updated 26 Apr 2024

OFSAA Championship & BBQ Banquet Registration to be done online by way of the OFSAA HUB

Additional Tournament-specific Requirements are to be done via the provided Google Forms

The only registration items you should bring on-site to the event are the required cheques

Important Reminder

  • Only 28 people per team can attend the OFSAA Championship Festival as representatives of your school — to play, coach, assist, and/or attend the banquet; and
  • All 28 people (athletes, coaches, & other team personnel) must be fully registered via the following process

Championship Fees

Fee Category Amount Cheque Made Payable To:
OFSAA Participation Fee $ 3 / athlete OFSAA
Team Entry Fee $ 350 / team Lakefield College School
BBQ Banquet Fee $ 20 / attendee Lakefield College School

Important notes on fees:

  • Fees must be paid at on-site check-in on Thursday 30 May 2024 by school cheque
  • Each school must bring 2 separate cheques
    • as the fees are not paid to the same organization, please ensure the total of all OFSAA Participation Fees is on a separate cheque from the Team Entry & BBQ Banquet Fees
  • All athletes are required to attend the BBQ Banquet, along with an appropriate number of adult supervisors

Championship Registration is a three-step process:

  1. Each school Athletic Director scans and submits signed OFSAA forms to the OFSAA HUB
  2. Each school Head Coach registers their team for the tournament
  3. Each Team checks-in at the Championship event and submits 2 cheques covering all fees

See below for details on each of these 3 steps.

The OFSAA HUB details page gives more guidelines on using the OFSAA HUB to register for this event.

Step 1 for Athletic Directors due by noon Saturday 25 May 2024

Athletic Directors must register their school for the Championship by completing a “Register for OFSAA event” form in the OFSAA HUB, which includes, providing details on your team, such as

  • Head Coach contact details
  • Number of Students attending — for BBQ banquet tickets
  • Number of Coaches attending, including assistants and other team personnel — for BBQ banquet tickets

and uploading the following mandatory forms to the OFSAA HUB:

  • Printed & Signed HUB Eligibility Roster — example (created first in the HUB, then printed, signed, scanned & uploaded back to the HUB)
    • All people representing your team (up to 28) must be on this Eligibility Roster, including athletes, coaches, and others intending to attend and assist with your team
    • Those not attending may be left off or crossed-out
    • Parents & Spectators may not assist your team at the OFSAA event, if not listed on this Eligibility Roster
  • Student – Waiver of Understanding (One signed form per student. All completed student forms should be scanned into one file prior to uploading to the HUB)
  • Coach – Confirmation and Release (One signed form per coach or team assistant. All completed coach forms should be scanned into one file prior to uploading to the HUB)
    • all individuals listed on the uploaded team Eligibility Roster must have a corresponding Coach Confirmation & Release form or Student Waiver of Understanding form uploaded to the HUB

Necessary background –

While the number of forms needed for registration has been reduced, the following in many cases will still need to be distributed to athletes, parents and coaches to ensure they understand the agreements they have made by signing the submitted forms:

In particular, Ontario Law specifically mandates that every student-athlete, coach and trainer review the Concussion Awareness Resource and the OFSAA Concussion Code of Conduct (Rowan’s Law).  In order to participate in this event it is mandatory that meaningful confirmation of this requirement is received for each participant. Please be sure you have shared the resources listed above with your team.

Step 2 for Head Coaches due by noon Saturday 25 May 2024

Register your team for the tournament, by completing the following 2 tasks:

  1. Register online with the Team & Season Information Google form
    • Details provided on this form will be used to create the initial round robin pools
  2. Collectively with your team, complete the Ultimate Rules & Spirit of the Game Quiz Google form
    • As a self-officiated sport, it is important that all athletes & coaches know & review the rules
    • Each team is to complete a single Rules & SOTG Quiz, however, it is expected that schools will do so in a collaborative environment with all athletes and team personnel in attendance
    • The quiz is open book and relies on the USAU Official Rules of Ultimate

Step 3 for Teams on Thursday 30 May 2024

Check-in Thursday 30 May 2024 7–9a at Lakefield College School, and complete the following 3 tasks:

  1. Bring 2 cheques as follows
    • total of all OFSAA Participation fees ($3/athlete) payable to OFSAA
    • total of all Team Entry fees ($350/team) plus
      total of all BBQ Banquet fees ($20/person) payable to Lakefield College School
  2. Pick-up your team’s tournament information kit
  3. Be ready to play your first game, starting at 9a

Other Forms

The following offer additional details on policies, reports for injuries or protests, plus applications for awards and grants: