Create Eligibility List


Please note: You only need to create an Eligibility List for your team. This is not for registering your team for the championships. Schools should begin to enter all their ski team athletes as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until your athletes qualify for the championships.

Each school has been given its own unique login. Please check with your program leader or athletic director or call the OFSAA office for your password.

Please click here to access the AELS Site.

Please see below for further information.

For more assistance with the AELS program, please contact: first – your association representative; second – Shamus at OFSAA ([email protected], 416 426-7440)


If your team already has an eligibility list in AELS, skip steps 3 – 9.

To create an eligibility list: Go to, scroll to right and click on AELS login.

1.    Use your user name and password to access school site.

2.     Click on Schools (navigation bar on left).

3.    If you have not used the system, you must add students. Click in ADD STUDENT. Fill in the required fields for each student which you are adding. Remember to add transfer information for transfer students. When all the students have been added, click on SCHOOL INFO.

4.    Option for coaches: Click on ADD COACH. Fill in information, click on INSERT COACH. Add all coaches. When you are done, click on SCHOOL INFO.

5.    Click on ADD Team (2nd line from the bottom under School information).

6.    Fill in information on Team Form Page. Click on INSERT TEAM.

7.    Click on ADD TEAM COACH. Select coach from drop down list. Click on ADD COACH. Repeat until all coaches for the team have been added. Be sure one coach is designated as the head coach.

8.    Click on ADD TEAM STUDENT. Click on student’s name and click on ADD. Repeat until all students on the team have been added. Click on ADD STUDENTS.