• Golf (Festival) - Girls'

October 16, 2019 to October 17, 2019


Open Division:
Gold: Sarah Gallagher (GHAC - Dr. F.J. Hayden - centre)
Silver: Alexis McMurray (GHAC - Iroquois Ridge - left)
Bronze: Nicole Gal (GHAC - Holy Trinity CSS - right) 


High School Division - Gold: Julia Alexander-Carew (GHAC - Iroquois Ridge - left)
Open Division - Silver: Alexis McMurray (GHAC - Iroquois Ridge - right)


High School Division - Silver: Grace Holjak (GBSSA - Eastview SS)


High School Division - Bronze: Mikayla Bourgeois (ROPSSAA - St. Marcellinus)





Oct. 16 - 17, 2019  St. Thomas

Wade Walker, Central Elgin CI

[email protected]



**Attention Teacher-Coaches (New for 2019):  All registration documents must be uploaded via the google form located on the 'For Coaches", "Registration" page.
It is the responsibility of each qualifying coach to submit all required registration information. You are no longer required to submit registration documents on-site.  Association convenors will be responsible for submitting qualifying student-athletes only.**


Entry Deadline: Thursday Oct. 10, 2019



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