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How It Works

How the Virtual Challenges Work…

OFSAA will be announcing various sport-specific activities throughout the school year.  Complete the challenges and earn points for your school.  The more students who get involved, the more points your school is awarded.

At the end of the school year, participation prizes will be awarded in three (3) categories: Overall SchoolOverall Team or Class and Overall Individual.  Results for each challenge will be posted on the OFSAA social media accounts.

Steps to participate:

1.  Become a student-leader at your school

  • Promote with your friends, teammates or class
  • Ensure challenge rules are followed by all students
  • Submit your results for your team, class or yourself

2.  Ask a teacher-coach at your school to be a supervisor

  • You and your teacher-coach are responsible for confirming that the results are accurate
  • Make sure the challenge is done safely and according to school board policies and procedures in regards to COVID-19 activities

3.  Organize a team, class or challenge yourself

  • Be responsible for organizing when, where, how the challenge will be completed and results will be collected
  • Be sure to share any safety concerns associated with the challenge

4.  Complete the challenge

  • Challenges can be completed at home or at school
  • Record the results accurately

5.  Submit the results

  • Fill in the submission form with your teacher-supervisor
  • Be sure to submit your results by the deadline for each challenge


How Participation Points Are Awarded…

Overall School

  • For every student that participates in a challenge your school will receive 1 point.
  • The school with the most participation and overall points at the end of the school year will win the “grand prize”.

Overall Team or Class

  • Every team or class entry that completes a challenge will receive 10 points.
  • The team/class that completes the most challenges throughout the school year wins a prize pack.
  • The same students must compete in all challenges submitted, however students can be added to a team/class once you start a new challenge.

Overall Individual

  • Individuals who complete a challenge will receive 25 points.
  • The individual that completes the most challenges and accumulates the most points throughout the school year wins a prize.

Note:  Students who are entered as part of the team/class category are automatically entered into the individual category. Individuals can continue to complete challenges even if the team or class does not.

Participation Prizes

At the end of the school year, a virtual awards ceremony will be held and prizes within the three (3) overall categories will be announced based on participation points throughout the school year.

Overall School Grand Prize (Sponsored by The Scoreboard Man)

8’ scoring table. Model ST-8-RL.  School artwork and freight incl. Courtesy of The Scoreboard Man.

Overall Team/Class Prize Pack (Sponsored by MoltenYonex, and Baden)

Sporting equipment prize pack courtesy of Molten, Yonex and Baden.

Overall Individual Prize (Sponsored by The OFSAA Shop)

Apparel pack courtesy of Canuckstuff.


Challenge Results

The top 4 participants (first name only) and the top 4 teams or classes (team name) for each challenge, will receive recognition through the OFSAA social media accounts based on their performance (ex. time, score, distance etc.) for that challenge.

Challenge Disclaimer

Participation in sporting activities may result in injury or even death.  Certain injuries may result in medical, dental or other expenses that are not covered by provincial health care or group benefit plans.  Always be aware of your surroundings and use good judgment.  Certain activities require a minimum level of fitness and health (physical, mental and emotional). Each person has a different capacity for participating in these activities.  By participating in a challenge, you acknowledge that you have the necessary fitness and health necessary to participate and that you understand and accept the risks associated with these sporting activities.

Before participating in a challenge, please read and adhere to the following guidelines:

a. Parent, guardian or teacher supervision is required when completing a challenge, whether at home or at school.

b. Read and follow the instructions for the desired challenge.  Do not undertake a challenge if you do not understand the instructions.

c. Only undertake challenges within your comfort level.

d. Ensure your activity area is clear of debris and/or obstacles and is of appropriate size for the selected challenge.

e. Inspect any equipment prior to use and ensure you use it safely and as intended by the manufacturer.

f. Comply with your school’s safety policies and procedures related to physical activity and COVID-19.

g. Wear proper footwear and attire, stay hydrated and most importantly, have fun!