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COVID-19 Information 18 Jan 2022 v1.1

Health measures intended to control the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can change day-to-day. Unless there is a significant change, the health measures the EOC plans to apply for everyone’s health and safety, include:

  1. Vaccination
    1. Full vaccination and proof of vaccination is required for all OFSAA Nordic Skiing Championship participants, including athletes, teachers, coaches, supervisors, officials, volunteers, and spectators.
    2. Participants will only be permitted venue access once their vaccination passport QR code has been verified against ID with the provincially-mandated vaccination passport app.
    3. Requests for accommodation for individuals who are not fully vaccinated, due to a medical or religious exemption in accordance with the Human Rights Code, must be made in writing with all supporting documentation by Wednesday 2 February 2022 to allow time for proper review.
    4. Participants that have had their vaccination status verified will be given a wristband to make entry on subsequent days easier.
  2. Screening & Contact Tracing
    1. A passed COVID-19 screening will be required before entry on each day.
    2. The EOC will record the full name, email address and phone number of all event participants each day for disclosure to Peterborough Public Health in the event that the information is requested, or to facilitate communication by the EOC of a case contact or outbreak.
    3. An indoor isolation space will be provided for those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms after their arrival at the venue.
  3. Masking
    1. Medical masks are required at all times, except when skiing, warming-up outdoors, eating, or drinking.
    2. Buffs and cloth masks are insufficient.
    3. Masks must cover the nose, mouth, and chin.
    4. While not competing, those skiing or warming-up are asked to maintain physical separation when possible.
    5. While not competing, those skiing or warming-up are required to re-mask or physically separate themselves from others when stopped.
    6. Those eating or drinking are asked to do so outdoors only, and while they are temporarily unmasked a 2m physical separation from others is required.
  4. Distancing & Gathering
    1. Physical separation is to be maintained whenever possible, and all gatherings are to be avoided.
    2. There will be no banquet.
    3. Results will be posted online only.
    4. The Coaches’ Meeting will be held online only.
  5. Hygiene
    1. Hand sanitizer will be readily available and its use encouraged.
    2. Attendees will be encouraged to practice respiratory etiquette.
    3. Water bottles are not to be shared, and other forms of cross-contamination avoided.
  6. Capacity & Cohorts
    1. Event participants and Event volunteers will be provided physically separate spaces (indoors and/or outdoors), and mixing should be avoided whenever possible.
    2. Teams are encouraged to establish their own space with good physical separation from other teams, and mixing should be avoided whenever possible.
    3. Capacity limits will be marked and must be followed.
    4. Tents must have 2 full walls open for ventilation.
  7. Policies
    1. Event participants must adhere to any additional protocols or policies established by their respective Boards of Education or Schools.
    2. Event participants must adhere to any additional guidelines or legislation established by the Province or local authority.

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