Coaches meeting will take place virtually via Zoom. 

Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Time: 7:30PM

The Zoom link will be sent directly to coaches. 

Record date, location and time, as well as arrange to be present at the coaches’ meeting (this event is mandatory).


  • complete online registration;
  • OFSAA HUB printed paper copy, signed by the head coach, athletic director and principal;
  • Roster: if your HUB eligibility roster contains more than 30 athletes, please indicate on the TEAM ROSTER sheet who will NOT be playing and submit prior to each game.
  • Team & Season Information form completed for seeding purposes.
  • Release of Liability Waiver form signed by participant and parent/guardian;
  • Rules of Behaviour form is signed by all players, managers, supervisors and coaching staff;
  • Emergency contact name and cell phone number that can be used to contact you during the championship
  • Cheques submitted prior to first game for:
    1. Entry fee of $450.00 made out to Medway HS
    2. OFSAA particicpation fee of $3 per athlete made out to OFSAA;