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Leadership in Sport Awards:  Dave Collie, Beamsville District Secondary School, SOSSA and Chris Lowry, Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School, CWOSSA

Referee Awards: Jenell Wright, Turner Fenton, ROPSSAA and Adian Coles, Haliburton Highlands, COSSA

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Overall Team Champions:

Gold - Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA) 327 points

Silver - Pickering (LOSSA) 261 points

Bronze - Bishop Ryan (GHAC) 250 points

Boys' Team

Gold - Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA) 211 points

Silver - Newtonbrook (TDSSAA) 161 points

Bronze - Bishop Ryan (GHAC) 122  points

Girls' Team

Gold - Pickering (LOSSA) 160 points


Silver - Bishop Ryan (GHAC) 128 points

Bronze - Sandwich (SWOSSAA) 124 points

Girls' Individual Results


Gold - Virginie Gascon, L'Essor (SWOSSAA)

Silver - Kelyn Young, Mayfield (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Halle Bachiu, Orchard Park (SOSSA)

4th - Chiara Decena-Barbieri, St Francis Xavier (ROPSSAA)

5th - Hannah Riopelle, Haliburton Highland (COSSA)

6th - Jaida Banks, Bell HS (NCSSAA)


Gold - Olivia Menard, L'Essor (SWOSSAA)

Silver - Jessica Hong, Sir Robert Borden (NCSSAA)

Bronze -  Israel Rain Roberts, Our Lady of Lordes (CWOSSA)

4th - Cobie Gregory, Parkside  CI (WOSSAA)

5th - Kaleigh Prieur, Riverside (SWOSSAA)

6th - Riannon Gurung, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA) 


Gold - Ligaya Stinellis, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)

Silver - Jane Jagas, St David (CWOSSA)

Bronze - Brooke Fletcher, Tecumseh Vista Academy (SWOSSAA)

4th - Morgan Leonard, St Mary's (NOSSA)

5th - Sandrine Thomassin, Louis Riel HS (NCSSAA)

6th - Paige Mitchell, Lindsay CVI (COSSA)


Gold - Samantha Romano, Pickering (LOSSA)

Silver - Ella Dorrnaert, Sandwich (SWOSSAA)

Bronze - Jayden Sparks, Cobourg CI (COSSA)

4th - Meagan Abel, WL Mackenzie CI (TDSSAA)

5th - Manon Paquette, MacDonald Cartier (NOSSA)

6th - Sarah Dejong , A.B. Lucas (WOSSAA)


Gold - Daina Armstrong, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Silver - Taysia Pharr, Sandwich (SWOSSAA)

Bronze - Raquel Vengroff, Newtonbrook (TDSSAA)

4th - Teegan Tabbert, Opeongo (EOSSAA)

5th - Sydney Woodhouse, St Joseph's HS (WOSSAA)

6th - Sadie Hickson, Lindsay CVI (COSSA)


Gold - Jessica Hodgkin, Sandwich (SWOSSA)

Silver - Kiera Kuebeck, Port Perry (LOSSA)

Bronze - Maggie MacGillivray, Westgate (NWOSSAA)

4th - Avery Cameron, Barrie North (GBSSA)

5th - Jolie Brisco, St Josephs (EOSSAA)

6th - Danielle Berno, Humberview (ROPSSAA)


Gold - Natalie Rygielski, St David (CWOSSA)

Silver - Savana Pinsent, Renfrew CI (EOSSAA)

Bronze - Jessica Tillmanns, Beamsville (SOSSA)

4th - Lily Warren, St Josephs (EOSSAA)

5th - Paige Baynham, H.B. Beal (WOSSAA)

6th - Suchnoor Dhillon, Sinclair SS (LOSSA)


Gold - Nyla Burgess, Pickering (LOSSA)

Silver - Meredith Woodhouse, St. Joseph's (WOSSAA)

Bronze - Annie Schiller, L'Essor (SWOSSAA)

4th - Sara Long, Massey SS (SWOSSAA)

5th - Rachel Needham, Perth DCI (EOSSAA)

6th - Alexis Baxter, St Mary HS (CWOSSA)


