Open Results

Gold Medal Match Videos

OMD Gold Medal Match - Simon Kuszynski/ Julie Kuszyski YRAA (Right) def Nicolas Pietropaolo/ Nifemi Akinbiyi GHAC (Left) 8-5

OGD Gold Medal Match - Rachel Hanford/ Sarah Liu ROPSSAA (Left) def Yochana Benchetrit/ Tilly Rigby CISAA (Left) 8-1

OBD Gold Medal Match - Oscar Roy/ Owen Varkey CISAA (Right) def Cole Bedard/ Tanner Bedard SOSSA (Left) 8-1

OGD Bronze Medal Match - Amelie Gal/ Niki Karol TDSSAA (Right) def Abby Currie/ Kate Currie TDSSAA (Left) 8-4

OMD Bronze Medal Match - Daniel Sauer/ Lauren Son YRAA (Left) def Nicholas Murdaca/ Jovana Paramentic SOSSA (Right) 8-7 (7-3 Tiebreaker)

OBD Bronze Medal Match - Gijs Notboom/ Roy Taguchi CISAA (Left) def Ethan Chan/ Zack Wilson TDCAA (Right) 8-5

OGS Bronze Medal Match - Maya Lal CISAA (Left) def Milana Hrudka LOSSA (Right) 8-3

OGS Gold Medal Match - Erika Dimitrev TDSSAA (Right) def Gena Huang EOSSAA (Left) 8-7 (7-2 Tiebreaker)

OBS Bronze Medal Match - Neil Kandhai ROPSSAA (Left) def Tim Zelikovsky YRAA (Right) 8-5

OBS Gold Medal Match - Alessandro Santangelo GHAC (Right) def Benjamin George YRAA (Left) 8-3

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