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OFSAA Videos “The School Sport Effect”

OFSAA is extremely proud of the video series titled The School Sport Effect.

The series is comprised of four unique videos (English and French versions) that showcase the positive effects of school sport to student-athletes, teacher-coaches, parents and school administrations.

The videos focus on the value of grassroots high school sport. They are meant to be tools to be used to advocate for the value of high school sport for students and teachers in the province. Academic success and overall personal growth for students and teachers are by-products of school sport participation.

The videos are a result of collaboration between OFSAA’s Advocacy Committee and the marketing firm, CLARK Marketing Communications.

Thank you to The Coaches Association of Ontario for granting the use of select video files.

It is our hope that you can share our message of participation in school sport to your audiences online, through your conversations and by way of suitable school-related events on the calendar.

Are you planning an evening for Grade eight students? Please go ahead and show one or more of the videos. Do you have an athletic banquet to organize? Make the videos part of your formalities.

Thank you for helping us to communicate the important message of participating in school sport.

If you wish to download the videos, please reach Pat Park in the OFSAA office at [email protected].

Video #1 –  Dear Coach

  • Targets coach recruitment by recognizing the sacrifices coaches make and the appreciation felt by students.
  • Encourages student participation by communicating the value of sport in preparing them for life.
  • Communicates OFSAA values to administrative and other audiences regarding the importance of “co-curricular” activities and what can be learned.


Video #2 – Dear Mom & Dad

  • While aimed at parents, the video communicates the value of participating in school sports to all audiences.
  • Factual statistics are revealed.


Video #3 –  Dear Student

  • Targets prospective student-athletes.
  • Speaks in their voice. Understanding barriers and overcoming them by communication.
  • Focus is on the benefits of connecting to students through sport for both the student and teacher.


Video #4 – Success Stories

  • Targets school and board administrations and trustees.
  • Reinforces the value of school sports through statistics and “success stories” by featuring a wide-range of professionals from across all walks of life who played school sports.
  • The content is supported by research.


What Influencers Are Saying…

OFSAA is extremely pleased with the positive response to our four video series – “The School Sport Effect”. With the assistance of CLARK Marketing Communications, the project was led by OFSAA’s Advocacy Committee. We hope that the videos will be utilized at school events, banquets or meetings led by school administrators, teacher-coaches and boards of education members.