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Congratulations to Carly Steer and Brett Sontag, OFSAA Character Athletes

Tuesday, March, 27, 2012

Congratulations to Carly Steer from Holy Names Catholic High School and Brett Sontag from Gravenhurst High School, chosen to be the female and male recipients of the OFSAA Character Athlete Award this winter.

Carly Steer was nominated by her coach Jackie Lopez, who says Carly has accomplished so much athletically at such a young age, and is one of the most hardworking and dedicated students she has taught.

Carly has played on her school's senior girls' basketball team since Grade 9, as well as the volleyball team and track events. She has coached the Windsor Valients basketball house league, helped out at her local elementary school, and volunteered in various other capacities in her community.

"Carly is a quiet leader who always looks to help others in any way possible," said Carly's coach Jackie. "She is extremely humble and is a wonderful example of out school motto: allis non sibi, for others not oneself."

OFSAA's male character athlete Brett Sontag was nominated by his coach Stephanie Walker, who says Brett always shows respect for other athletes, and praises fellow competitors for a good play, whether they are on his team or not. At his school, Brett participates in golf, curling, volleyball, hockey, badminton, and track and field.

He is also a member of his school's performing arts club, the Gravenhurst HS "Star-Project", and vounteers to help coach the girls' hockey team.

"Brett it easy to talk to, and often makes friends during competitions," said Brett's coach Stephanie. "He is very respectful of his peers and coaches, and is very dedicated to sport in our school."

Check out an article about Brett and the Character Athlete Award here.

Congratulations to both Brett and Carly! They will both receive a commemorative plaque from OFSAA celebrating their accomplishment.

The Character Athlete Award is given to students who embody OFSAA’s values of leadership, commitment, equity, respect and sportsmanship.
If you wish to nominate a student-athlete for the Character Athlete Award, please visit our Awards section and fill out the application form.

Schools Announced for Nike Grand Prix

Friday, March, 23, 2012

Congratulations to the two schools who will each be sending one team to the Nike High School Grand Prix presented by School Sport Canada.

A girls' track team from JF Ross (Guelph), and boys' team from Lycee Claudel (Ottawa) will be joining schools from across the country on May 10-13 at the event in Toronto, which is an opportunity for Canadian student-athletes to gather together in a cultural, educational, and competitive forum.

Please click here for more details on the event. We thank all schools for applying!

OFSAA Winter Championships/Festivals

Monday, February, 13, 2012

OFSAA has many upcoming events this winter! For more information, click on the championship name below to be taken to the website.



Nordic Skiing
Thursday - Friday, February 23 - 24
 Alpine Skiing Monday - Tuesday, February 27 - 28
Blue Mountain, Collingwood
Snowboarding (Festival) Thursday, March 1
Swimming Tuesday - Wednesday, March 6 - 7
Wrestling Tuesday - Wednesday, March 6 - 7
Boys' A Basketball
Monday - Wednesday, March 5 - 7
St. Catharines
Boys' AA Basketball Monday - Wednesday, March 5 - 7
St. Catharines
Boys' AAA Basketball Monday - Wednesday, March 5 - 7
Boys' AAAA Basketball Monday - Wednesday, March 5 - 7
Girls' A Volleyball Monday - Wednesday, March 5 - 7
Girls' AA Volleyball Monday - Wednesday, March 5 - 7
Girls' AAA Volleyball
Tuesday - Wednesday, March 6 - 7
Girls' AAAA Volleyball Tuesday - Wednesday, March 6 - 7
 Girls' A/AA Hockey Tuesday - Friday, March 20 - 23
 Girls' AAA/AAAA Hockey Tuesday - Friday, March 20 - 23
 Boys' A/AA Hockey Wednesday - Saturday, March 21 - 24
Boys' AAA/AAAA Hockey Wednesday - Saturday, March 21 - 24
Wednesday - Saturday, March 21 - 24
Welland/St. Catharines/Niagara Falls

OFSAA Swimming Championship Venue Change

Friday, February, 10, 2012

Please be advised, the 2012 OFSAA Swimming Championship has been moved from the Etobicoke Olympium to the Milton Sports Centre in Milton. The championship will still take place from March 6 - 7.

Over the past month, OFSAA and Swimming Convenor/SAC Chair Kevin Wong have been monitoring the labour negotiations between the City of Toronto and the labour unions that affect the operation of many services and facilities in Toronto, including the Etobicoke Olympium. As a preventative measure, and to ensure that the 2012 OFSAA Swimming Championship will take place according to schedule, OFSAA has decided to move the championship to Milton.

