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CIOS (Coaching In Ontario Schools)

CIOS is a program developed by the Coaching Association of Canada and the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association to give teacher-coaches and community volunteers the special skill-set they need to coach effectively in the school environment. The three and a half hour course is NCCP accredited, and participants will also receive an OFSAA Certificate of Completion.

The workshop is led by a NCCP trained Learning Facilitator and combines information required by coaches of beginner to intermediate athletes with skills they specifically need to work with student-athletes in the school environment.

The CIOS course is offered in both English and French.  CIOS Online is also available!

English CIOS Flyer

French CIOS Flyer

Course Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Course

Chapter 2 – Canadian Sport for Life

Chapter 3 – Starting Point: School Sport vs, Community Sport

Chapter 4 – OFSAA and School Sport

Chapter 5 – Coaching Philosophy

Chapter 6 – Policies, Procedures, and Safety Guidelines

Chapter 7 – Coach Responsibilities

Chapter 8 – How am I Doing?

This course is primarily designed for the secondary teacher-coaches, teacher-candidates and volunteer community coaches. Please note that the course is not sport-specific, but multi-sport theory and not active in nature.

To arrange a course, please contact Erik Espinola at [email protected]

Additional Resources

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