Arrowhead Nordic Center Provincial Park will be hosting red seal internationl chef Renee Brunet who will bring his passion for flavour with organic foods and homemade vegetable broth and vegetable soups, salads, organic homemade barbecued chicken sausages and bison burgers.  Be prepared to have your palette teased.  


Downtown Huntsville through the efforts of the Huntsville Business Improvment Association and the Huntsville Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce have organized a coupon booklet for the OFSAA athletes to take advantage of the many types of restaurants and shops.  Enjoy a hot chocolate from the Whimsical Bakery while enjoy a truffle from the Nutty Chocolatier.  If you are seekig some additional flavours try some Indian cuisine from Marigold, Italian lasagna from That Little Place by the Lights, Sushi, Thai and British Fare to name many types of offerings.  The coupon booklet is good for the Friday February 21, 2020.  During the day take the time to fill out the question and place your answer at a ballot box located in the Ski Expo for a chance to earn some Huntsville BIA Dollars to be used at the draw later that afternoon.  


Deerhurst Resort Executive Chef Rory Golden has been working with the OFSAA Nordic Ski Championship committee to work on a menu offering foods that are geared for athletes preparing for competition and are not the usual Deerhurst prices.  There are three restaurants offered at Deerhurst and each restaurant has catered menus for the OFSAA event.  



Deerhurst Resort has provided a large area in a covered area outside of their ski and snowshoe room rental area.  There are ample plugs located inside and lots of air circulation. Teams are responsible for supplying their own tables and ski forms.  

Arrowhead Nordic Ski Center Provincial Park has a state of the art wax room available to the public.  There 5 downdraft tables and they will need to be turned on prior to waxing.  Each work station has their own hood, plug to charge your electronics (yes a USB as well).  A reminder athletes are not allowed inside the wax room during only coaches due to the limited space and the proper equipment to be worn. Please be mindful there are many coaches or wax technicians wanting to wax their skis so please wax your equipment and/or move to outside of the building where there are ample wall outlets to plug in your equipment or at the base of the stadium lighting there are additional plugs.

Downtown Huntsville there will be a sea container with a generator along with a spider plug.  This wax area is for fine tuning your athlete's skis.  Please ensure that you are wearing proper protective equipment and your team is providing a wax table.  

Wax shortage!!!! No worry.  At the other end of the downtown venue is Algonquin Outfitters which has a wide stock of wax inventory.  At Arrowhead PP there is wax available at the main reception desk in the visitor center.  

Please be mindful of others when waxing in this area that you will need to clean up your wax shavings.  Please note the new protocols with respect to waxing at OFSAA.  Please make certain that you are wearing proper protective equipment for all types of waxing from hydro carbon, fluoro carbon, silicon, zinc stereate, or organic wax application requires a minimum of a half face mask in a well ventilated area to reduce inhalation of particulates which may irritate the lining of your lungs.  Please note that athletes, coaches, and wax technicians who are coaching are not allowed to use any powders (fluoros or hydrocarbon) as the particles are suspended in the air for long period of time.  If found applying waxing with powders your skis will be disqualified and it will be your responsibility to find another pair.  Ensure your iron is set to the recommended temperature by the manufacturer.  Gloves are recommended to be worn when working when waxing a large number of pairs of skis.  When you are finished waxing please wash your hands with running water.   



A number of ski representatives from the following organizations will be on hand to show to you next year's equipment.  Please note that the Expo is not a sales feature it is only for demonstration.  Here from Salomon, Fischer, Bjorn Daehli, Swix, Ski*Go, Rode, Vauhti, Madshus.    


