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Coaching In Ontario Schools (CIOS)

CIOS is a program developed by the Coaching Association of Canada and the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association to give teacher-coaches and community volunteers the special skill-set they need to coach effectively in the school environment. The three and a half hour course is NCCP accredited, and participants will also receive an OFSAA Certificate of Completion.

The workshop is led by a NCCP trained Learning Facilitator and combines information required by coaches of beginner to intermediate athletes with skills they specifically need to work with student-athletes in the school environment.

The CIOS course is offered in both English and French.

CIOS Day will be September 11, 2018.

English CIOS Flyer

French CIOS Flyer

Course Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Course

Chapter 2 – Canadian Sport for Life

Chapter 3 – Starting Point: School Sport vs, Community Sport

Chapter 4 – OFSAA and School Sport

Chapter 5 – Coaching Philosophy

Chapter 6 – Policies, Procedures, and Safety Guidelines

Chapter 7 – Coach Responsibilities

Chapter 8 – How am I Doing?

This course is primarily designed for the secondary teacher-coaches. Please note that the course is not sport-specific, but multi-sport theory and not active in nature.

To arrange a course, please contact Denise Perrier at (416) 426-7436.

Additional Resources

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