Lunch "Pre-Order" Form

We have worked with the Scotiabank Pond Restaurant to provide lunch for teams. Ordering food from Scotiabank Pond Restaurant (SPR) is 100% optional. You are not required to do this, it is a complementary OFSAA service to ensure your athletes have enough food during the tournament.

**Note - there are NO other close options for food, and if you choose not to order, athletes and teams should be bringing sufficient food for the entire day/event.**

How to Order
  • All Food is $10 flat (cash payment ONLY, taxes included). 
  • Coaches must use THIS ORDER SHEET. Download, update and email it to Mike Haddock ([email protected])
  • Food options are:
  1. Chicken Fingers & Fries
  2. Hot Dogs & Fries
  3. Hamburger & Fries
  4. Deli Wrap (Ham) with coleslaw
  5. Falafel Wrap with coleslaw (vegetarian)
  • Coaches MUST submit their Order Sheet to Mike by Tues May 24th at 12pm. When you submit your order via email, you must attach your completed excel Order Sheet and in the email please confirm your daily totals (example below).
    • Any late submissions will not have food available on Thursday as the restaurant needs to submit their order to their distributor by 4pm. 
  • How to use the Order Sheet - Coaches must communicate with their team and determine who will be ordering food - once they have confirmed what they want and that they will pay you (the Coach), enter their name on your document. 
    • Coaches must collect the full funds in advance. On the day of, Coaches will personally go into SPR - and pay the full amount owing and collect the full team food order. SPR will know when you are coming - as Mike will communicate when your Bye/Lunch break will be on Thursday.  
    • **EACH SCHOOL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FULL COST OF ORDER. If your students order food and do not pay, you are still responsible for that cost.

*Example - Food Submission Order to Mike on Tues May 23rd
  5 Hot Dogs
  4 Hamburgers
  2 Veggies
  8 Deli Sandwiches

  4 Hot Dogs
  5 Hamburgers
  2 Veggies
  7 Deli Sandwiches

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