You may read the official memo here.

Click here to view the Swimming Championship website.

Fear Factor: The "G" Word

Friday, January, 27, 2012
By Lynne Smiley

Why is it that one simple word can illicit such fear in the hearts and minds of school administrators and teachers everywhere? You know, the “G” word – Gymnastics. If I called it “fitness” would that help relieve your racing heart palpitations?

Historically, gymnastics has formed the core of physical education programs throughout the world. Its foundation is based on physical training principles through the learning of fitness and movement fundamentals (balance, locomotion, rotation, springing, swinging, and landing), with or without, or on an apparatus. The training for greater fitness development in endurance, strength, power, flexibility, agility, speed and co-ordination, is the key to successful learning of any sport specific skills, not just gymnastics skills.

It is so important to our youth that schools, administrators, teachers, coaches and teacher advisors can offer a variety of activities for students by providing healthy, active lifestyles through sport, while providing safe environments for their participation in sport. With this in mind, let me take some of the fear out of the “G” word by providing information about the sanctioned OFSAA Sport of Girls’ Gymnastics.

In OFSAA Girls’ Gymnastics there are 6 competitive levels. Levels 1 to 3 are beginner levels for girls with little or no experience in gymnastics other than what they have learned in their school programs. Levels 4 to 6 accommodates the athletes who have club or competitive experience. This is a high school sport for girls, and the rules are designed to embrace the inexperienced and experienced athlete, yet is not exclusive to nor dominated by club trained gymnasts. Although many school teams may utilize gymnastics clubs (teacher advisor/teacher coach must be in attendance) to train in a safe environment where equipment apparatus is available, OFSAA Technical Rules mandate that a minimum of one practice a week must take place within their school which could be conditioning practice or working on choreography.

Gymnastics is uniquely different than any other of the team or individual sports offered to high school girls due to the artistic and creative nature of the sport, as well as the athletic skills involved. Besides Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, which is comprised of Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise, Aerobic Gymnastics is also part of OFSAA Girls Gymnastics. There’s that “G” word again.  If I called it “Sport Aerobics” would you start breathing again?

What is Aerobic Gymnastics?

Aerobic Gymnastics is another exciting and dynamic discipline of the sport of gymnastics. Its popularity is world-wide with programs operating from recreational (Aero-Gym), school-based programs to OFSAA, Provincial, National, and International competitive programs. Aerobic Dance (which allows more dance content) is the newest event category to debut on the world stage. Recreation or school-based programs call it Gym Dance.  
Aerobic Gymnastics is a creative combination of aerobic and dance choreography with fitness difficulty elements such as pushups, holds, jumps/leaps and turns. No tumbling is allowed although forward, back, and side rolls may be used for changing levels. It involves high-energy/cardio routines that maximize development of core strength, flexibility and power and is performed in a 12x12 floor area/space (a matted –spring floor is not required). In group routines, lifts are required; however, unlike cheerleading, propulsion on lifts is prohibited. 

OFSAA  Aerobic Gymnastics (aka Sports Aerobics)

Aerobic Gymnastics is a team competition. A team may be comprised of 4, 5 or 6 competitors. There are two competitive OFSAA Aerobic Gymnastics (Sports Aerobics) categories.

Open: This category may consist of teams from schools competing in artistic gymnastics or may be teams from schools that do not have or compete in the artistic gymnastics program.

Novice: All team members must be competing in Artistic Gymnastics Levels 1 – 3.  Each member of a school’s Novice Aerobic Gymnastics’ team must have competed as a member of the school’s artistic gymnastics team in at least one artistic gymnastics competition during the current competitive season. Members of the school’s aerobic gymnastics team do not have to qualify for an OFSAA artistic gymnastics event to qualify for the OFSAA aerobic gymnastics team.

Aerobic Gymnastics is an activity that can provide enhancement to existing fitness, dance or gymnastics programs in the curriculum; as well as offering the opportunity for high school competition in the sanctioned OFSAA Sport of Girls Gymnastics. To see the sport in action, check out the video clip from the OFSAA 2010 Provincial Championship

No need to fear the “G” word any longer. Please contact your local Athletic Association for information on your Association entry process to attend the OFSAA Gymnastics Championship.

