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Scholarships Available

Sunday, March, 16, 2014


OFSAA has scholarship opportunities for students moving on to post-secondary education next year. 

The Toronto Maple Leaf Alumni Scholarship and the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship both have application deadlines of April 1st.  The Leaf Alumni Scholarship is open to students in all schools in the province, while the OFSAA Alumni scholarship this year is open to students in ROPSSAA, SOSSA, and EOSSAA. 

Please encourage your students to apply. Information can be found on the scholarships page of the OFSAA website:


OFSAA Snow Sports Results

Tuesday, March, 11, 2014
Alpine Skiing Championships
February 24-25
Blue Mountain, Collingwood
Level One Girls Slalom Individual Results
Place Bib Name Team Run 1 Run 2 Total
1 3 Alexis Young JVCHS 41.00 42.41 83.41
2 34 Saree Sasson HHS 43.91 42.89 86.80
3 56 Emily Butler SCHS 45.48 42.55 88.03
4 24 Jessi McKenzie HSC 43.97 44.24 88.21
Level One Girls Slalom Team Results
1   South Carleton HS SCHS     32
2   Huntsville High School HHS     39
3   Northern Secondary NSS     43
4   Aurora High School AUR     50
Level One Girls Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 3 Alexis Young JVCHS 35.93 35.58 71.51
2 34 Saree Sasson HHS 36.34 35.33 71.67
3 11 Brett Gorski NSS 36.27 35.78 72.05
4 24 Jessi McKenzie HSC 37.31 36.07 73.38
Level One Girls Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Aurora High School AUR     63
2   Northern Secondary NSS     66
3   Abbey Park HS APHS     68
4   Greenwood College School GCS     71
Level One Boys Slalom Individual Results
1 7 Ward Kyle LKBYCS 36.10 35.93 72.03
2 11 Michael Jenkins NPN 36.57 38.18 74.75
3 8 Ian Wellman NTCI 37.96 37.60 75.56
4 34 Charlie Elliot SAC 39.08 38.68 77.76
Level One Boys Slalom Team Results
1   Saint Andrew's College SAC     18
2   South Carleton HS SCHS     44
3   North Toronto CI NTCI     50
4   Lockerby CS LKBYCS     64
Level One Boys Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 16 Will Pidduck SAC 33.38 32.81 66.19
2 31 David McCready SJAM 35.03 34.73 69.76
3 7 Ward Kyle LKBYCS 36.56 33.28 69.84
4 34 Charlie Elliot SAC 35.47 34.54 70.01
Level One Boys Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Saint Andrew's College SAC     15
2   South Carleton HS SCHS     30
3   Aurora HS AUR     66
4   Lawrence Park CI LPCI     78
Level Two Girls Slalom Individual Results
1 57 Brianna MacDonald GCS 52.80 53.27 106.07
2 5 Monica Slobozianau IMM 54.95 57.60 112.55
3 17 Samantha Boughner LPCI 55.26 57.82 113.08
4 1 Miranda Hobbs WOSS 55.76 57.70 113.46
Level Two Girls Slalom Team Results
1   Collingwood Collegiate Institute CCI     26
2   Greenwood College School GCS     40
3   Bishop Strachan School BSS   355.51 53
4   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI   357.85 53
Level Two Girls Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 6 Kristina Popadich DMCI 36.45 41.75 78.20
2 57  Brianna MacDonald GCS 37.20 41.43 78.63
3 17 Samantha Boughner LPCI 36.84 42.24 79.08
4 1 Miranda Hobbs WOSS 36.64 42.62 79.26
Level Two Girls Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI     28
2   Greenwood College School GCS     31
3   Collingwood Collegiate School CCI     49
4   Bishop Strachan School BSS     59
Level Two Boys Slalom Individual Results
1 6 Cole Rosenberg CS 50.00 50.58 100.58
2 10 Will Stone SMCS 50.77 51.92 102.69
3 8 Will Stewart CCI 51.95 51.35 103.30
4 16 Jack Mackle JVCHS 51.96 53.28 105.24
Level Two Boys Slalom Team Results
1   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI     32
2   Royal St Georges College RSGC     37
3   Collingwood Collegiate School CCI     49
4   North Toronto CI NTCI     51
Level Two Boys Giant Slalom Individual Results
1 13 Sean Locke LNPK 34.28 39.83 74.11
2 6 Cole Rosenberg CS 34.49 39.90 74.39
3 10 Will Stone SMCS 34.87 40.01 74.88
4 7 Justin Hurteau LRSS 35.46 39.80 75.26
Level Two Boys Giant Slalom Team Results
1   Collingwood Collegiate School CCI     38
2   Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute LPCI     56
3   Crescent School CS     56
4   Royal St Georges College RSGC     61

