Nordic Coach & Association Convenor Registration

Association Convenors: 

Please click and fill in the following form no later than 24 hours after your association championship:

Association Convenor Registration Form 2020

Email completed Association Convenor form to:

Championship Registration Steps For Coaches:

Note: Coach Registration is due no later than November 15th, 2019 at 11:59pm.

Step 1.  Create AELS Eligibility List

Step 2.  Download, Sign, Scan and Save Mandatory Registration Forms 

Step 3.  Upload Mandatory Registration Forms to Google Link 

Step 4.  On-Site Fee Payment


1. Create an AELS Eligibility List:

  • Click HERE for a simplified quide to using AELS and creating an eligibility list.


2. COACHES must also:

1. Download and print the mandatory forms (below)

2. Obtain appropriate signatures

3. Scan and save file

4. Upload to the google link (see #3 below). 

Note: Forms must be uploaded using the filename examples in parenthesis next to each form.  All concussion confirmation forms must be scanned into one file.

New for 2019!  As mandated by Rowan's Law, every student-athlete, coach and trainer is required to confirm they have reviewed the Concussion Awareness Resource and the OFSAA Concussion Code of Conduct.  Mandatory receipt appropriate forms with signatures confirming the resource and code have been reviewed is required in order to participate at OFSAA.  Student-athletes under the age of 18 are required to have a parents or legal guardian sign the confirmation as well.

The Concussion Awareness Resource and Concussion Codes of Conduct can be found at the following links:

Mandatory Forms to be Completed and Uploaded

* OFSAA photo policy now within Rules of Behaviour.


3.  Forms can be uploaded using the following link "2020 Nordic Skiing Coach Registration Electronic Form" due no later than Saturday February 15th at midnight.

4.  On-Site Registration: Please bring three (3) separate cheques (team entry fee, banquet fee, OFSAA participation fee).

School Coaches

Coaches – Please click the link for a confirmation list for Thursday’s interval start race.  This is the same list that has been sent to all coaches who have registered.  

INTERVAL START NOTES (and these are from experience): 

  1. Check that names are in the right columns, i.e. first name in first name, last name in last name. 
  2. Check that each athlete is in the right category (Junior/Senior, Boy/Girl, High School/Open).  There is a point when it is not possible to make the change and the athlete may be disqualified if they race in the wrong category. 
  3. Check your Start Group; HOWEVER, if your athletes are on a Relay Team, do not change the start group unless you reassign all of the members of that team.
  4. SILENCE IS CONSENT but to avoid 100+ e-mails to me, please contact me only if you have a change.

Your co-operation is appreciated.  

This is the confirmation list of declared relay teams.  It is a little harder to read but the best we can do.  The list is in alphabetical order by School. 


  1. SILENCE IS CONSENT.  If you have no changes, do not contact me.
  2. If there is something that needs to be changed, please be specific.
  3. If you have found a mistake in the other confirmation list, you will need to be sure it doesn’t affect your relay team.
  4. While the final relay start list cannot be done until Thursday afternoon, the deadline for this preliminary check is still MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH AT NOON.

Thank you for your co-operation.

    Championship Fees

    A fee summary is included on each team's registration file.

    Championship Fees Amount Cheque Made Payable To:
    Registration Fee (Per Skier)  $  
    Banquet Fee (Per Attendee)  $ 
    OFSAA Participantion Fee (Per Skier)  $    3.00  OFSAA

    Refundable Bib Deposit (per School Team)

     $  50.00  OFSAA 

    Other Forms

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