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Try Day


“School Activity Resumes – Try Day Grants Approved”  – Apply today!

Schools may now apply for an OFSAA Try Day grant of up to $700 for the 2021-22 school year to introduce a new sport or physical activity to your program. As students have now been without their regular physical activity for many months during the COVID pandemic there is even a greater need to motivate all your students. Introducing a new activity/sport to your program, with the involvement of student leaders, may still take some additional time and effort, but the need for activity and re-socializing is more important than ever for our young people. Clear and ongoing communication with your student leaders will result in a safe, fun learning environment for all. A new activity may be just what gets your students moving, so consider the many outdoor programs that can give them a quick start this fall! 


  • 130 Publicly-funded secondary schools 
  • Fully committed to completing the Try Day program and meeting the deadlines 
  • Involves the minimum required number of student participants and leaders 

CRITERIA for approval of funding and reimbursement??

  • Must introduce a new sport or physical activity to the physical education program 
  • Selected activity must comply with your school and local school Board safety protocols, policy and direction.
  • The Ministry encourages schools to try the sport of cricket as their Try Day activity and receive priority consideration for approval.
  • Must involve a minimum of six (6) student leaders in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Try Day event 
  • Must include a minimum of sixty (60) participants (thirty (30) in schools with a student population under 500) 
  • Must complete the Try Day program by May 1, 2022 and submit reporting materials by May 15, 2022

Application forms and criteria can be found on the OFSAA website (ofsaa.on.ca) under Programs/Try Day/Registration and are to be submitted ONLINE only. For your application to be considered, the school principal’s approval is required.

Before determining any activity check your local Board policies regarding COVID activities to make sure your program complies with their direction.


  • Funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis provided that all criteria are met
  • Acceptance for funding is sent by e-mail to the Program Coordinator and Principal within 2 weeks of receipt of registration form
  • Reporting package is e-mailed within 2 weeks of your acceptance. All reporting materials should be submitted as soon as possible upon completion of your Try Day
  • Deadlines: Try Day programs are to be completed by May 1, 2022, and all reporting materials submitted by May 15, 2022
  • Reimbursement is sent to the school once all reporting materials are received: online reporting form and student evaluation surveys, receipts, photos, media/school articles


  • Get as many of the students moving again and a return to regular activity
  • Enhance and rejuvenate your physical education programs
  • Introduce sustainable activities that benefit present and future students
  • Provide an opportunity for student leadership
  • Encourage regular daily activity as well as lifelong participation

Fill out and Submit the Try Day Application Form

**If you do not receive a reply within 3 weeks of submitting your application, please contact:

Diana Ranken, ‘Try Day’ Program Coordinator ([email protected])