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Registration at the 2018 OFSAA Track and Field Championships

  • Package Pick Up Information  
    (Registration Pick Up opens Thurs. June 7th @ 11:00am and will be open all day Friday and Saturday until 3pm)


Required Forms for Athletes

  • The following hard-copy forms MUST be completed, including all necessary signatures, and submitted to the Regional Convenor upon registration at the Regional Meet. Teams that fail to submit these forms will not be permitted to compete until the forms have been received.
  • OFSAA Regional Convenors will submit all the required forms to the OFSAA Convenors (all files are provided in chart below):  
Forms Required for OFSAA Track & Field
OFSAA Supervision- 2018 OFSAA Supervision- 2018
OFSAA Practice - 2018 OFSAA Practice- 2018
OFSAA Rules of Behaviour - 2018 OFSAA Rules of Behaviour- 2018
 OFSAA Release of Liability*- 2018 OFSAA Release of Liability* - 2018
OFSAA Eligibility** - 2018 OFSAA Eligibility**- 2018
  • NOTES:
  • * OFSAA Release of Liability Form:  a separate completed form is required for EACH athlete competing in the OFSAA Track & Field Championship Meet.
  • **OFSAA Eligibility Form:   any one of the OFSAA Eligibility Form, completed AELS form or a completed Association Eligibility Form is acceptable.


All Forms required for Para Athletes are available below:



Other Forms & Information