Team Captains (Coaches) Meeting

The team captains meeting (coaches) will take place at Deerhurst Resort in the Rotunda at the main Sports Paviion starting at 7:30 pm on Wednesday February 19th.  It is mandatory for all coaches for each team or athlete attend.  There will be a check-in table.  Please print your name and give us your cell number so that we are able to contact you for anything that arises.  


OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award

The OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award is presented annually at each OFSAA championship to a current teacher with at least 10 years experience, who has demonstrated leadership in the school sport program and especially in the sport for which the individual is nominated. The award acknowledges all the ‘behind the scenes’ work and effort by teachers who coordinate programs, coach, officiate, serve on committees, run clinics or convene, in an effort to make teams, leagues and school programs function effectively and efficiently. The recipient of this award exemplifies the values of fair play and good sportsmanship, while promoting enjoyment, personal growth and educational achievement through school sport. 

Please use the link to the following form OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award to nominate a worthy candidate from your Association.  Please bring to your Association championships and have the nomination signed by your Association  Representative and submit a scanned copy to Shamus Bourdon at [email protected].


EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN - Arrowhead Provincial Park

The following Emergency Action Plan is for you to access either for print copy or for e-access.  Please connect to the following link Emergency Action Plan.  

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