100th Anniversary of Skiing in Huntsville (1920-2020) - Driftscape App 

Huntsville is celebrating it's 100th anniversary of winter tourism.  Huntsville has always been seen as the cottage country but it has recently come to light that this area of the province was the destination of tourists from Toronto.  In the 1920's to the 1950's the expense to travel to the Rockies and to the Laurentians was too expensive or out of reach for the masses.  Every weekend a train departed Union Station in Toronto and for a penny a mile people would come up to Huntsville to recreate.  In and around Huntsville there was 7 ski resorts, multiple ski jumps with eastern North America's fastest ski jump with skiers hitting speeds of 100 km/hr found behind Huntsville High School, the Norwegian Airforce resided at current Camp Olympia during the 1950's after starting off in Toronto and flying over Huntsville and realizing this felt more like their homeland, Limberlost Wilderness Reserve hosting the first Canadian Ski Championships in 1930 at Limberlost and the matchup of Royal Norwegian Airforce Officer Franz Willhelm meeting his bride Annette Seagram (distillery family and founder of Hidden Valley resort) to build Whistler Resort as a potential site for the Olympic Games bid in the 1960's.  If you download the Driftscape App you can take a tour of the area and learn about the history of skiing.  By the way Mr. Briggs at Briggs Jewelry Shot (now Muskoka Jewelry) used to make hand made wooden skis for the visitors coming off the train in the 1920's.  Inside the Canada Summit Center that was left as a legacy of the G8 World Leaders conference, you can find the first Gold Medallist Freestyle skier from the 2014 Sochi Olympics you can see Dara Howell's skis and Olympic bib and uniform.  Whoever knew?  


Minneapolis World Cup Prinoth Husky X Snow Grooming Downtown

The OFSAA Nordic Ski Championships Huntsville 2020 has been working with Prinoth Husky X to bring the newest state of the art trail grooming equipment.  Along with the equipment we were fortunate to have the Vancouer Olympic 2010, Pyeong Cheung Olympic 2018 and mutliple World Cup head Groomer Dirk VanWyk offering to showcase this newest model of equipment which will be moving on to the Minneapolis World Cup next month.  Get some photos to share with your friends and family. 


Livestream Video

 If your family or friends are not able to attend.  No worries.  We will be live broadcasting the downtown team relay sprints on a Youtube Channel.  More details to come.  


Pedestrian Tunnel Crossing the Course

Local manufacturer InfraPipe Solutions has graciously donated a 2,5m x 13m culvert to cross the side street West St. S beside the RBC.  The ski trail will be going over top to give the athlete another obstacle on their team sprint.  Under the trail, the pedestrian tunnel allows spectators and tourists to cross without having to wait.  This is a first for a downtown sprint course in Canada. 


Zone4 GoChip Timing & the Muskoka Champions Chair (Morton Woodworking)

The world of chip timing is coming to OFSAA and live results will be available with intermediate times.  The distance events on Thursday February 20th we will be having a Muskoka Chair designated as the Muskoka Champions Chair which enables the current leader to sit in the Champions Chair.  Nate Riley will be hosting the Muskoka Champions Chair and if you are the fastest you are able to sit in the Muskoka Champions Chair in the leader position at that time.  Let's see who can sit in the chair the longest.  


Huntsville SNOWFEST Winter Festival   snowfest

The Town of Huntsvill requested the OFSAA organizing committee to keep the snow on the downtown streets from the end of Friday until Saturday.  The Local BIA and Chamber of Commerce is hosting the first annual Huntsville SNOWFEST Winter Festival to celebrate 100 years.  They would like to encourage parents and families visiting to Huntsville to take advantage of the activities in downtown Huntsville for the weekend such as cross country skiing, snow shoeing, fireside chats on the Main St., concert at Algonquin Theatre, dining at the many downtown restaurants, ice skating downtown skating rink, horse sleigh rides, fat tire bike race on Saturday evening.  Arrowhead Provincial Park will be having their Fire and Ice skating trail on this weekend Feb 21 to Feb 23.  Extend your stay from OFSAA at one of the many local hotels and resorts.  Contact the BIA, Chamber of Commerce or Muskoka Tourism for more detailed information.  

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