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Coaches / Convenors

Coaches beat the line and register your team early by filling out this form!


1. Ensure that the full school name is used in Hytek (ie: Not GCVI or ECD, etc ...)

2. Complete the below forms and submit to your association convenor and bring a copy to the coaches meeting

3. Ensure that all Para athletes have their "S Classification" number entered with their last name in the Association Hytek Program

4. Ensure all scratches are forwarded to Association Convenor (Athletes exceeding entry requirements will be removed at the discretion of meet management if not already done by coach)

5. Attend coaches' meeting to trade your forms for coaches' packages and deck entry passes

*See Here for full Checklist of things to do for coaches* 

Association Convenors / Meet Managers

1. Forward complete back-up of Hytek database to Ben Balkwill at : by February 20th, 2018 at 11:59pm

2. Ensure that full names of schools (ie: not GCVI or ECD), attach association to school name if it is a Catholic School (There are many Notre Dame's, St. Thomas Aquinas' and St. Mary's in the province.)

3. Collect and forward all scratches to :

4. Complete the below form

Your association convenor will submit ONE (1) form and ONE (1) cheque PAYABLE xxx by xxxxx  2019.

Cheques can be mailed to


5. Forward cheque and all associated forms to OFSAA Convenor. Please contact the convenor directly if you're bringing forms to the coaches' meeting.

Other Forms