Application for OFSAA sanction to HOST an invitational/ exhibition event

An OFSAA sanctioned invitational event is one which adheres to the OFSAA Articles and By-Laws and is structured so that the standards and practices reflect the intent and goals of the OFSAA Playing Regulations. Any event that involves out-of-province teams or teams from the U.S. MUST apply for OFSAA sanction.

The OFSAA name or logo, or the word Championship, Ontario, or Canada may NOT be used in your invitational event title or information.

Submit at least 45 days prior to invitational event as any public disbursement of promotional material must only occur after OFSAA sanction is received. Schools must be aware that the event is "OFSAA-sanctioned." 

Outside organizations wishing to obtain OFSAA sanction for an invitational event must include a teacher as their assistant on the organizing committee and the teacher applies for OFSAA sanction.

Please note signatures are mandatory and sanction will not be given without them.

If Convenor is NOT a teacher-coach indicate:

When this application has been completed accurately, please hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. Approval from your OFSAA Association Representative will be obtained by the OFSAA Sanctioning Coordiantor.  Matters which contravene the above must be reported. 

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