COVID 19 Protocols for OFSAA Snowboarding Festival 2022 (CLICK HERE) *subject to change

Athlete and Team Race Entry Registration 

  • Association Convenors have been sent an email with a file where they will register all teams and athletes from their association based on qualification race

  • This association registration form must be submitted by each association convenor by Thurs. Feb. 24, 2022 by 9pm.

  • Each Association will be admitted to enter the following (*subject to change):

    1)  Top 3 High School Division:  Girls and Boys Team (up to 5 racers per team)

    2)  Top 3 High School Division:  Girls and Boys Individuals

    3)  Top 5 Open Division: Girls and Boys Individuals  



Information on Registration (for payment, pick up bibs, lift tickets and lunch tickets) 

  • See "Forms and Fees" tab for specific requirements for registration

  • All OFSAA forms must be uploaded to the OFSAA Hub by Fri. Feb. 25, 2022.  

  • Coaches can only register athlete (s) / team on Wed, March 2, 2022 @ Devil's Glen starting from 7:00am.

  • This registration will be for payment to race (race entries, lift tickets, lunch ticket) as well as to pick up bibs, race package and schedule.  

  • NOTE:  Lift tickets for non racers must be bought at Devil's Glen Ski Club.  Proof of Double Vaccination is required by venue of Devil's Glen Ski Club.    Student rate OFSAA Group = $TBD; Adult rate OFSAA Group $TBD.

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