OFSAA Alumni Scholarship

Application and Selection Process

The OFSAA Alumni Scholarship Fund will be awarding $500- scholarships to deserving student-athletes from member schools from the following OFSAA member Associations in 2019 - 20:

NOSSA, SWOSSAA, YRAA, GBSSA, NEOAA, CWOSSA. Applications must be received by the OFSAA office on or before the deadline of April 15, 2020.  


Download the application form

Application Requirements

To apply for the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship the following must be submitted:

  • Completed application form (3 copies)
  • School transcript
  • Record of current marks
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or a teacher-coach at your present school outlining your contributions to the athletic program and to the school in general
  • One-page personal letter, outlining how you feel school sport has influenced your life, and why you feel you are deserving of the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship

Criteria for Selection

    • Attendance at a Canadian post-secondary institution
    • Participation in high school sport
    • Involvement in other areas of school and community activity
    • Attainment of an academic overall average of at least 80%
    • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or teacher/coach at the high school
    • Your personal letter

      Process for Selection of Recipients

      • Applications sent to the six selected associations for distribution to their schools
      • Alumni Scholarship Applications received by the OFSAA office by April 15, 2019
      • Alumni Selection Committee reviews applications and selects recipients

      Presentation of Scholarships

      • Recipients will receive a small plaque at the time of their graduation. The scholarship cheque will be sent in the fall upon proof of registration at a Canadian post-secondary institution
      • All scholarship recipients will be profiled in the Bulletin and on OFSAA's website


      OFSAA Alumni Scholarship, 305 Milner Avenue, Suite 207,  Toronto, Ontario  M1B 3V4

      Attn: Jim Barbeau


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