Gold - Klara Patel, Merivale HS (NCSSAA)

Silver - Ellise Daynes, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)

Bronze - Emma McLaughlin, Lambton Central (SWOSSAA)

4th - Leigh Smith, St Theresa (GBSSA)

5th - Delaney Johnson, Central Elgi CI (WOSSAA)

6th - Sloane Tubaro, Tecumseh Vista Academy (SWOSSAA)


Gold - Shantay Slater, Pickering (LOSSA)

Silver - Tran Tran, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Diondre Mallen, Cameron Heights (CWOSSA)

4th - Sharon Mallett, Orillia (GBSSA)

5th - Mariel Mendoza, Northern CIVS (SWOSSAA)

6th - Athena Cox, Sir Winston Churchill (SOSSA)


Gold - Dejah Slater, Pickering (LOSSA)

Silver - Nicole French, Humberview (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Zoe Mullin Belanger, Lo-Ellen, (NOSSA)

4th - Ashley Gravelle, E.P. Renaissance (NEOAA)

5th - Angel Williamson, St Francis Xavier (ROPSSAA)

6th - Emily Oakes, Cameron Heights CI (CWOSSA)


Gold - Rebeheh Trudel, Superior Heights (NOSSA)

Silver - Sydney Lewis, St Ignatius (NWOSSAA)

Bronze - Taryn McLachlan, Trenton HS (COSSA)

4th - Jasmine Tessier, MacDonald Cartier (NOSSA)

5th - Kara Nixon, Central Wellington DHS (CWOSSA)

6th - Palona Ducre, Sandwich SS (SWOSSAA)


Gold - Elinor Brown, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)

Silver - Tatyanna Foster, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Racha El-Darai, Confederation (NOSSA)

4th - MacKenzie Millar, St Joseph's HS (WOSSAA)

5th - Dayjanea Johnson, Sandwich SS (SWOSSAA)

6th - MacKenzie Monico, St Mary's (NOSSA)


Boys' Individual Results


Gold - Akash Gangerdeen, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Silver - Mofe Ogunyomi, Turner Fenton (ROPSSSAA)

Bronze - Matthew Vecchio, Maurice Lapoints (NCSSAA)

4th - Trevor Zuber, St David CSS (CWOSSA)

5th - Javeon Samuels, Lester B Pearson (NCSSAA)

6th - Evean Miron, Nouvelle Alliance (GBSSA)


Gold - Gregor McNeil, Ndwtonbrook (TDSSAA)

Silver - Shahzain Naqvi, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Jeremiah Swarath, Saunders (WOSSAA)

4th - Carson Kemple, ST David CSS (CWOSSA)

5th - Brody Gordon, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)

6th - Reeve Houle, Stratford Northwestern (WOSSAA)


Gold - Joel Swarath, Saunders (WOSSAA)

Silver - Dip Lad, West Humber (TDSSAA)

Bronze - Logan Renaud, Holy Names (SWOSSAA)

4TH - Aaron Mathieson, Cayuga (SOSSA)

5th - Mateo Valles, Pickering (LOSSA)

6th - Alex Memme, Blessed Trinity (SOSSA)


Gold - Lachlan McNeil, NewtonbrooK (TDSSAA)

Silver - Adesh Gangerdeen, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Dechlan Papadopoulos, Pickering (LOSSA)

4th - Nathan McMillan, St Francis Xavier (ROPSSAA)

5th - Jaden Splane, St David CSS (CWOSSA)

6th - Gabriel Sementilli, L'Essor (SWOSSAA)


Gold - Biduran Thanarajah, Mentor College (ROPSSAA)

Silver - Stone Lewis, Newtonbrook (TDSSAA)

Bronze - Mateo Anisi, Pickering (LOSSA)

4th - Garrette Saunders, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

5th - Anthony Papia, Sandwich SS (SWOSSAA)

6th - Adam Vanderslagt, Great Lakes SS (SWOSSAA)


Gold - Alex Dufour, L'Essor (SWOSSAA)

Silver - Paul Nguyen, Heart Lake (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Griffin Tarasweicz, Port Perry (LOSSA)

