperçu en train de poser des gestes empreints d'intégrité et de bonne foi. »

Ajeuro est un exemple d'élève-athlète doté d'un caractère exceptionnel qui lui vaut la remise du prix d'esprit sportif en reconnaissance de ses efforts.


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