For all OFSAA Alpine Skiing results please visit the official website
To order your high-quality photos of Alpine Skiing please visit spectrophotography.ca by Gerry Angus

Nordic Skiing Championships
Feb 25-26
Porcupine Ski Runners, Timmins
Junior Girls 4km Free Individual
Place Bib Name Team Association Time Difference
1 23 Alison Pouw Glebe Collegiate Institute NCSSAA 0:12:14.04  
2 116 Heidi Ohrling Collingwood Collegiate GBSSA 0:12:35.08 +21.4
3 17 Alia Sanger Lisgar Collegiate Institute NCSSAA 0:12:38.00 +23.6
4 1 Hannah Story-Korman Timiskiaming DSS NEOAA 0:12.58.08 +44.4
Junior Boys 5km Free Individual
1 314 Alexander Maycock Orangeville DSS CWOSSA 0:13:04.8  
2 231 Aidan Kirkham Earl of March NCSSAA 0:13:06.4 +1.6
3 308 Noah Thompson Parry Sound HS GBSSA 0:13:15.3 +10.5
4 228 Kyle Reinhardt Ecole Secondaire Jeunesse-Nord NOSSA 0:13:38.7 +33.9
Senior Girls 5km Free Individual
1 522 Soren Meeuwisse OD/Park Secondary School GBSSA 0:14:31.3  
2 529 Alex Stukator Collingwood Collegiate GBSSA 0:14:44.0 +12.7
3 531 Madison Fraser Chippewa Secondary School NOSSA 0:15:00.8 +29.5
4 513 Holly Brown West Carleton SS NCSSAA 0:15:01.2 +29.9
Senior Boys 7.5km Free Individual
1 745 Julian Smith West Hill SS CWOSSA 0:18:58.5  
2 699 Colton Labine O'Gorman High School NEOAA 0:19:59.2 +1:00.7
3 712 Isaac Alexander-Cook Lisgar CI NCSSAA 0:20:03.4 +1:04.9
4 679 Christopher Blakeney Lisgar CI NCSSAA 0:20:07.3 +1:08.8

 For team, relay and all full OFSAA Nordic Skiing results please visit the official website


Snowboarding Festival
February 27
Mansfield Ski Club, Mansfield

Full individual and team results for OFSAA Snowboarding Festival available at this link! 

Boys' Level 1 Individual Results
Place Bib Name School Run 1 Run 2 Total
1 28 Logan Stamp Acton 32.87 32.22 65.09
2 5 Alex Dawe Markville 34.04 31.95 65.99
3 41 Will Izzard Oakville Trafalgar 35.05 32.25 67.30
4 36 Thomas Hillyer Royal St Georges College 35.22 33.34 68.56
Girls' Level 1 Individual Results
1 1 Jaimie Figueria FFSS 35.19 35.13 70.32
2 10 Emily Ballon CHAT1 34.92 36.24 71.16
3 3 Paige Tremblay Elmwood 36.07 35.51 71.58
4 8 Laura Jones Northview Heights SS 35.68 37.37 73.05
Boys' Level 2 Indivual Results
1 174 Andrew Hildebrand Forest Hill CI 29.80 29.40 59.21
2 175 Griff Haines Oakville Trafalgar 30.50 29.00 59.45
3 186 Eric VanHees Oakville Trafalgar 30.30 30.36 60.70
4 178 Jacob Beallor CHAT 33.10 31.51 64.63
Girls' Level 2 Individual Results
1 113 Mackenzie Hamilton Hillfield Strathallan College 34.00 34.16 68.16
2 110 Rebecca Anderson Malvern CI 35.56 36.59 72.15
3 112 Jacqueline Thomas HHSS 40.31 39.68 79.99
4 117 Sarah Phillips-Smith North Toronto CI 42.24 39.38 81.62

