Photo Schedules

Photos will be taken in uniform in a meeting room located inside Migration Hall (one of the gyms) and is coordinated with the start time of every teams first game on Thursday November 21. 

Team Time
Frontenac 8:00
Havergal 8:10
Kennedy 8:20
Beatrice Desloges 8:30
St. Paul 9:20
Lindsay 9:30
St. Joseph 9:40
Henry Carr 9:50
Mother Teresa 10:50
Hammarskjold 11:00
St. Mary's 11:10
Superior Heights 11:20
Theriault 12:20
All Saints 12:30
Eden 12:40
Jean Vanier 12:50
E.L. Crossley 1:50
Kingsville 2:00
Birchmount Park 2:10
St. James 2:20


Price List - 


Kingsville DHS's Photo -   


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