Where are the accommodations?

Fanshawe College, see the “Venues and Hotels” tab above here.

Is there a free breakfast included with the accommodations:

Breakfast services are not provided.

Is parking included with accommodations?

Complimentary parking & bus parking is included with all accommodations.

What are Check-in and Check-out times?


Are teams able to cancel accommodations for the Friday night free of charge if they lose the Friday morning game?
Friday, June 9 Fanshawe offers a departure of 2:00PM at no additional cost, and each team will be able to keep 2 rooms until 2:00PM.

Will there be therapists/trainers on-site at OFSAA?  

 We will have an athletic therapist at each of the 4 gamesite locations for every game. There wil also be some assistance from sport physiotherapy fellows at the gamesties.

How is seeding determined?

The convenor shall choose a committee for the purpose of seeding teams in consultation with the OFSAA liaison responsible for the event.

A panel or seeding committee of rugby people is set by the convenor, to which they examine each teams’ information and come up with the seeding.

The following criteria will be considered to determine a team’s seed position:

● Overall Record;

● League Record;

● Common Opponents;

● Strength of Schedule;

● Previous Association Results;

● Association Strength;

● Strength of Roster;

● Coach assessment of appropriate seed.

Final approval shall be given by the OFSAA office and the Chairperson of the Sport Advisory Committee before publishing the final seeding order.


Is it a 16 team draw?

16 teams total.

What time will first game be at the earliest on Thursday, June 8?


Are any of the field’s turf? 
All of the fields are grass.

If you lose your first game and you go to the Consolation side of the draw and you lose your second game are you are out after that?

Every team is guaranteed 2 games.  If you lose your second game on either the Consolation or Championship side of the draw you are done.

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