Resources Available to You
  • To learn more about the school-based gymnastics’ programs, workshop sessions are being offered at the OFSAA Women’s Sport School in May 2012.
  • For information on Aerobic Gymnastics please contact Lynne Smiley at 905-648-1662 or email bsmiley25@cogeco.ca.
  • If you would like to know about coaching courses available please visit Gymnastics Ontario website- www.ogf.com, call 416-426-7096 or email yuliana@ogf.com.
  • The Technical Rules & Playing Regulations are located on the OFSAA website here.

Lynne Smiley is a retired teacher and former member of the OFSAA Gymnastics Sport Advisory Committee.

Nominations Being Accepted for OFSAA Vice President

Friday, January, 13, 2012

The Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) is a provincial federation of Associations encompassing volunteer teacher-coaches, students, and administrators. OFSAA is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the educational value of school sport. As an advocate for school sport, OFSAA provides leadership in advancing the educational benefits of participation through its services, resources and the conduct of secondary school sport Championships.

OFSAA is currently accepting nominations for the position of vice president. In this six-year volunteer leadership role, the person chosen to be vice president will serve a two-year term beginning in 2012-13, followed by two years as president, and then two years as past president.  All nominees must be either a principal or a vice principal and be able to commit 7 - 12 weekdays per year for meetings and functions. Click here for a description of duties.

An Association Representative may nominate an individual for this position by emailing Doug Gellatly at doug@ofsaa.on.ca. This should be done after consultation with their Association's principals' representative.  A resume summarizing the nominee's experience and accomplishments in education and school sport must accompany the nomination. In addition to the resume, please include the following information for both the nominator and the nominee:

  • Name of association
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • School name and address

The deadline for nominations is February 29, 2012.

Nike Grand Prix Track Event

Wednesday, December, 21, 2011
Please note we are still accepting applications for girls' teams only. The deadline has been extended to February 3, 2012.

School Sport Canada is presenting the first ever Nike Grand Prix, a track event in Toronto from May 10-13 involving students from all over Canada. This is not a national championship, but an opportunity for student-athletes from across Canada to gather together in a cultural, educational, and competitive forum.

Each province and territory in Canada is permitted to send one boys' and one girls' track and field team to this event. Each team will consist of 13 student-athletes and two coaches from the same school (smaller schools with less than 13 interested students may combine with another smaller school to form a team). Teams will have the opportunity to take part in a weekend of activities in Toronto that involve tourist attractions, educational panels, social activities, and a one-day track and field meet to showcase the student-athletes of Canada.

The Nike High School Grand Prix is open to students from Grades 10-12, and will be a one-of-a-kind experience commemorating school sport in Canada. The aim is to:

  • Inspire excellence in high school athletes
  • Unite student-athletes from across the nation
  • Celebrate the sport of track and field in Canada!

Teams will be chosen by a committee of educators based on leadership, school involvement, track and field experience, and their response to the following question: What does your team expect to learn from participating in the Nike Grand Prix and how will your team use the experience to positively impact your school and its track and field program?

Interested schools are asked to apply by February 3, 2012.

Please click here for further detail about this event.

Please click here for further detail in French.

Nike High School Grand Prix Application Form

Events offered:
  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 400m
  • 800m
  • 1500m
  • 110m hurdles
  • Long jump
  • High jump
  • Shotput
  • 4 x 100m (combined with other provinces to form a team)

The Value of High School Sports

Tuesday, December, 6, 2011

If you are a student, student-athlete, coach or parent, we need your help!

OFSAA is gathering data on the value of high school sport, and we need you to complete a survey and let us know your views. The results of this survey will be collected anonymously and analyzed to provide insight on the value of sport in Ontario's education system.

Please provide us with your views on school sport by completing one of the following surveys, depending on your role in high school sports:

STUDENT -  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/OFSAA_student

COACH -  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/OFSAA_coaches

PARENT - https//www.surveymonkey.com/s/OFSAA_parent

OFSAA Fall Championships

Tuesday, October, 18, 2011

OFSAA has many upcoming events this fall! For more information, click on the championship name below to be taken to the website.



Girls' Field Hockey Thursday - Saturday, November. 3 - 5
Cross Country Saturday, November 5
Boys' A Volleyball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
Boys' AA Volleyball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
Boys' AAA Volleyball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
Boys' AAAA Volleyball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
Girls' A Basketball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
St. Catharines
Girls' AA Basketball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
Girls' AAA Basketball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
Girls' AAAA Basketball Thursday - Saturday, November 24 - 26
Belle River
Boys' Football Bowls (Festival) Tuesday, November 29


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