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Recharge With Milk

Wednesday, October, 30, 2013

OFSAA Basketball and Recharge with Milk are happy to present the Up Your Game program once again for the 2013-14 season and will support high school basketball in Ontario, working to improve the experience for all players and coaches involved. 

Be sure to visit upyourgame.ca for free downloadable content to help your team with valuable training tips and techniques, nutritional information, and specially designed drills with videos where you can ultimately "Face the Beast" and take your game to the next level. Power up by getting the facts on hydration, endurance, muscle building, carbs and protein. 

For coaching tips, questions and concerns, you can reach out to Ryerson Rams and the Junior Men's Canadian National Team head coach Roy Rana through the site. There are many valuable tools in the Coaches Clipboard including coaching notes, practice plans, season support checklist - and more.

Concussion Advice

Wednesday, October, 16, 2013
Concussion Advice

While all efforts are made to avoid sports-related injuries, quick-moving, high-jumping, hard-hitting bodies are often drawn into contact through the nature of competitive games. Some injuries are easier to detect than others and recent research into the causes and effects of concussions has increased concussion awareness. More likely to happen in some sports than others, it's better to be prepared with the knowledge and background of medical professionals that can help avoid serious injury at all levels.

Recently, the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) refined their Concussion Protocols to reflect, "the most recent research and the guidelines outlined in the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport, Zurich, November 2012." These updated guidelines will assist with,

  • Concussion Management Procedures: Return to Learn and Return to Physical Activity
  • Tools to Identify a Suspected Concussion
  • Documentation of Medical Examination
  • Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion – Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan

To access the new concussion appendices please follow this link to the OPHEA Concussion Protocols Page

In addition, School Sport Canada offers FREE coaching courses available through this link to Programs on the OFSAA website under Coaching In Ontario Schools (CIOS) which include an excellent course called, "Concussion in Sports - What You Need To Know."

The description of the CIOS course says, "National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have teamed up to provide information and resources to help educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in high school sports. Mick Koester M.D., ATC, Chair of the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and Director of the Slocum Sports Concussion in Eugene, Oregon takes you through this course. In this course you will understand the impact sports-related concussion can have on your players, how to recognize a suspected concussion, the proper protocols to manage a suspected concussion, and steps to help your player return to play safely after experiencing a concussion."

Finally, if you're looking for the best of the best of expert advice on concussions, please consider attending the "2nd annual International Summit on Concussions: Prevention and Next Steps," which will be held at the Hilton Fallsview Hotel in Niagara Falls Ontario, on Thursday October 24, and Friday October 25, 2013 featuring world renowned keynote speakers.

This timely Summit will help guide in answering the following essential questions

  • How conservative should you be (return to play) when you have to consider the child’s academic and emotional welfare: what comes first? How is that managed?
  • How do you handle informed consent when neither the student nor their parent has any idea of the risk or consequences?

School sport is meant to be fun and educational, and a large part of that is safe participation. Administrators, coaches and students should be aware of concussion protocols and play safe.

    Gear Up for 2013-14 with OFSAA

    Wednesday, August, 28, 2013
    OFSAA Guides and Rulebooks

    The 2013-14 competitive sports season is upon us and we'd like to help you get prepare. Please visit our webstore for a selection of score pads, rulebooks, and stat sheets. Also find manuals and handbooks for coaches and players for Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Curling, Rugby, Volleyball and more. Get what you need to kickstart the school year with OFSAA sports!

    Follow this link directly to our webstore and start the season off right - OFSAA Webstore

    Spalding becomes official football of OFSAA

    Tuesday, August, 27, 2013

    OFSAA is excited to announce Spalding as its official football.  Spalding has been a strong supporter of OFSAA basketball for many years and will now bring their support of high school sport to football beginning in September 2013.  The Spalding J5V Leather Football will be used at all OFSAA Regional Playoffs and the OFSAA Bowl Series games. 

    For more information on the Spalding J5V football or information for local retailers please contact Kevin Sookram at 905-607-3865 ext. 5414 or kevin.sookram@fotlinc.com.

    Ophea Concussion Guidelines

    Wednesday, June, 5, 2013

    Ophea is pleased to release new and revised concussion protocol appendices based on the most recent research and the guidelines outlined in the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport, Zurich, November 2012. These new and revised concussion appendices replace the September 2012 concussion appendices in each of the 6 modules, and are effective immediately.

    Developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the
    ThinkFirst Concussion Education and Awareness Committee and the Recognition and Awareness Working Group of the mTBI/Concussion Strategy there are now 4 concussion appendices:

    Concussion Management Procedures: Return to Learn and Return to Physical Activity

    Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion

    Documentation of Medical Examination

    Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion – Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan

    For more information, and to access the concussion appendices, please visit: http://safety.ophea.net/release-of-new-and-revised-concussion-protocols <http://safety.ophea.net/release-of-new-and-revised-concussion-protocols

    New Spalding Basketball for Championships

    Friday, March, 1, 2013

    Beginning in September 2013, all OFSAA Basketball Championships will be using the NEW Spalding TF-1000 LEGACY Basketball.  The LEGACY basketball replaces the TF-1000 ZK Pro.  Spalding is excited to announce the launch of its LEGACY basketball which was designed based on feedback it received for improvement of the ZK Pro.  Specifically, the LEGACY ball addresses concerns regarding ball slickness.  

    The shell of the LEGACY basketball is foam infused which allows for better grip and improved moisture management.  The shell is also built into the bladder which prevents panels from peeling for greater durability.  The channel depth has also been adjusted to find a perfect balance for shooting and dribbling.     

    The TF-1000 LEGACY is ready to play right out of the box with no need to “work it in” prior to competition! 

    Contact your local retail to order the NEW Spalding TF-1000 LEGACY or contact Kevin Sookram at  Kevin.Sookram@fotlinc.com or 905-607-3865 ext 5414 for any questions you have regarding where you can purchase the new LEGACY basketball. 

    Any questions regarding the use of the TF-1000 LEGACY at OFSAA competition can be directed to Michael Suraci at michael@ofsaa.on.ca or 416-426-7440.

    OPHEA Opens Safety Guidelines to all Ontario Residents

    Thursday, October, 18, 2012

    The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines 

    The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines (Safety Guidelines), available in English and French, represent the minimum standards for risk management practice for physical education, physical activities and sports within school boards. They outline safe practices for physical activities to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. The Safety Guidelines are a valuable online resource for all school board staff, principals, teachers, coaches and parents in Ontario. 

    Historically, the Safety Guidelines have been available on a subscription-only basis. In response to recent student fatalities and accidents associated with school-based sport, and to help ensure the safety of all students of Ontario, as of October 2012, Ophea has received funding from the Government of Ontario to open access to the Safety Guidelines. As a result, the Safety Guidelines website is no longer password-protected, and the Safety Guidelines are now available for all teachers, administrators, coaches, after school providers, public health workers and parents across Ontario to access, free-of-charge. 

    To access the Safety Guidelines, please visit http://safety.ophea.net or contact safety@ophea.net 

    The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines have been developed, and continue to be maintained, in partnership with OSBIE, CIRA-ON, OFSAA and OASPHE . 

    Les lignes directrices sur la sécurité en éducation physique de l'Ontario 

    Les lignes directrices sur la sécurité en éducation physiques de l'Ontario (les lignes directrices), disponibles en anglais et en français, indiquent les normes minimales à intégrer à la politique de gestion des risques pour l'éducation physique, ainsi que pour les activités physiques et sportives offertes par les conseils scolaires. Elles décrivent les pratiques sécuritaires à respecter pour toute activité physique afin de minimiser le risque d'accident ou de blessure. Les lignes directrices constituent une ressource en ligne utile pour les conseils scolaires, les directions d’écoles, les enseignants et enseignantes, les entraîneurs et les parents. 

    Jusqu'à présent, un abonnement était nécessaire pour accéder aux lignes directrices. En raison des accidents et des décès d'élèves récents liés aux sports scolaires, et afin d'assurer la meilleure protection possible pour tous les élèves de l'Ontario, Ophea peut, grâce au financement du gouvernement de l'Ontario, offrir libre accès aux lignes directrices sur la sécurité à partir du mois d'octobre 2012. Donc, le site Web des lignes directrices ne requiert plus de mot de passe, et les lignes directrices peuvent dorénavant être consultées par tous les enseignants, les administrateurs, les entraîneurs, les fournisseurs d'activités parascolaires, les professionnels du réseau de santé publique et les parents, partout en Ontario. 

    Pour consulter les lignes directrices sur la sécurité, veuillez visiter le site http://safety.ophea.net/fr ou contacter securite@ophea.net 

    Les lignes directrices sur la sécurité en éducation physique de l'Ontario ont été rédigées et sont révisées de façon continue en collaboration avec OSBIE, CIRA-ON, OFSAA et OASPHE. 


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