Molten Soccer Special Offer

Friday, February, 28, 2014

Is winter over yet? Can you see blades of grass peeking through the snow? Probably not, but that doesn't mean you can't start to inflate your dreams of soccer season with a new offer from Molten and OFSAA!

Molten is the official ball of OFSAA soccer and OFSAA's Soccer Championships coming June 5-7th, 2014.

In preparation for the road to OFSAA you can stock up on high quality FX-1000A BLK5 soccer balls through this new offer:
Buy three soccer balls, get one free! 

Schools are encouraged to participate in this new offer and support all of OFSAA's official sponsors.

For more on OFSAA Soccer Championships please check back soon on each of the following championship websites,

Boys' A Soccer - London

Boys' AA Soccer - Leamington

Boys' AAA Soccer - North Bay

Boys' AAAA Soccer - Belle River 

Girls' A Soccer - Windsor

Girls' AA Soccer - Collingwood

Girls' AAA Soccer - Thunder Bay

Girls' AAAA Soccer - Oakville

Snow Sports Spotlight

Tuesday, February, 25, 2014

OFSAA Nordic and Alpine Skiing Championships and Snowboard Festival immediately follow the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, giving student-athletes something to aspire to as they take the slopes.

For more on each championship/ festival please see the websites

These snowy OFSAA events gather a large number of Ontario student-athletes, especially the cross country course that can gather close to 600 participants with skiis and poles. 

This story by Benjamin Aubé from the Timmins Press talks about the OFSAA experience and what it takes to put together a championship of this magnitude. To read the whole story please visit this link to TimminsPress.com.

"TIMMINS - Rarely has the City of Timmins welcomed a sporting event on the scale of the 2014 OFSAA Nordic Championships.

From Feb. 24-26, nearly 600 of the best high school cross-country skiers from across the province will compete at the Porcupine Ski Runners for a spot at the top of the podium in both team and individual races.

Participants from 85 school across the province have traveled from far and wide for the races, in addition to their families and coaches. Event convenor John Labine said the sheer amount of skiers who take part in the Nordic Championships every year make it the third-largest high school sporting event in the country, and one of the largest cross-country ski meets in North America.

Labine said he and more than 75 volunteers in the community chose to get involved in the championships because of the unique opportunity presented to them.

He also thanked the city, as well as tourism co-ordinators Guy Lamarche and Mandy Wilson, for helping making the entire process of organizing the provincial championships a top-class event, and invited the general public to come out and watch the talent in action.

“It’s definitely a team effort,” said Labine. “There are about 75 volunteers or so involved, and it wouldn’t be possible without them. It’s all a little overwhelming when you’re organizing something of this scale, but it’s a great thing for everyone here, and it’s great for the city.”

OFSAA Remembers Gord Smith

Friday, February, 21, 2014

The sporting community in Ontario and across Canada have lost a longtime leader of the football at all levels in the country.

"Mr. Football," Gord Smith passed away Wednesday after a lengthy battle with cancer.

A teacher-coach involved in sports at the high school level for a career that spanned four decades, OFSAA remembers Gord as a great person who co-convened OFSAA Track & Field Championships, was OFSAA's representative with Football Canada, received the Pete Beach Award in 1996 and had his referee jersey retired in a ceremony last year as one of the most respected officials in Canada.

Read more about Gord Smith's life and contributions to sport in this article from the Belleville Intelligencer.

Try Day is now full!

Wednesday, February, 19, 2014

Those schools that have been accepted for Try Day funding have been notified by email.  All reporting packages should be received by early next week, so if you are one of the lucky schools receiving funding and do not get your reporting package by then, please contact diana@ofsaa.on.ca

High School Grand Prix 2014 Teams Announced

Monday, January, 20, 2014

Track & Field athletes from across Canada will converge on Toronto's Varsity Stadium in May to participate and compete in the third edition of the NIKE High School Grand Prix. 

