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Don't Miss Out On A CIOS Workshop!

Wednesday, July, 18, 2018

What is OFSAA's Coaching in Ontario Schools (CIOS) Workshop?

CIOS is a program developed by the Coaching Association of Canada and the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations to give teacher-coaches and community volunteer coaches the special skill-set they need to coach effectively in the school environment. The three and a half hour course is NCCP accredited, and participants will also receive an OFSAA Certificate of Completion. It also provides 3 PD points to maintain NCCP certification.

The workshop is led by a NCCP trained Learning Facilitator and combines information required by coaches of beginner to intermediate athletes with skills they specifically need to work with student-athletes in the school environment.

Why should you host an NCCP/OFSAA CIOS Workshop?

Over 200,000 students participate in high school sports, with 25,000 coaches providing quality athletic programs in our secondary schools.

OFSAA's CIOS is a beneficial resource for coaches.

CIOS provides:

*NCCP Accreditation

*Introduction to Ophea Safety Guidelines

*Stronger knowledge of OFSAA policies and procedures

*Understanding of school sport philosophy

*Understanding/overview of CS4L


LEARN MORE ABOUT CIOS here:  http://ofsaa.on.ca/programs/coaching-ontario-schools-cios

For additional information about how you can host or attend a CIOS Workshop, please contact:

Denise Perrier, Manager of Programs at OFSAA, denise@ofsaa.on.ca, (416) 426-7436