Online Registration: AELS

Registration Deadline:  May 30, 2020 

Attention:  Please ensure you have included your players’ jersey numbers and grades before you submit your registration.

*teams registering through AELS do not have to include game or season records. Seeding has been pre-determined*

The OFSAA Athletic Eligibility List System (AELS) will also allow schools who have qualified for an OFSAA team championship to easily register their team online. In order to register for the championship, your school must have previously logged on to the AELS system.

Please ensure you have the following information available to complete your online registration:

  • School and team name
  • Coach name(s)
  • Uniform jersey colour(s)
  • Player names, jersey number (both jersey colours), position, birth date, year of entry to grade 9, transfer information (if applicable)
  • Media contact(s)
  • Seeding information - see below
  • Season game results - Not needed for Soccer

Each school has been given their own unique login. Please check with your program leader or athletic director, or call the OFSAA office, for your password. Please see below for further information. For more assistance with the AELS program, please contact the OFSAA office at any time: 416-426-7391.

Before you can register for an OFSAA championship, you must create an eligibility list. If your team already has an eligibility list in AELS, skip steps 3 - 9.

To create a team eligibility list: Go to, scroll to bottom right. Click on OFSAA LOGIN.

  • Use your user name and password to access school site.
  • Click on Schools (navigation bar on left)
  • If you have not used the system, you must add students. Click on ADD STUDENT. Fill in required fields for each student you are adding. Remember to add transfer info for transfer students. When all students have been added click on SCHOOL INFO.
  • Option for coaches: Click on ADD COACH. Fill in info, click on INSERT COACH. Add all coaches. When done, click on SCHOOL INFO.
  • Click on ADD TEAM (2nd line from bottom under School Information).
  • Fill in info on Team Form Page. Click on INSERT TEAM.
  • Click on ADD TEAM COACH. Select coach from drop down list. Click on ADD COACH. Repeat until all coaches for team have been added. Be sure one coach is designated head coach.
  • Click on ADD TEAM STUDENT. Click on student’s name, and click on ADD. Repeat until all students on team have been added. Click on ADD STUDENTS .
  • To add position and uniform number, click on each student’s name. Fill in position and/or number. Click on UPDATE STUDENT. When you are done, click on SCHOOL INFO.

To register for an OFSAA championship:

  • Fill in info required. Click CONTINUE.
  • When you have completed all information REGISTRATION DISPLAY will appear at the top of the page. Scroll to the bottom. Click on Print Registration. This will be your hard copy to get signed. Please bring it to championship registration.
  • Click on SUBMIT REGISTRATION TO CONVENOR (This will automatically send a copy to the convenor and to the OFSAA office).

Hard-Copy Registration

The following hard-copy forms MUST be submitted at registration. Teams that fail to submit these forms will not be permitted to play until the forms have been received.

  • OFSAA Rules of Behaviour
  • Signed copy of completed AELS Registration (Signature of coach, principal, and association convenor required)

* OFSAA photo policy now within Rules of Behaviour


    Championship Fees Amount Cheque Made Payable To:
    Entry Fee (Per Team) $425
    Banquet Fee (Per Individual) $30
    OFSAA Participant Fee (Per Student-Athlete)  $3  OFSAA

    Other Forms

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