This event unites student-athletes and teacher-coaches from coast-to-coast in a unique, cross-cultural event that has seen a great response in the first two years of competition. Students from across the country enjoy the opportunity to mix competition and sportsmanship while building new friendships and having the experience of a lifetime!

View the official HSGP press release

With student-athletes representing 12 provinces and territories, OFSAA is proud to introduce the Boys' and Girls' teams that will be participating on behalf of Ontario.

Congratulations to the girls’ and boys’ Ontario teams!

Girls’ – Lord Dorchester Secondary School (Dorchester)
A small school of 520 students outside of London, the team looks forward to learning community values and training techniques from other student-athletes across the country, and build track & field support in their school community.
Coaches: James Tennant, Jen Ashby


Boys’ – Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School (Kingston)
In the past five years with no track suitable for competition, the track & field team was forced to travel to Belleville to compete. With leadership in the school and community they have built a new track and hope participation in the HSGP can help inspire student-athletes to rebuild the track & field team too.
Coaches: Joanna Besselink, Robin Dziemienko

Visit the High School Grand Prix website

Follow "High School Grand Prix" on Facebook and on Twitter


OFSAA Wrestling Playing Regulation Update

Friday, January, 17, 2014

Please be advised that the following rule changes will be in effect for the 2014 OFSAA Wrestling Championships. These changes will supersede those published in the 2013-2014 edition of the Wrestling Canada Lutte Rulebook. All other rules previously published in the 2013-2014 edition will be in effect. This is necessary because OFSAA playing regulations state that we follow CAWA rules. Because CAWA made these changes, OFSAA must follow the changes.

Competition Format:

A wrestler must have a minimum of 30 minutes rest between the end of one bout and the beginning of the next bout.

Wrestling Rules:

Technical Superiority
• 10 points for Freestyle Wrestling.

• Freestyle Wrestling: 4 points for all throws.

End of Match
• Elimination of 2 x 3 points and seven point differential resulting in a victory.

Par Terre
• Elimination of the 5 second count for the 1 additional back point exposure.

• From the standing or neutral position, whenever a wrestler secures control of his/her opponent and brings him down without back exposure, 2 points are awarded. This may occur as either an offensive or defensive maneuver (anything that goes directly from the feet to the back is worth 4 points).


Please follow this link to visit the OFSAA Wrestling website for more details on the upcoming 2014 OFSAA Wrestling Championships, March 5-6 in Brampton

ACTIVATE Ontario partners with Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Monday, January, 13, 2014

For active student-athletes seeking leadership opportunities and another way to get involved, youth in Ontario are invited to participate in the ACTIVATE Ontario initiative and leadership forum.

Click this link to see video of the ACTIVATE Leadership Conference, and read more details of the initiative from the release below;

A two-year partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, in support Motivate Canada’s new ACTIVATE Ontario initiative, will provide Ontario youth with an unprecedented opportunity for civic engagement and personal growth. This new initiative will engage and train teams of youth leaders to play an active role in increasing sport participation, self-esteem, and leadership of youth across Ontario, as well as enhancing the knowledge and understanding of mental health and nutrition concepts and resources. 

Today’s announcement includes an immediate call for applications for the first ACTIVATE Ontario Training Summit which will take place from February 21-23 in Ottawa. The weekend training session – which will include workshops on physical literacy, sport programming, wellness (including mental-health), and leadership – will certify youth as Trainers to host an ACTIVATE Leadership Forum for their region. By partnering with a school or youth-serving organization in their community and completing the Training Summit, teams of 4 Youth Trainers will be eligible to receive up to $12,650 in funding to apply toward developing their own Leadership Forum. 

“Nutrition, physical activity and mental health are key building blocks to healthier living, which is why we are so pleased to support ACTIVATE Ontario. I am confident this program will help youth enrich themselves and make a real difference in their communities,” says the Honourable Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. 

