Nominations being accepted for OFSAA Vice President

Nominations being accepted for OFSAA Vice President

The Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) is a provincial federation of Associations encompassing volunteer teacher-coaches, students, and administrators. OFSAA is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the educational value of school sport.  As an advocate for school sport, OFSAA provides leadership in advancing the educational benefits of participation through its services, resources, and the provision of secondary school sport Championships.

OFSAA is currently accepting nominations for the position of vice president.  In this six-year volunteer leadership role, the person chosen to be vice president will serve a two-year term beginning in 2013-14, followed by two years as president, and then two years as past president.  All nominees must be either a principal or a vice principal and be able to commit 7 - 12 weekdays per year for meetings and functions.  Click here for a description of duties.

An Association Representative may nominate an individual for this position by emailing Executive Director Doug Gellatly at [email protected].  This should be done after consultation with their Association's principals' representative.  A resume summarizing the nominee's experience and accomplishments in education and school sport must accompany the nomination. In addition to the resume, please include the following information for both the nominator and the nominee:


-name of association
-telephone number
-email address


-telephone number
-email address
-school name and address
The deadline for nominations is May 10, 2013.

If you require more information about the responsibilities and time commitment in this role, please contact OFSAA President Jim Woolley at (519) 744-6567 or via email at [email protected].


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