Medical Station Location:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Patrol Hut, beside the Administration Building

Ambulance Location:   Collingwood General and Marine Hospital

EMS Response Time, estimate:   10 minutes

Hospital Name and Distance:   Collingwood General Hospital google map

Emergency Action Procedure (EAP) during race or training

  • Official, coach or crew alert starter of racer down. Stop Start. Flag racer if necessary
  • Starter, Chief of Race or TD call for Patrol on Channel 1, stating course location of injury
  • Race Official is to remain on Channel 1 until accident site is clear
  • Patrol Leader confirms with race officials that the course is clear (Stop Start, racers off course) and dispatches Patroller and equipment. Patrol leader communicates all further communication regarding patient care.
  • Patient will be treated according to CSPS and Osler Bluff policies and procedures
  • EMS, if required, is dispatched by Patrol Leader, through Club Administration
  • Patrol Leader will confirm with race official on Channel 1 when Patrol is clear of the course
  • Accident reports forms for all Patrol responses are available to officials at the end of the race, upon request.


Accident Investigation Procedure

Osler Bluff Ski Club reserves the right to close the course in order to complete any accident investigation procedures.  Accident investigations may be required for serious, life-threatening injuries, paralysis, death or at the discretion of Club Management.