The fee for an individual applicant to attend the ACTIVATE Ontario Leadership Training Summit in February is only $100. All other costs such as meals, travel, and accommodations are subsidized. Interested youth should apply on line at www.motivatecanada.ca/activate/apply. The application deadline is January 27, 2014 at 11:59pm (EST). 

“Thanks to support from the Ontario government and our others partners, Kids Help Phone and ParticipACTION’s Teen Challenge Program, ACTIVATE Ontario will provide youth leaders with the training, resources, and confidence they need to deliver a Leadership Forum of their own design.” says ACTIVATE Program Manager, Zach Hayes. “Through these Forums, teams of youth leaders will work with other young people in their region to help them realize their leadership potential and to create sport or physical activity projects in their communities.” 

Since its inception in 2004, the ACTIVATE program has hosted 14 Leadership Forums at national and regional levels. Now, Ontario schools and community organizations and their youth leaders have the opportunity to take ownership of this program by creating their own Forums using the Youth Driven Development framework Motivate Canada has developed over the past decade. 

About Motivate Canada: 
Motivate Canada’s Youth-Driven Development approach taps into the natural optimism, energy, curiosity, and adventurous spirit that young people have in abundance. Using the power of sport, physical activity and positive peer role models, Motivate Canada’s four core programs— GEN7, ESTEEM Team, ACTIVATE, and Active Circle—give young people the tools, training, and confidence to make a difference in their lives and communities on their own terms. For more information please visit: www.motivatecanada.ca/en/activate


Geoffery Biss 
ACTIVATE Ontario Program Coordinator 1-866-378-3361 extension 233 
Cell: (416) 888-4830 

CAAWS Free Wednesday Webinars

Friday, January, 10, 2014

The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) recently announced a free series of lunchtime webinars to help engage women and girls in sports in Ontario.

Learn more about registering for the Webinars and about CAAWS on the website - http://www.caaws.ca/programs/actively-engaging-women-and-girls-across-ontario/


CAAWS’ “Webinar Wednesdays” series is designed as information sessions for Ontario-based community, regional and provincial sport and physical activity organizations. Special guests will join host Sheilagh Croxon, providing valuable learning opportunities.

Space is limited – priority for live webinars will be given to participants in Ontario.
Note: Webinars will be recorded and posted here for access by all.

• Wednesday, January 22, 2014 12:30 – 1:30 EST
Creating Inclusive Environments for Women and Girls
Drawing on findings from CAAWS’ CS4L publication, “Actively Engaging Women and Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social Factors”, this webinar will review factors that can enhance or limit the participation and leadership of women and girls. This webinar will help service providers to gain a better understanding of how to create positive programs and inclusive environments on the playground, in competitive settings, and around the board table, contributing to the success of all.

*Participation in this webinar is recommended for organizations interested in submitting an application for the CAAWS Incentive Grants (see above)

Register by January 20, 2014.

• Wednesday, March 5, 2014 – Celebrate International Women’s Day early with CAAWS!
Men are important allies for women and girls and participants and leaders in Canada’s sport and physical activity system. Created with men in mind, this webinar will provide the “manswers” for common questions relating to women’s and girls’ participation, coaching female athletes, supporting women around the board table, and more.  Register…

• Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Promoting Girls’ and Women’s Participation Across the Lifespan
This webinar will provide success stories, tips, and practical advice to help community program leaders and decision-makers engage three important target groups: girls and young women; mothers; and women aged 55-70+. Participants will be connected to the research, tools, and networks available through CAAWS’ On the Move, Mothers in Motion, and Physical Activity and Sport for Women 55-70+ initiative. A number of new CS4L resources will be released.  Register…

• Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Policies on Paper vs. Policies in Action
Policies can be powerful tools to support the participation and leadership of women and girls. Unfortunately, many policies sit dormant on our shelves, rather than being put into action. This webinar will provide examples of diverse policies that are making a difference for women and girls in Canada’s sport and physical activity sector. Tips for creating and implementing policy will be shared; examples of what not to do will also be discussed. Register…


Sheilagh Croxon, Project Coordinator


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