• Registration is submitted online via the OFSAA HUB by the deadline (ensure that registration does not exceed participant limit of 34 including players and team personnel)
  • The following forms are signed by the appropriate people (i.e. players, managers, supervisors, coaching staff, administration) and uploaded to the OFSAA HUB as per the registration instructions:
    • Rules of Behaviour.
    • Eligibility List.
    • Participation informed Consent and Assumption of Risk.
    • Rowan’s Law Student-Athlete/Parent Concussion Review Confirmation.
    • Rowan’s Law Coach/Trainer Concussion Review Confirmation.
    • OFSAA Supervision.
  • Hotel is booked.
  • Record time and date and arrange to be present virtually at the coaches’ meeting (this event is mandatory).
  • Review the Playing Regulations prior to arrival.
  • Ensure all clothing, bags or accessories with club, provincial or national logos on it are left at home (See Uniform Sponsorship Policy).
  • Team photo time is acknowledged (45 minutes prior to first game).
  • Check the Championship/Festival website for souvenir clothing information and help students plan accordingly if they would like to purchase clothing.
  • Cheques drawn up for:
    • Entry fee of $450 made payable to Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School.
    • OFSAA Participant fee of $3 per player made out to OFSAA.
    • Banquet Fee of $35 per person (players and coaches) made payable to Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School.