Report Card from Active Healthy Kids Canada

Healthy Active Kids Canada has released their 2014 Report Card on the Physical Activity of Children and Youth.

This is the 10th annual assessment of the physical activity of children and youth in Canada, and for the first time the Report Card compares Canada's physical activity against 14 other countries.

See where Canada is leading and lagging by reading the short version of the 2014 Report Card, or have a more in-depth look at the research and methods behind the study with the long version of the Report Card.

Canada is among the leaders in our relatively sophisticated policies, places and programs, with a B+ in Community & the Built Environment, a C+ in School and a C+ in Organized Sport Participation.

Canada’s Overall Physical Activity levels, however, are at a D-, clustered near the back of the pack with Australia (D-), Ireland (D-), the United States (D-) and Scotland (F). Even though 84% of Canadian kids aged 3-4 are active enough to meet guidelines, this falls to only 7% of kids meeting guidelines at ages 5-11, and only 4% meeting guidelines at ages 12-17.

Find out more at the Healthy Active Kids Canada website.

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