1. Dr. Frank J Hayden SS
  2. Saunders SS
  3. Uxbridge SS
  4. Aurora HS
  5. Waterloo CI
  6. Sir Winston Churchill SS
  7. Humberside CI
  8. Lorne Park SS
  9. Father Redmond Catholic S.S.
  10. ESC Beatrice Desloges
  11. St. Patrick’s HS
  12. Regiopolis-Notre Dame CHS
  13. St. Peter SS
  14. Chippewa S.S.
  15. Chatham-Kent SS
  16. Bear Creek SS


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Dr. Frank J Hayden S.S. (1) Uxbridge S.S. (3) Saunders S.S. (2) Aurora H.S.(4)
Sir Winston Churchill S.S. (6) Lorne Park S.S. (8) Waterloo C.I. (5) Humberside C.I. (7)
St. Patrick's H.S. (11) Father Redmond Catholic S.S. (9) Regiopolis Notre Dame CHS (12) ESC Beatrice Desloges (10)
Bear Creek S.S.(16) Chippewa S.S. (14) Chatham-Kent S.S.(15) St. Peters S.S.(13)

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