Grade 9 Try Day back for 2012-13

**Try Day now full for 2012-13 thanks to all who applied**

Once again the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport has provided funding for schools to introduce activities to motivate the Grade 9 students to participate in sport and physical activity during their high school years. Up to $700 will be provided to introduce a new activity to your school program. 

Priority will be given to applications from:

  • Rural schools
  • Small schools with student populations under 500
  • Schools introducing sustainable activities as their Try Day program (purchase equipment for use in future years)

 Application forms and Try Day program requirements are enclosed with this Bulletin and can also be found on the OFSAA website. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent by email and a reporting package will follow. Direct any questions regarding the Try Day grants to Diana Ranken at [email protected].

**Try Day now full for 2012-13 thanks to all who applied**

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