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OFSAA Cross Country Starting Procedures

1. Competitors will check into their assigned starting boxes for number and schools tops verification 15 minutes prior to their designated race start.

2. To accommodate the large number of competitors in each event, each team will be allowed one runner on the start line, remaining runners will line up behind the first runner.

3. Individual runners from associations will line up in order, with runner #1 on the line and runners #2 , #3 ,#4 and #5 lined up behind.

4. The Chief starter will signal a five minute warning, three minute warning.

5. The chief starter will signal, “Sweats off” following a 3 minutes to race time call.

6. Each starting box will have an official assigned to that box with a red/white flag.

7. When the association box is ready, each official will raise the white flag.

8. The two assistant starters will communicate an “all ready” to the chief starter (by a green flag/ card) athletes are now under “orders/ vigil” (hence the silent start).

9. After 60 seconds, the gun will be fired to indicate the START of the Race.

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