4th - Roman Wawryk, Kitchener CI (CWOSSA)

5th - Ethan Turner, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

6th - Francisco Fortino, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)


Gold - Brayden Todd, Ingersoll (WOSSAA)

Silver - Jacob Alexander Torrress, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Angus Young, Central Peel (ROPSSAA)

4th - Adryan Babajan, Robert Bateman (GHAC)

5th - Adriano DiBenedetto, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)

6th - Donny Smart, Guelph CIV (CWOSSA)


Gold - Patrik Leder, St Francis Xavier (ROPSSAA)

Silver - Connor Quinton, Holy Cross (EOSSAA)

Bronze - Colby Faunders, Forest Heights (CWOSSA)

4th - Patrick Salvador, Mother Teresa (WOSSAA)

5th - Hassan Al-Hayawi, Massey SS (SWOSSAA)

6th - William D'Alessandro, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)


Gold - Garrett Sales, Delhi (CWOSSA)

Silver - Devan Larkin, Cairine Wilson (NCSSAA)

Bronze - Sam Garland, Orillia (GBSSA)

4th - Chris Renaud, Sandwich (SWOSSAA)

5th - Westley McInnis, Cameron Heights CI (CWOSSA)

6th - Adam Rochon, Craig Kielburger (GHAC)


Gold - Dennis Chbedov, Newtonbrook (TDSSAA)

Silver - Martin Wleh, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)

Bronze - Pierre Arabadijian, J F Ross (CWOSSAA)

4th - Rabjot Sandhu, Lincoln Alexander (ROPSSAA)

5th - NIck Smith, Bluevale (CWOSSA)

6th - Trystan Kato, Bill Crothers (YRAA)


Gold - Adam Scott, Neil McNeil (TDCAA)

Silver - Alex Richer, St Ignatius (NWOSSAA)

Bronze - Alexander Geske, Bishop Ryan (GHAC)

4th - Nathan Moro, St Patrick's (SWOSSAA)

5th - David Bhattacharya, Georgetown DHS (GHAC)

6th Aaron Wright, Central Tech (TDSSAA)



Gold - Simon Chaves, Guelph (CWOSSA)

Silver - Dante Deluca, Holy Names (SWOSSAA)

Bronze - Colin White, Orillia (GBSSA)

4th - Hunter Tandy, Glendale HS (WOSSAA)

5th - Michael Sousa, Meadowvale (ROPSSAA)

6th - Christopher Neibert, Hillfield Strathallan College (CISAA)


Gold - Jalen Kato, Pickering (LOSSA)

Silver - Jamie Steckly, Stratford Northwestern (WOSSAA)

Bronze - Ibrahim Ayyoub, Brookfield (NCSSAA)

4th - Jordan Campioni, St Mary's (NOSSA)

5th - Terry Seo, Meadowvale (ROPSSAA)

6th - Ben James, Guelph CVI (CWOSSA)


Gold - Tejvir Boal, West Humber (TDSSAA)

Silver - Myles McVeigh, Georgetown (GHAC)

Bronze - Alex Dobson, Centennial (COSSA)

4th - Liam Teetzel, Bill Crothers (YRAA)

5th - David Stoltz, Sacred Heart (NCSSAA)

6th - Karl Waffler, Churchill (NWOSSAA)


Gold - Kyle Jordan, Neil McNeil (TDCAA)

Silver - Tyson Fletcher, Holy Cross (EOSSA)

Bronze - Quade Howald, Sacrd Couer, (NOSSA)

4th - William Layman, Tecumseh Vista Academy (SWOSSAA)

5th - Branislav Orescanin, Richview CI (TDSSAA)

6th - Caleb Goodfellow, Quinte SS (COSSA)


Gold - Ikjyot Randhawa, Fletcher's Meadow (ROPSSAA)

Silver - Noel Narine-James, Turner Fenton (ROPSSAA)

Bronze - Anthony Parker, London Central (WOSSAA)

4th - Mitchell Huezo, St Ignatius (NWOSSAA)

5th - Jordan Krug, Sandwich (SWOSSAA)

6th - Edwin Capehart, Kitchener CI (CWOSSA)