High School Results

Gold Medal Match Videos

HSMD Gold Medal Match -  Alec Fraser/ Annalia Fraser GBSSA (Right) def Simon Blasby/Hilary Kent TDSSAA (Left) 8-2

HSGS Gold Medal Match l - Paige Bayham WOSSAA (Right) def Dylan Wall SOSSA (Left) 8-2

HSGD Gold Medal Match - Rachel Fluxman/ Eden Granovsky TDCAA (Left) def Sophia Lindy/ Aly Lowry TDSSAA (Riht) 8-0

HSMD Bronze Medal Match - Oscar Judelson/ Ivana Milisic CWOSSA (Left) def Ethan Kelly/ Emma Rendell WOSSAA (Right) 8-2

HSBS Gold Medal Match - Erick Ortega WOSSAA (Left) def Steven Lovrics SOSSA (Right) 8-2

HSBD Gold Medal Match -  Charlie Dunbar/ James Kingsmill CISAA (Left) def Aleksander Ceho/ Steven Stakusic TDSSAA (Right) 8-5

HSGD Bronze Medal Match - Ava White/ Sarah White TDSSAA (Right) def Eesha Atikukke/ Mia Petretta SWOSSAA (Left) 8-3

HSBD Bronze Medal Match - Ethan Kernaghan/ Nathan Sousa SOSSA (Right) def Samuel Phillips/ Josh Snider COSSA (Left) 8-4

HSGS Bronze Medal Match - Sierra Olsthoorn CWOSSA (Left) def Marcelina Szmurlo SOSSA (Right) 8-5

HSBS Bronze Medal Match - Michael Orret LOSSA (Left) def Andew Varghese NOSSA (Right) 8-2

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